Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chicago Open Carry - if you like dodging bullets

Chicago police have arrested a man who they say pointed a handgun at officers on the city's West Side.
Officers fired shots on the gunman, missing him, but taking him into custody after a brief foot chase at about 10 p.m. Wednesday in the 1100 block of North Keystone Avenue in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood, police said.
Police also recovered a handgun that they believe the man dropped at the scene, police said. 

So a man had a pistol, and the Police decided to FIRE their pistols in response?   Don't even get me started on the fact that they missed.   This is just crappy, irresponsible, dangerous, anti-social, bully behavior by men who assume guns = crime, and fail to realize they are breaking more laws with guns than criminals could hope to get away with.   Such is life in the police state.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Syria, the media and Illinois

Anti-government protesters have finally been centered and targeted it Homs Syria.   The government forces there have ordered the citizens to "hand in weapons and surrender defecting military members by Monday night -- or face attack by the government forces."

Government forces have already disabled power in Homs, they have cut off their food supply, dug deep trenches around the town, and have killed anyone they can see.   Government forces have previously massacred the entire town of Hama.  

What this has to do with America in general is to show you that your own countrymen, your government paid security forces, can and probably will kill you if you stand in opposition to them.   Here is the most disturbing part of the article:

State TV, meanwhile, painted a picture of normalcy in Syria, with reports of local elections under way across the country.
Yes, there is an active massacre happening, and the media is reporting about how great democracy is going.    Democracy, if you recall, was considered an "extreme" form of government by our founding fathers, and demanding Democracy surely is a sign of under-education, or a politically corrupted education curriculum.  

The key question here is, "How are these reports getting out?"    The answer friends... social media.   Average citizens with cell phone cameras, video cameras, and other recording devices are reporting, with video and photo evidence the horrors that are occurring.   So how does Illinois tie into all of this?

It has been a Felonious crime in Illinois for quite some time now, to videotape anyone without their consent in public.    Except for City officials or Law Enforcement that is, they can do whatever they want, but if you tape them, prepare to go to prison.    The only purpose it can serve to disallow the public to openly video events in public or in their private homes involving members of Law Enforcement, is to aid in covering up evidence of wrongdoing by Police personnel.  

Here's an extreme but apt hypothetical If a police officer enters your home in Illinois, you can't legally tape him unless he consents.   This opens the door for him to be able to shoot you for any reason he can justify, and justice will never be served.

These types of events happen often in Illinois, murders, planting of drug evidence on alleged perpetrators, planting guns, torture for confessions, and severe beatings are all pretty well documented throughout the history of this blog.        These kinds of events cause a rift between Law Enforcement and those who cherish liberty, and will eventually result in the wholesale return of the previously mentioned bloodshed and injustice.  

I am pleading with Law Enforcement of all branches to look at Syria, and stop the path we are going down by willfully limiting your power so that it matches that of the citizens.     Stopping your abuses isn't enough, you have to show that you are not evil, by giving up your immunities...  not doing so historically has tragic and far reaching consequences.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Criminal history justifies your murder

At least it justified the murder of Darrin Hanna, a man whom had a fairly long criminal history.   The Chicago Tribune makes sure to point out substance abuse multiple times, as though that justifies what is to follow.  

Police were responding to a domestic situation, and the end result was this:

Gloria Carr saw the man in the hospital bed with his head swollen and his eyelids bruised into purple orbs, she wasn't convinced he was her son.
This man was brutally beaten ultimately to his death.   I am unsure exactly what level of resistance justifies multiple men to beat you to death, but since there were no reports of police officers being injured, I would say that this amount of resistance was insufficient to warrant a death beating with electroshock torture.  

Lake County Coroner Artis Yancey said Hanna suffered multiple traumas and had been shocked with a Taser or another brand of electroshock weapon.

The response from the Mayor, Leon Rockingham Jr. was to put seven officers on desk duty while the investigation goes on.   This means that seven officers participated in some way on this brutal murder.   If one of us regular citizens were implicated in a brutal group beating death of another man, you would be in jail immediately, and you would have to have a bond hearing in order to be released.   These men still get paid, and are still at work, and are still free...   More troubling is this part:

As evidence that the police department needs to be overhauled, council members and relatives point to other recent lawsuits, including a civil claim filed by the family of a 21-year-old shot to death by police in 2008. The suit was settled for $1 million.

So it looks like in North Chicago, the police get to murder someone every couple years, money gets paid to the victim's families... and yet the states attorney Michael Waller won't prosecute any of these police... why?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chicago cops helped latin kings murder and rob

Federal allegations after a bi-state crackdown have left 2 chicago police officers indicted on multiple charges.

Officers Alex Guerrero, 41, and Antonio Martinez Jr., 40, both of Chicago, helped the gang steal, according to the indictment unveiled Friday in federal court in Hammond.
According to a different article on the same story:
The defendants are accused of taking part in drug trafficking, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and weapons violations, acts that mostly took place in Chicago and Indiana but stretched down to Texas, Capp said.
Most interestingly is this blurb that's probably overlooked by many:
Guerrero and Martinez received at least $10,000 to steal guns, hundreds of pounds of drugs and tens of thousands of dollars, the indictment claims.
How do Police steal guns?   In Chicago, it's easy!   I wrote about that a year ago, when I pondered in writing about what happens to confiscated guns.   Seems I have some evidence that at least $10,000 worth were sold directly to gang members who used the guns to commit at least 19 murders according to Federal allegations.   The articles do not elaborate on where the guns were stolen from, but my guess is they were taken from houses the police officers broke into, or from regular citizens who were caught with them, since having a firearm in your car, or on you in Chicago is still a felony.   Those caught people might have even thought they got off lightly.   I'd really like to see the BATFU traces on those serials!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Personal Freedom in IL ranked 49/50

An ongoing study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University has declared Illinois to be ranked 49 out of 50 states in personal freedom (lower is more free).   The detail page on Illinois about says it all:

victimless-crimes arrest rates are almost unfathomable. In 2008, more than 2 percent of the state’s population was arrested for a victimless crime (and that figure does not count people under 18), and the vast majority of these arrests were for drugs. Illinois’s drug law-enforcement rate is by far the worst in the country at more than three standard deviations worse than average. Asset-forfeiture laws are also among the worst in the nation.

And yet people I still hear from in Illinois complain about how backwards all the other states around them are.  Some people's minds just don't work right.

Monday, October 17, 2011

More apparent wrongful convictions in Lake County IL

According to an article in the Daily Herald, a man convicted in Waukegan is suing after DNA evidence suggests he was innocent, or at least not guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt.    The conviction seemed like a slam dunk, it was a written confession of the crime, however the lawsuit alleges some pretty awful things happened before he agreed to a written confession.

The lawsuit alleges officers threatened to kill Edwards and make his death look like a suicide if he did not admit to the murder of Reckling and a second murder of a 1974 murder of a Cleveland, Ohio, woman.
Video surveillance of the bank robbery later showed Edwards was not the suspect, and charges were not filed, according to the lawsuit.
In the wake of the Jerry Hobbs lawsuit, this seems to be another one that indicates a pattern of threats from police in order to get a confession.    This level of misconduct seems to be limited to civil court.   Paying someone a bunch of money because thugs with badges ruined their life does not seem like actual justice.   The police and prosecutors of Lake County seem to under the impression that most of their citizens are animals that need to be caged, the truth is, most of the police and prosecutors of Lake County are the animals that need caging.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

They can record you, but you not them.

Louis Frobe was on his way to the movies one day, and was pulled over for speeding when he wasn't.   He decided to record his conversation with the police officer to protect his innocents.  Little did he know that he was in Lindenhurst Illinois, a town not far from the Wisconsin Boarder, but worlds away in the standards of liberty.   Louis Frobe lamented:

"I'm just an ordinary citizen. I was on my way to the movies, and all of a sudden I'm facing a felony and 15 years in prison"
 The Charges were later dropped...  This brave citizen decided this law was so ridiculous, that he would challenge it in Federal Court on the basis of its constitutionality.   Frobe states quite eloquently,

"They had audio and they had video of me, but I'm not allowed to do it to them?"

The Attorney General's office argues that there's no constitutional standing.   I hope the lawyers representing Frobe will read this, because I'll give you the best constitutional standing right here, right now, and it is inarguable.   The 14th Amendment states:

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Just as Louis said;  The officer was recording audio of Mr. Frobe, but denied Louis Frobe the ability of recording audio of the officer.   This is a denial of equal protection of the laws, and is indeed unconstitutional if words still have meanings.  I strongly urge the lawyers for Frobe to concentrate more on the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, as it has been one of the only clauses to repeatedly win in the US Supreme Court, regardless of how illiterate they've become.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MSNBC Peanut Gallery speaks volumes

I stray from stories of the depressingly sad and outrageous, to a good story that's simply surrounded by idiots.   MSNBC reported yesterday that crime rates have been dropping for the last 20 years.  This is a positive story, I didn't need the author to mention gun rights in order for me to feel this was good news, it's MSNBC so of course, guns are never the correct answer.   But look at this chart of the change in gun laws and how it coincides with a reduction of crime:

I am not an expert but I would certainly claim that expanded gun rights have some evidence of contributing to a reduction in property crime, and violent crime.   The Peanut Gallery comment makers at MSNBC of course can't accept this.   They are what I cal Mad-Libs, which is short for Raving Mad Liberals.  Let's read some of their nonsense:
From spg64-1292127
An increase in legal gun ownership nearly always leads to an increase in illegal gun ownership!

What spg64-xxxxxxx doesn't understand is that tough gun laws ALWAYS increase illegal gun ownership, but not the other way around.  when you take something that is a right, and restrict it, many will hold onto their guns illegally.   This does not make them bad people, it simply means they are defending their rights through passive, rational actions of non-disclosure.  spg64 implies all illegal guns are used by murderers, thieves, rapists and drug dealers, and this simply is not the case.

Toasty McGrath refers to gun owners as the "Murder Lobby":

Man, look how quickly the Murder Lobby jumped on this report to try to credit this with gun ownership. I suspect the NRA saw the headline and sent out a couple of mass emails...
Uneducated reader Shnike writes:
More guns equals less crime does it? I guess that's why the West was such a peaceful, crime-free utopia during the colonization of this country?
Shnike obviously didn't realize the most violent city in the west was Dodge City, with a homicide rate of 1 per 100,000.     Which pales in comparison with Gun-free Chicago's 15.7 per 100,000.

but it doesn't matter how many facts you throw at these people... it doesn't even matter that that they have opinions.   Owning Firearms in America is a right, and no bed-wetting, narcissistic, gun-hater can change it, and it makes them furious!

The real scary part about their opinions is that they are a reflection of their own attitudes... they are people who know they can't handle the responsibility of owning a gun, they would shoot the first person that slightly angers them... so they project that irrational behavior onto everyone else, because that's what they would do.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Illinois begins addressing Police torture issues

The sad thing about Police torture is that it has happened many times, and continues to happen.  An age old question of, "who will police the police?" begins to have new meaning as the Illinois Supreme Court addresses what I interpret as police torture, and framing of individuals to get convictions.

Wrice is serving a 100-year-sentence. He is one of dozens of men, almost all of them young and black, who have claimed since the 1970s that Burge and his officers tortured them into confessing to crimes ranging from armed robbery to murder. Allegations persisted until the 1990s at police stations on the city's South and West sides.
Dozens of lives completely ruined forever.   There is no restitution great enough to cover this kind of offense of power.    What exactly did Burge get after his trial?

Burge is serving a 4 1/2 -year sentence in federal prison following his conviction last year of perjury and obstruction of justice for lying in a civil suit when he said he'd never witnessed or participated in the torture of suspects.

Please note that Burge is NOT in jail for torturing, or framing suspects... he's in jail for lying about it in a civil lawsuit.  The Wikipedia page for Jon Burge is now enormous, but we're talking about a 62 year old man, who can never give back what he took from these people, all because he had a badge, and a lack of proper checks and balances.   The system is weighed against you, judges work with police, and not against them, as the burden or proof would imply they should, this is the source of the problems with our system.   Judges, prosecutors and police are all on the same team against you.   If one cop wants to make up a story and claim you did something egregious, you have little hope of success without the most expensive of lawyers.   Police officers are even allowed to break Illinois state laws whenever they want to without fear of prosecution... I see no other way that police in Illinois openly carry firearms when it is a felony to do so in that state with NO EXCEPTIONS, not even for law enforcement.   Even if there was an exception, I would challenge the law then violates the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment to the US constitution.   It is mind boggling that Illinois has not yet been properly legally challenged yet.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Law Enforcement is not entertainment: Scared Straight edition

As I watched the A&E copumentary "Beyond Scared Straight" my issues with these shows continued to come up.   These are kids that are trying to be independent in dangerous areas who are trying to figure out how to survive in life... and they're doing it wrong.   Their parents are either incapable, or unwilling to take the appropriate steps to guide them and are now at the end of their ropes, so they reach out to this program.  

Here is the crux of my problems... while in the "care" of law enforcement, specially selected prisoners, and prison officials these 13 through 16 year olds are assaulted, and battered relentlessly.   I'm not saying these kids aren't obnoxious, and in need of some type of help... what I'm saying is that no one should be assaulted by Law Enforcement, or Prison workers.   One large, male prison guard told a girl, "I don't care if you're a girl, I can and will fold you as easily as paper."   Similar threats are made constantly through the whole program.   Prisoners yell at another girl that they will gang rape her, and this is allowed, seemingly encouraged by the guards.  When a few of the kids didn't hear or understand a command, the guards slammed them against the wall, or shove them around.     

You're going to hear me say "If this was at a bar" a lot today, because most bars today, are zero tolerance zones for everything from most patrons, and law enforcement.   So if this were a bar, and a guy came in and told a girl relentlessly shouting how he would fold her, I guarantee he would be dealt with promptly either by patrons, or the police would come and haul him off for assault.   If this were a bar, and a group of guys told a girl if she neared the pool tables that she would be gang raped, I guarantee those guys would be dealt with in the same fashion.

Why are LEO's able to commit crimes on TV, and no one follows up and has them prosecuted?   The easy answer is that the general populace is so brainwashed that they believe anyone in a uniform can hurt them and there's nothing wrong with that.   This viewpoint is wrong from a moral, legal, and ethical viewpoint, so why is it accepted?

What is worse, why is A&E allowed to exploit the traumatizing of children for entertainment purposes?  I believe the actions of all involved are immoral and unethical.  This shows how prevalent the anti-liberty movement has become.   People must in mass claim that the rights of those children were temporarily and contractually denied by action of their parents.  

Do the kids need help?  Yes!  absolutely!   Do they need to be assaulted and battered?   My answer will always be no.  

Interesting Nugget I found

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lawsuits cost Illinois Taxpayers money

The premise of this article in the Chicago Tribune is that lawsuits cost the taxpayers money.   It seems like a backhanded slam against those who have been wronged by a corrupt legal system and are getting their court ordered justice.   St. Paul insurance is paying for Jerry Hobbs' defense after he was accused of the rape and murder of his daughter and her friend in 2005, then allegedly beat into a confession by waukegan and zion police officers.  He was later cleared, not through DNA evidence, but because police on the east coast found the REAL attacker who's DNA matched that recovered from Hobbs' daughter and friend AFTER this man had been caught attacking more people.   

But experts say taxpayers ultimately end up bearing the expense of lawsuits over alleged wrongful arrests and prosecutions, cases that continue to come to light through DNA evidence. Counties and cities stung by big losses from these cases could struggle to find affordable coverage, experts said.
 This sends a clear message that our Law Enforcement Agencies, and prosecutors are far too irresponsible to prosecute even the smallest of infractions of the law.   The moral compass of right and wrong is so far away from legal right and wrong that it's a serious wonder to me that prosecutors, judges, lawyers and cops can find their way to and from work every day.   What's worse is that in spite of Jerry Hobbs' case, there are still many more DNA corrected cases in Illinois. 

Lawsuits over wrongful convictions, in particular, have cost the state of Illinois and various municipalities $195.7 million in judgments, settlements, compensation and court fees in the two decades since DNA technology started freeing inmates, according to the Center on Wrongful Convictions and the Better Government Association.

When a corrupt Chicago cop tortures people, and he's employed by the city... you can bet that would cost the city money, much like if I had a security company, and my employees routinely tortured people... you can bet my company would pay for it in a lawsuit!  

Lake County isn't the only jurisdiction to tangle with an insurance company over a criminal case. Last year, a company that sold liability insurance to Will County fought against paying the remaining damages awarded to Kevin Fox and his wife, Melissa. Kevin Fox spent eight months in jail — on charges he killed his 3-year-old daughter, Riley, in 2004 — before he was freed by DNA evidence.

In April 2010, an appeals court agreed with a federal jury's 2007 finding that Will County police framed Fox, and he was awarded $8 million, including compensatory and punitive damages.

The worst thing about the Fox case, is that those who framed Kevin Fox will not see jail time, or any real justice.    You are the people, these scum are torturing, beating and framing other people like you, don't let them get away with it, make sure they get tried, and convicted, if you run into barriers with prosecutors and judges... replace them!   Try by request first, but ultimately by force if necessary, they work FOR you... not OVER you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They are your Judges, Jury, and Executioners

The Chicago Tribune released an interesting article detailing a "belligerent" and "violent" man that local police were "Forced" to shoot to death.  In their defense, he did make them look bad by not only successfully resisting their attempts to fit metal restraints, but also being able to get on top of one of these well trained Police professionals and started to give him a good old fashioned ass whoopin'.    Police don't like to be bested, so the suspect had to be killed.... it was the only way.   Of course sketchy details have been released, like this one:

The two officers were taken local hospitals, at least one to Northwestern Memorial Hospital -- one in good-to-fair condition, the other in fair-to-serious condition, Knight said. They were not shot, but he had no other details.
 Being the skeptic that I am when someone is murdered by Police officers, I am unsure of what "fair-to-serious" condition means when the article goes on to read:

The statement from News Affairs confirmed the injuries to the officers were not considered life-threatening
 In case you don't know what hospital ratings mean, I looked it up from this advisory:  (2003-02-01). AHA : Advisory : HIPAA Updated Guidelines for Releasing Information on the Condition of Patients. American Hospital Association.

Patient is awaiting physician and/or assessment.
Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable. Indicators are excellent.
Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious, but may be uncomfortable. Indicators are favorable.
Vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits. Patient is acutely ill. Indicators are questionable.
Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits. Patient may be unconscious. Indicators are unfavorable
 To me this indicates that it is impossible for a patient to be in "fair-to-serious" condition, as those two states are very different.    If a patient can't be assessed as fair or serious, they would fall into the "undetermined" category, but seeing as the "injuries are not considered life threatening" this would lean to the patient being in fair condition, which seems to match the facts that he got his face beaten on, and his partner pepper sprayed him.   Here are more details from the story, see if you can follow it:

On arrival, the officers confronted the man, Camden said. At some point, the sergeant put a handcuff on the man’s wrist, Camden said. The man then at first became belligerent, then became violent

The female officer took out pepper spray, and tried to disable the man, unsuccessfully, Camden said. The man attacked the sergeant, and at some point was able to get on top of the sergeant, beating him about the head and shoulders
The sergeant said to the officer, “shoot him, shoot him.” But the officer was reluctant to fire because she was afraid of shooting the sergeant, Camden said.

Soon after, the sergeant was able to get his gun out and fired at the attacker, fatally wounding him, Camden said.

The sergeant was taken to Northwestern for treatment of injuries in the attack, as well as for injuries from the pepper spray, Camden said. The female officer was taken to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park for treatment of minor injuries.

Does everyone understand now?   If you refuse to cooperate with your own aggravated kidnapping by Police, and try to defend yourself against them, they will kill you, and they will get away with it.  The worst thing is, the news will make you out to be the bad guy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Ladder Death Policy Center

Dear esteemed representative:

Please support my new ladder death policy center.  

As you may know, ladder falls are 2nd only to automobile accidents in American deaths, so as a responsible, proactive citizen I implore you to pass legislation that will ensure the safety of Americans.   Ladders are also used to assist criminals to gain entry into homes that have otherwise good security.   Ladders are responsible for more than 50,000 deaths per year so why aren't we controlling ladder usage?   What I will suggest is legislation that has been very successful with curbing gun violence.

Here is a list of a few common sense strategies that will help to ensure public safety:

We at the Ladder Death Policy Center suggest the outright banning of ladders due to their dangerous nature.   Only police and firefighters should be allowed to use a ladder.   While the police have no duty to protect you, and even less of a duty to serve you, if you want to get on your roof, we suggest laws that will require citizens to call the police in order to furnish them with a supervised ladder as time permits.  Anyone carrying a ladder outside these rules is obviously a criminal, and should be guilty of a felony.

A LOID; also known as a Ladder Owner's ID card.   This is the next best thing to a ban is to ID all the Ladder owners.  Under this law, people who wish to own a ladder would have to submit a form to the state police in order to purchase a ladder.   The police would conduct a background check to make sure there are no mental or physical ailments that would endanger the user from using the ladder.
A ladder permit:  If an outright ban or LOID is not possible, we feel  potential users of a ladder should have to go to their sheriff's office, and obtain a ladder purchase permit.   This will allow the sheriff to do a background check on the individual looking for mental or physical issues that would interfere with proper ladder usage.

Ladder transportation:  Our recommendation is that ladder owners must take a class, and get a OCL, or Open Carry Ladder permit, before being allowed to freely transport their ladder in the open, visible to children.  

Tough Love:   Having a ladder lying around inappropriately is a danger to children.   It should be a felony to transport a ladder if it's not locked in a case.   Stores should sell ladder locks with all ladders making sure children will not accidentally open ladders which would surely lead to more child deaths.

Negligent storage:  If a criminal breaks into someone's garage or home and steals a ladder which was not in a safe, and that later ends up at a crime scene, the person the ladder was stolen from should be guilty of negligent use of a ladder and charged with a criminal offense.

Ladder Locks:  Hardware stores must sell Ladder locks with every ladder, designed to keep them in the closed, or 'safe' position. 

Ladder Registration; If no other compromise can be made, the only way to know a ladder might be used, is to know where it is.

Any Ladders found at the scene of any crime will become property of the police, subject to destruction, or used for police purposes.  

These are the recommendations of the Ladder Death Policy Center, thank you for caring about this important issue, leave all your liberties at the door.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

worth checking out!

Sabaton's older stuff, worth the bandwidth!  Oddly applicable to today in some ways:

"There is no enemy, There is no victory,
Only boys who lost their lives, in the sand"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minnesota has stupid Laws too

Straight from the Minnesota statutes, recently used against a woman who entered the post office wearing a gas mask.


A person whose identity is concealed by the person in a public place by means of a robe, mask, or other disguise, unless based on religious beliefs, or incidental to amusement, entertainment, protection from weather, or medical treatment, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

I'd like you to examine the photo here, and tell me which laws you think these police officers were violating during the RNC in 2008 in the state of Minnesota, and don't confine yourself just to the concealing identity law...  apparently there were hundreds of police officers all in the same dress, as well as national guardsmen.   When the law is applied inequitably to a ruling class, the result is called tyranny. 

Elgin IL cop assaults amusement park workers

Lance Adams, age 50, an Elgin IL police officer allegedly went to Michigan to spread some of the Illinois joy around.   According to a TribLocal report:

Adams and his nephew were at the Michigan’s Adventure amusement park near Muskegon Saturday when staff suspected he had been drinking and would not allow him on the rides, according to Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler.
Employees allege Adams and his nephew choked one of them and punched another, Roesler said.
 If that weren't enough, Adams is assigned to "Restricted Duty" meaning he's still working and getting paid his alleged $82,000 salary!   If you're in line with the Per Capita GDP you earn roughly 1/3 of what that brute with a badge gets paid... how does that make you feel?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chicago police wouldn't steal from their own familiy

Sorry about that ironic story headline everyone... 

A veteran Chicago police officer is charged with swindling his elderly father’s estate out of more than $50,000 to cover gambling debts and other personal expenses, prosecutors said today.
Joseph Simpson Jr., 37, was also accused of trying to withdraw thousands of dollars more from his father’s retirement fund by posing as his dad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Police at Odds with Liberty

The most complete definition I could find for Liberty, that doesn't make you cross reference other complexly defined ideologies, like "oppression" and "despotism", reads as thus:

Liberty -noun :  Freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

Now Compare that directly with this:

Police -noun :  The regulation and control of a community, especially for the maintenance of public order, safety, health, morals, etc.

How exactly can the freedom from control coexist with the direct regulation and control of people?  It simply can't.   Liberty can't and simply doesn't exist with professional police patrolling the streets.

An Illinesian already told me today that Liberty doesn't fit into a Social Structure.   What this Illinesian didn't understand, is that Liberty is a social structure, one in which self ownership is acknowledged by everyone, and no one pretends to have more authority over you, than you could possibly have.   Not only is this a very valid social structure, but it is also the most ethical social structure that could possibly exist.

Don't lose sight of Liberty like most who live in Illinois... and don't let men claim ownership to your life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WI approves Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin Assembly today approved the concealed carry of firearms today making it the 49th of 50 states to repeal the ban on concealed weapons.   This of course makes Illinois the final laughing stock of the nation, with no ability to conceal weapons.

An interesting sidenote for many of you, I spent several years processing videos for various police training/information sources from VHS to digital format.   Most of which were shootings, in which the victims did everything they were "supposed" to do... comply, give the money, back away as to not be a threat.   I have seen more real death on film from these good people doing what they were "supposed" to do that I often lament terribly about it.   The legislature of Illinois has denied these people their right to protect themselves, and have even made it a felony to attempt to protect yourself, so many people die needlessly.   Anyone who has had a loved one killed, needs to take legal action against the Illinois General Assembly, for denying them, and you the basic right that is self defense.  Seriously... why are you Illinesians still reading this, and not talking to a lawyer?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chicago Cop Swindles $1 mil, no jail time

This article is full of all sorts of just plain wrong!

Where to start?   I'll let parts of the article speak for itself:

"A former veteran Chicago police officer convicted of swindling an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease out of his $1 million estate was sentenced today to 3 years of probation and fined $36,000."
So upon Analysis of this line, I am assuming the Ex-Cop is still making out at least $964,000 ahead.

"Judge Timothy Joyce said he did not believe Owsley's position as a police officer was "a significant aggravating factor"... Joyce acquitted him of official misconduct, saying that although Owsely met his victim through his job on the force, he did not believe Owsley used his office in furtherance of the fraud scheme."

Isn't the very nature of being an Above all the laws of the land police officer enough to conclude any police officer's involvement in a crime is a significant aggravating factor?

Owsley was charged criminally in late 2004 hours after a Cook County judge, ruling in a civil lawsuit filed by the Cook County public guardian's office, found that the officer had swindled Hoellen out of his estate.

We're talking about there being enough evidence to convict a man of the crime of some type of manipulative theft in an outrageous amount, and he got no jail time, and only had to give back 3.6% of that stolen, and that was in the form of a fine that will be going to the county, and not to the family members the money was wrongfully removed from!   This is really what's wrong with the legal system.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Illinois Oppression made the first ice cream Sundae

What's really sad about this video clip, is that it fact checks out almost entirely!   Watchout Evanston!  You might want to stop bragging about having the documentation to back up your claim to the ice cream sundae, which is really an oppressed Ice Cream Soda, which oddly explains why sundaes used to be served in a soda glass... the video explains way more vulgarly and entertaining:

Here's the link, Embeds do not seems to work

"That's how ice cream sundaes were invented... dumb fucking Illinois assholes!"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inaction in action

Jason Yates of Milwaukee Wisconsin, a retired Navy Vet, attempted to assist police with a minor investigation, when his dog, a Pit Bull got out.    Police then handled the problem with the tact, dignity and respect that citizens have come to expect... they shot the dog, Duke.     After shooting the dog, the police commented on how they were "shocked" that the owners of the dog were "white".  Yates will not be filing a complaint or be taking any action against officers, which sends the clear signal to Police that it's OK to be reckless with firearms with people's pets, property and lives.  


What happens to turned-in guns

I have tried in the past to figure out what happens to turned in, and court seized weapons in Illinois.  The only information I could find is that there is no proof of destruction, and no paperwork on their transfers.   Which is why this ex Clarendon Hills Illinois police officer would have gotten away with walking off with a handful of handguns that were turned-in... would have... if not for that "anonymous tip" that informed other officials of this one's misdeeds.   When a handgun is court seized it is defined as being seized for "destruction, or police purposes".    Maybe this is what they meant by police purposes?

Daniel M. Ryan, 48, is accused of stealing five guns in total, including an Ithaca M1911 A1 World War II U.S. Army .45 caliber gun, a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber Airtight Special, and a Connecticut Valley Bobcat .50 caliber gun, said DuPage County State's Attorney Robert B. Berlin....
...Authorities were led to the Westmont man after an anonymous tip in February sparked an investigation into the missing guns, police said. Ryan resigned from the department on April 22, 2011.

While I can hardly believe an Ithaca 1911 was turned in at a gun turn-in event, I find it more astonishing that an  anonymous tip was the reason the police looked for them.  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

You want protection?

The Police won't protect you.    Instead, they'll wait until a threat finds you, beats you unconscious, then they'll pose your unconscious body for a photo opportunity.   That's what William Kendrick's lawsuit against College of Dupage Police.  

 William Kendrick's allegations go a step further, alleging that after the attack, a COD officer posed for a photograph with Kendrick as he lay unconscious on the steps of the Student Resource Center.
If this sounds far fetched, remember that this is not outside of what police have been known to do, you may recall a few years ago at the G20 summit that police used arrested students as a trophy photo opportunity.    I hold out hope that the Campus Police were documenting William's injuries, but I have not seen the photos, and can't make a solid opinion of it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

These guys are more trustworthy than me?

A young, very drunk girl was ushered into a police car in Chicago where the officers allegedly "took advantage" of her extremely intoxicated state, then got her back to her place where they allegedly continued.

At the victim’s home in the 1300 block of West Greenleaf, she drank and played strip poker with the men, who removed their clothing and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said. She ended up pounding on her walls and screaming that the officers had sexually assaulted her, prosecutors alleged.
Witnesses saw one of the cops fleeing naked and another putting his police uniform on in the victim’s room after neighbors dialed 911, Sudendorf added.

Please note that these were allegedly uniformed, on-duty police officers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

protection for cops makes easy prey

It is not difficult for someone to buy a police uniform, or to get a fake badge, then claim he's an undercover cop.    It's illegal, but if that person is intent on harming someone, chances are, they don't really care about those other laws either.  

Police are searching for a man who they said posed as a police officer Sunday evening and demanded cash and sex from a woman in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. 

When you make unequal protection for police officers, you extend that protection to criminals posing as police officers.   I might be thinking of a Utopian society where people can defend themselves from anyone if their liberties are invaded.   Sadly much of police work in the modern day is entirely about invading other people's liberty.  Without special protections, those law abiding citizens might legally defend themselves against such attacks.   The down and dirty of it is that special laws preventing you from defending yourself against a police officer if they attack you are uncalled for, and dangerous.   Police officer should not attack you, and should not make unreasonable demands of you... but they do, because they can, and it's protected.   It becomes harder to tell an unprotected criminal, from a protected criminal every day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Massad Ayoob, Could he ever see?

I posted a response to Massad Ayoob today.   He proclaimed victory over the "cop haters" that invaded his blog comments yesterday, as applying the same false standards that the Brady Campaign applies to CCW holders.   This is simply not true, CCW holders aren't protected by the legal system if they shoot someone on accident (or on purpose) like police tend to be.  If I CCW is suspected of shooting someone on purpose they go straight to jail... if a police officer is suspected... he goes home for a few weeks.   I threw the gauntlet down though.   I challenged him to write a post for all those victimized by Police that can help heal the emotional wounds they have suffered from these terrible experiences.   I doubt I will hear any such wisdom from Ayoob, but I can hope.   I suspect he will never think very deeply on the subject because he has a pretty big fan base of yes-men who are willing to give him verbal dutch rudders all day.

My post:
That was a well though out, only mildly offensive response to your last blog entry.

What people want is what our founders wanted for us, equality under the law, or in short, liberty and justice! I would love to trust police officers, but the short skinny of it is that doing that can cost you more money than you make in a year, or even your life! Is it right that police have more privileges, and protections under the law, with less consequence, and higher than average GDP per capita pay?

I have a few friends that are police officers, whom I do trust. But when you watch 12 other officers that you don’t know, arrest your Army veteran fiancee on felony “Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon” charges for having an unloaded fully cased pistol under her back seat on her way to a firearm repair shop, while they have fully loaded, rounds chambered firearms on their hips, all because she interpreted the law’s writing of “within reach” differently than the officers… You start to wonder why the law protects them “better” than it does her, why the law affords them more privileges than it does her. When it costs you over $50,000 to fight that case in court, and find out the Police officers are getting Time-and-a-half to be there… you REALLY start to wonder why the law compensates them better than you. When your fiancee loses her job just for being under felony investigation, and you watch Officers like John Killackey point a gun at someone while drunk in the same general area as your fiancee was busted for not even touching a gun… and you see that officer keep his job… the us vs them mentality kicks up ten-fold.

You see Mas, it’s not that people have blind hatred, it’s that a lot of people have been victimized, and have no recourse other than to move to the country, or become agoraphobic… When you get a lot of victimized people, you get a lot of anger. Instead of calling us out as “cop haters” or watch your peanut gallery give you verbal dutch rudders, why not post on ways we, the victims of the police forces of the United States of America can healthily deal with our victimizations?

That’s it… that’s the challenge! post something constructive for us victims! Suing costs too much money and lawyers are reluctant to take up cases against cops that haven’t been caught on camera, and the chiefs are only interested in protecting the department’s image… So help me find another way for us victims to if not get justice, then at least to heal.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

IL officials charged with Misconduct

Former Mayor Randy Kirichkow, former police Chief Tom Fearn and former police Sgt. Brad McCaslin have been charged with official misconduct following video evidence that McCaslin tasered a handcuffed woman in the back of the neck then the police chief choked her.  Video HERE.

Winnebago County State's Attorney Joe Bruscato says an arrest video shows Fearn choking the woman after McCaslin applied a Taser to the back of her neck.
They also face aggravated battery and obstruction of justice charges, among others.

Kirichkow is charged with not taking action once he received information of the abuse.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pirate Praxis: NightVision

It has been discussed, that Pirates of the olde time used an eyepatch... but not to conceal a ghastly injury, it's so they could see in the dark without waiting for their eye to adjust.    This could be useful when going from a well torchlit deck, to a dark ship underbelly.   Or when invading a fort after illuminating a map to verify you are onto the treasure.   This night vision in the modern day can be bought at almost every drug store for less than $2.00 USD.    Try it yourself!  Or watch the Mythbusters try it for you!  In the modern application, this can give you an advantage over intruders, allowing you to keep a well lit house, and upon the first sign of intruders, cut the power, move your eyepatch, and dispatch the ruffian. Or if you are attacked by professional thugs, moving the eyepatch over to your other eye will preserve some vision in the event of a flashbang, or similar attempt at blinding you with light, allowing you to more accurately respond to the threat appropriately.

keep corruption in Oak Brook officials say

Many people around the world have been following the Drew Peterson story.   This is a former cop who has been accused of killing his wife Stacy Peterson.   She reportedly told her pastor, Rev. Neil Schori, that Drew had killed his previous wife and made it look like an accident, and was now in fear of her own life.   Shortly after that, she disappeared.

What does this have to do with Oak Brook Illinois?   Stephen Peterson, Drew's son, works for the Oak Brook Police department who's officials have just decided to fire their police chief, Thomas Sheahan.   All previous news reports state that Thomas Sheahan was attempting to clean out the corruption in the Oak Brook Police department.    In December of 2010, Sheahan requested to fire Stephen Peterson for:

his “consistent disregard” for departmental rules and for obstructing the state police investigation into his father’s missing wife by not disclosing the three guns and $236,800 his father gave him a day after she vanished.

Those sound like pretty valid points to want to get rid of an officer for being an alleged accessory to one or more MURDERS, and allegedly withholding evidence about said MURDER(S).

In light of this, the police unions swooped in to make sure we all knew where the blue line was drawn.   Now it has been released that the Village of Oak Brook wants to keep its alleged accessories to MURDER on the force, and they fired Thomas Sheahan.

Sheahan has been embattled since February, when the police union announced a vote of no confidence in his leadership.

The Fraternal Order of Police, which represents Oak Brook police officers, says the department suffers from a "glaring morale problem" because of Sheahan's "arbitrary and selective" discipline.
Once again, it has been proven that even if a police Chief wants to do the right thing, often they are just as helpless as you or I against the insurmountable force that police officers themselves can inflict, both politically, and physically.  

The rules are different for Police officers, and since they do not have to follow the same rules that you or I have to, it makes them poster children for tyranny.   If I were allegedly an accessory to murder, the police would have me locked up with multiple charges drawn up having me await trial.   I would lose my job, and be unable to get a job after being arraigned on felony charges.  I would be not allowed to buy a gun, and most CCW permits don't allow you to carry if you are under a felony investigation.   Law Enforcers don't have to follow state laws, they are bound only by an unpublished "department policy" that you will never get to see.  

The scariest thing about dealing with police is that at any time any one of them for whatever reason they invent, can make you pay the ultimate price, and they will never be held accountable for your murder.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Their training

I have watched the TV series "Top Shot" for quite some time now, I felt I needed to comment on something that happened back in Episode 3.    Jermaine, a homeland security agent  and tactical pistol trainer with 20+ years of training went against an annoying cocky little Asian named Jay, a golf instructor who just picked up target pistol shooting a year ago.  

The elimination challenge was to shoot through a door that opens and closes, then hit plates of only a certain color.   Hitting a plate that was the wrong color had a penalty, no penalty for complete misses.  Tie breaker was the win going to the shooter who hit the fewest friendly plates.  The weapon, a Glock 17. 

When Jay shot, he looked unprofessional holding the gun, but he hit only the right color plates, and didn't hit any of the "innocent bystander" plates.  Jay hit 6 plates, and 0 bystander plates.

Jermaine looked like a complete professional, but was apparently choking under the pressure.   Fired very slow, very focused shots, and ended up hitting one of the bystander plates.   Jermaine hit 7 plates, and 1 bystander.

This means they tied, and the tie breaker rule was to go to the player who broke the least friendly plates.  

So what this means that Jay, who doesn't take instruction well, taught himself how to shoot quantitatively "better" than a 20+ year trained government employee.  

Our government puts a lot of stock in this "training" and there are very few chances to compare them.   This is the only recorded example I found where you get this pure of an example of training being not as good as a newbie that just likes to plink.

That episode of top shot was Season 2, Episode 3 on the history channel... there's no online vids available that I could find.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To protect and steal from

Ex Chicago cop admitted to participating in robberies:

Keith Herrera, 33, admitted taking part in three robberies in which he and other officers with the elite Special Operations Section stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from suspected drug dealers and other citizens after making illegal traffic stops or searches of their homes.

The Media is REAL quick to call these traffic stops and searches "illegal" after the cops are caught...  but they never seem to report it before they get caught.    I think both the cops, and the media failed on this one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

People are dying without the ability to protect themselves.

Illinesians, I am trying to help you by calling awareness to your police state... but as I am finding life so much better in Minnesota, I am having a more difficult time understanding why you're all not ranting at every town hall meeting about the Fascist disarmament you have been suffering through.   Just look at these stories just from this weekend:

Driver shot multiple times on Eisenhower
A motorist was shot and wounded multiple times on the Eisenhower Expressway early this morning, state police said.
Around midnight, Illinois State Police-District Chicago officers responded to a motorist shot on I-290 at South Central Avenue, according to Trooper Mark Hall.

 Man Shot in Chest on West Side

A man was shot on the street and seriously wounded in the Austin neighborhood this morning, police said.
1 killed, 3 wounded in separate city shootings

One man was killed and three others injured in separate shootings in Chicago this morning, authorities said.
In the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the West Side, a 41-year-old man died after being shot in the head a little before 11 a.m. in the 3400 block of West Augusta Boulevard, officials said. He has not been identified, pending notification of next of kin.

These are all from the last 13 hours.   While most police chiefs and Sheriffs support concealed carry, I can guarantee that if you are caught by one of their drone workers conceal  or open carrying, you'll be in court under felony charges.   You have put all your trust into protectors, who are now your harassers, writing parking tickets, and petty victimless violations, costing you Illinesians Millions of dollars a year, just so they can justify their salaries.   From those articles, it's obvious that they can't protect you from violence.   They can only call an ambulance for you after you're dead.    Why do your "protectors" who can't be there to protect you, force you to be unarmed?   The obvious answer is because they are not there to protect, they are there to enforce a rule of law that is unjust, and they're the only ones allowed to protect themselves.   Push for equality, stop letting police be better than you.   Tell your lawmakers you won't put up with their arrogance of perceived authority, because they're not representing you anymore... they're controlling you.

Or do what I did, and leave.   The choice is yours.

Friday, April 1, 2011

FOID in Illinois is persecution

Public lists that are so fondly held to the high standards as being reserved to criminals so terrible that they would rape children have now found themselves at the feet of the Illinois gun owner.   The hoops a resident of Illinois has to jump through in order to buy a gun are insane.   First, you have to apply for a ridiculous card that says you're not a felon, or a looney.   Then you pay $5, and wait 36 days on average to receive a card that certifies you as criminally and mentally capable of handling a firearm or ammunition in a gun shop.    The FOID card is not used anywhere else except when in a gun shop, rifle range, or when being accosted by local police while transporting or handling firearms.   Now it appears Lisa Madigan, daughter of suspected crime syndicate head honcho Michael Madigan, wishes to have the names and addresses of all FOID owners, to be public record!  

This kind of infringement serves only to endanger Illinois gun owners by giving criminals a database of houses to scope out for firearms.   A safe is easily cracked, and if someone knows exactly where to look for the loot they wish to acquire, they need only wait.  

Your typical Illinois complete fucking idiot Chris Theobald says:

I don't think that that's going to cause anybody a problem at all. I think that it's just a right, and if it is a right, it shouldn't be a big deal if it's public knowledge

 Chris Theobald, I hope you're first on the list when some thugs organize and come for the gun you want to purchase for "sporting purposes".   Think really hard about this... I believe it is your purpose in life, only to serve as a warning for others.

For those non-idiots in Illinois, start filing those lawsuits now, there are lawyers on every corner in that state for a reason, use them to do something right for a change.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Law enforcement use for political purposes

According to the Wisconsin Professional Police Association Director  Jim Palmer:

The thought of using law enforcement officers to exercise force in order to achieve a political objective is insanely wrong and Wisconsin sorely needs reasonable solutions and not potentially dangerous political theatrics

This of course is in response to Wisconsin Governor Walker's request that the police go get the AWOL representatives, and bring them back.   This would forward Walker's agenda of getting rid of unions.   The people Jim Palmer represents are all unionized, so in this instance, not doing what is asked of them isn't just the right thing to do, but it's in the best interest of those Palmer represents.

Let's see what it means to be "politics":

politics - the activities and affairs involved in managing a state or a government
 The police are the enforcement arm of the government, it is hard to believe that they can separate themselves from exercising force in order to achieve political objectives isn't it?

Have you ever heard them say, Police and Citizens should be treated equally when it comes to the injuries they inflict on each other?   Absolutely not!   They want to charge people with crimes who run away, and officers HURT THEMSELVES while chasing them!

These guys even want their DOGS to be treated better then the people their dogs have battered.

Have they ever spoken out on the demanded use of police force to steal all "Personal property" deemed as a narcotic?    No, they haven't.   And police continue to wage a useless war on drugs that goes against the very intentions of the founding of this nation.

Jim Palmer directs a political organization, and this man claims politics has nothing to do with policing?    That's like saying water has nothing to do with farming!   

While I agree with Jim Palmer's statement, I simply wish he wasn't being a charlatan when he said it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Except for Law Enforcement, Illinois is employ at will

Oak Brook police and fire commission voted 3-0 to dismiss Stephen Peterson, son of notorious Drew Peterson for obstructing an investigation and taking possession of 3 weapons from his father who was restricted from possessing them, and not telling the State Police about the $200,000+ transferred to him, or the weapons.  

What I find most noteworthy, is that when a police officer loses his job, for whatever reason, they can sue, or appeal these decisions.   This is a tactic that is not available to anyone else in Illinois, which is an at will employment state.   It means you can be terminated for any, or no reason at any time, except apparently law enforcement:

Peterson had no comment, but attorney Tamara Cummings said she would appeal the decision to the DuPage County Circuit Court.

They have more job protection than even unionized workers.   Solely based on their job title.   Do you still think if you're not an LEO that you are truly a citizen? 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

compelling evidence of 1st class citizens

Just released, compelling evidence that police are indeed 1st class citizens held to lower standards than the likes of Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton for their crimes.    

Case and point:  A Milwuakee police officer sped after his girlfriend  in a jealous rage while drunk, and pulled a gun on the occupants.

Madrigal pointed his gun at the people inside the Explorer and said: "Open the door or I'll kill you. Open the door or I'll shoot you in the head," according to the complaint. Madrigal and the other passenger from the Charger stood on the Explorer's running boards and shouted at the people inside the vehicle while Madrigal pointed his gun at them, the complaint said.

 The conviction for this crime?  4 Misdemeanors

A jury convicted Jorge L. Madrigal, 25, of four misdemeanors: disorderly conduct, operating a firearm while intoxicated and two counts of intentionally pointing a gun at a person, online court records state.
Now this, also from Wisconsin:

A Wyocena man faces time in prison on charges that he threatened two people with a loaded gun while intoxicated.
Michael M. Dawson, 52, of Wyocena, was ordered held on $2,500 cash bail at an initial hearing Thursday in Columbia County Circuit Court.

This is what Michael Dawson was charged with:

Dawson is charged with two felony counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety with use of a dangerous weapon as domestic abuse, and with misdemeanor domestic disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor bail jumping.

When you punish one group of people more harshly than another, it is an infringement on the basic concept of liberty and equality.   These police officers who are apparently 1st class citizens normally get off with reduced sentences when they commit crimes, and it's just not right.   It has been said that Law Enforcement officials are held to a "higher standard" than the rest of us.   It couldn't have been put better than Injustice Everywhere's David when he wrote:

“Held to a higher standard”… in our vernacular, this term is generally understood to describe how some people are kept to stricter adherence to rules and who face greater penalties than others if that strict adherence somehow falters.
However these police are being evidenced of being held to lower standards.   In fact, most of the cases I research, the police officers keep their jobs!   Or successfully sue to get their job back.   Citizens on the other hand, miss a day of work from being arrested, and lose their jobs for good, with no way of suing to get said job back.  This inequality must stop or the results will be ever increasing tensions between citizens and 1st class citizens, which I fear will ultimately bring about more violence to members of both parties.   The solution is simple, equality now, and save the future...  If it's a Felony in your state to open carry, then police in that state should NOT open carry.   If threatening someone while drunk is a felony, it should STAY a felony regardless of your job title.   Seems pretty simple, right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mayor Daley tries last ditch gun control

It has been reported today that Mayor Daley is attempting last ditch efforts to back more gun control:

The four newly proposed measures would automatically transfer to adult court cases of 15- to 17-year olds arrested with a gun; require at least five years behind bars for felons caught with weapons; require 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police and firefighters responding to emergencies; and make it a felony to commit a crime with a child in tow if that child is injured by gunfire.

Daley made the announcement before dozens aldermen, state legislators, gun-control advocates and family members who have lost loved ones to gun violence. He urged firefighter and police unions to back reasonable gun control measures, and said one day the tide would turn in favor of the kind of efforts he has championed for decades.

Notice, he is not at all interested in protecting any citizens' rights.   He wants 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police, regardless of how many police officers he has that kick down doors without cause, and give no warning.   There is no mention of holding police officers that pull guns on citizens who have done nothing wrong to this same standard, otherwise quite a few officers would be in prison for 10 years.

Why does Daley put cops on a pedestal, and leave the voters stepped on in the mud, and still get votes?   The only logical answers would be either that voting is rigged in Chicago, or that the people of Chicago are slightly retarded... your choice.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Look what happens you try to enforce equality

In Baltimore, the nefarious red light cameras are catching police officers too, but unlike many other cities, if the officer can't prove he or she was on their way to a call, the ticket sticks!   So what did the police do when they found they were being issued citations for breaking the laws they enforce?

Four Montgomery County police officers sued their department over speeding tickets and lost before the state's highest court, in a decision issued late last month.

So because these law abiding law enforcers want to stay on the good side of the law, they start obeying traffic signals right?

Some officers appear to have come up with creative ways to stay red-light-camera-shy. Last year, city police accused two officers of putting stolen license plates on their unmarked cars.

Oh... I guess not.  This kind of equal treatment needs to seep into Illinois a bit... here's hoping!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perjurous Officer keeps pension

I don't really know what to say about this, except, the people of Illinois are paying for it in more ways than one!

"A former Chicago police official convicted of lying about the torture of suspects gets to keep his $3,000-a-month pension.
The police pension board said Thursday that the motion to end benefits for 63-year-old Jon Burge failed by a 4-4 vote. It required five votes to pass."

The problem here is that we don't punish these people nearly enough.   He was convicted of lying in a civil trial about witnessing and participating in the torture of suspects, he faces 4.5 years in prison.  Have no illusions, as a former LEO he's still better than the rest of you.  If it was you, you'd be in prison right now:

"Burge is set to report to prison March 16."

Chicago runs on corruption, here's proof

Remember Chris Drew?  60 year old artist who faces up to 15 years in prison for recording a police officer in Chicago?  There's more, a new one, Tiawanda Moore, who had a legitimate reason to suspect a crime was being commited against her so she wanted to tape record it, and now she too faces 15 years in prison.  The law, is the Illinois eavesdropping law.  It's another way to put citizens in prison for holding public officials accountable for their negative actions with video or audio proof.   The problem with this law, is that it treats citizens as second class citizens, holding them to a felony level offense for doing their civic duties or preventing corruption, while exempting city officials, and law enforcement from prosecution against them for doing the same thing.   It should be obvious that this law doesn't cover the elite ruling class of city officials and law enforcement, not after hearing Chicago is the most watched city in the United States, right?   Well, listen to what Mark Donahue, president of the fraternal order of police has to say about that:

Mark Donahue said his organization “absolutely supports” the eavesdropping act as is and was relieved that the challenge had failed. Mr. Donahue added that allowing the audio recording of police officers while performing their duty “can affect how an officer does his job on the street.”
Excuse me, Mark... can I ask your Anti-Liberty extremist organization a quick question?   How exactly can making a video of actions being taken by LEO's possibly negatively affect his or her execution of their job?  Don't bother answering, I have the answer:  It will show all the laws they break while "doing their duty", and make it harder for your represented law enforcers to keep their jobs as public outcry increases amid irrefutable proof.   Sound about right?

Mark knows the truth, the police in Chicago are thugs, and busting them would be easy, so they have to intimidate regular citizens into being afraid to do anything at all, even if it's as natural as video or tape record something to protect yourself.   Let me know how that works out, I hear fascism usually ends poorly.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forensics, is it science?

In our current criminal justice system, we rely a lot on something referred to as Forensic science, but is forensic science really science? In order to determine this we have to break down what elements must be present in order for science to truly be scientific. Science relies on sound use of the Scientific Method, this is the primary way for those who practice science to identify something to study and make a hypothesis, then run many experiments or gather a lot of data, after which conclusions can be documented and re-tested by others. It is important to note, these conclusions may not be factual, they could be a result of scientific bias. Bias occurs when a scientist is running tests to attempt to prove something when there are perceived high stakes. The scientific method attempts to minimize bias in the testing phase. One of the easiest ways to alleviate bias is to open your work up for peer review. This is where other scientists can test your hypothesis, and conclusions then either support or refute them. Science is rarely if ever unanimous, so there is always dissenting opinions, and you must be prepared to deal with the bias of other scientists. If a compelling body of evidence, or research done by many scientists confirms a hypothesis, it can then considered a plausible theory. If you are looking to science to prove something, it is not the right field for you, science is never proof, it is simply evidence of a theory that could be proven wrong in the future. While many theories have practical applications, such as the theory of lift for an aircraft, there is still compelling argument about whether lift is simple Newtonian physics, or if it is the Bernoulli effect. In case you're wondering, the FAA doesn't officially recognize Newton's 3rd law an an explanation of lift, even though the Bernoulli effect has been invalidated as a major contributor of lift by many scientists.

The process to begin Forensic detection is normally that a prosecutor, or investigating police meets with a forensic “scientist” and explains the situation and what they want to find out. Occasionally a defense attorney will attempt to use a forensic scientist, however the burden of proof lies on the prosecutor. In America our legal system was founded on the presumption that people accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, this is why it is normally the prosecution utilizing forensics, it is to satisfy their burden of proof. When the prosecutor approaches the forensic investigator, they will normally give a back story about what they think this person did, and occasionally add irrelevant details outlining why this person is a very bad person and needs to be in jail. This establishes bias very effectively, the forensic scientist now has a one sided backstory they are attempting to prove. According to the Association of Forensic Scientists, forensic scientists are not supposed to be an arm of the prosecutor, nor are they supposed to be an arm of law enforcement, to do so would be an ethics violation.

So how come I have met with over 20 forensics scientists, and they all describe their job field as “law enforcement”? When I ask these so-called scientists if their tests have ever been reviewed by other scientists, they all said no. The most effective way to eliminate a single bias is to have a theory tested by multiple scientists, so why is peer review ignored by forensics? A few of the more honest forensic scientists I have talked agreed that they would never put anyone in jail if it was peer reviewed, because there would almost always be dissenting opinions. After years of peer reviewed documents on DNA, it has been found that DNA is an effective manner in which to test individuals for certain crimes, like rape, and murder. So what happens when the prosecutor doesn't get the answer they are looking for? Just ask Jerry Hobbs in Lake County Illinois, they keep the person in prison for years until another person is caught who matches the DNA test, just so the prosecutor can have his number of convictions very high.

What about fingerprints, those are accurate right?   While we haven't physically observed 2 fingerprints that are exactly the same, that doesn't mean there aren't any.   What's worse is that when observing fingerprints, you're looking for points of minutia, when you get a partial print, one forensic scientist might declare a match, while another might say it's inconclusive.   There isn't currently any peer reviewed documents concluding the probability of matching partial prints, or even how much of a print is needed to make a match.    What about ballistics?   Currently there is no scientific basis for measuring ballistics.  When bullets hit objects, they break, deform, shear off.   Unless the bullet only hits soft tissue, and isn't an expanding round, you can't be sure.  Telling someone they have a ballistic match on a handgun means they think they know what caliber it was, and if they have enough of the bullet they might be able to tell you how many grooves were in the gun, thus limiting them down to the bullet being fired from 1 of 22% of all the 9mm guns that exist.   Bite marks?   Normally bite marks are comparing 2 pictures to see if they match... art, is not science.   There really is no science behind bite marks.  So DNA is pretty much all we have.

The majority of the corruption in forensics, is from the prosecutors and police. While the forensic scientist who maybe got their degree online from the university of Florida might be wary of biting the hand that feeds them, many times the forensic scientist doesn't even get the correct evidence to test based on corruptions that are outside of their control. In conclusion, in forensics people use science, but that does not make them scientists, and currently our forensic scientists are more of an unethical arm of law enforcement, than they are part of the scientific community. When you think about the lives they affect, destroy or exonerate, it is hard to imagine this kind of power going unchecked by something as simple as a little ethical peer review.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome DHS

Welcome friends from the DHS!   I hope you are seeing how ridiculous some of the laws of the nation can be as evidenced by your choice of pageload:

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh, so it was a Defensive Dildo

Carolee Bildsten, the woman arrested for assaulting an officer with a feminine pleasure device, has given us her side of the story today:

“I’m counting my cash to make sure I take out enough, and the officer walks into my bedroom and startles me,” Bildsten said, adding that she had recently read an article about a Gurnee police officer who was convicted of sexual assault, which made her nervous.
“I don’t know, it was just this male police officer and me in the apartment, and he startled me,” she said.
Bildsten said she never attacked the officer with the sex toy. She just “instinctively raised it up in a defensive move.”

The officer she had read about was Jay Simon, a "highly decorated officer" and he was convicted recently of molesting a 10 year old.  

The whole story is ridiculous because the officer obviously overreacted, and now we have another person who's life will be further ruined by the police, whom many people find frightening.   The officer should have chuckled it off, told her to knock it off and get the cash for her restaurant bill, and been done with it.   However, in Illinois, and many other states, if the police are involved there is a very high chance an arrest will be made.  

As for her allegation that the officer startled her... he should have, he was committing a number of felonies in Illinois.  For example, in Illinois, there is no exception to the "Aggravated Unlawful use of a Weapon" Felony charge for police officers, so technically they're not allowed to be armed.   If you see any Illinois police officer, it is your legal duty to detain or report his felonious activity of carrying a gun that's not unloaded and in a case in that state.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, that makes sense

Whenever you elevate one set of people above the normal laws and restrictions of society you will get something like this, people posing as those elevated privilege holders in order to rob people and make them extremely scared about fighting back.   

Chicago police are looking for two men who posed as police officers and robbed several people on the southwest side since December, officials said today.
The robberies occurred after the victims were approached by one or two men who identified themselves as police officers, complete with badges, hand-held radios, flashlights and handguns, police said in a community alert.

The solution is easy... Make police follow the laws, and when they don't, allow citizens the same self-defense measures they would have against any other person beating them senseless, or robbing them, or abducting them for no reason.   

This will make many collectivists very uneasy, so I've probably just added myself to some more lists... you're welcome!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Naperville IL settles suit

After responding to a call to settle a verbal dispute, a Naperville police officer decided to cuff a man, made racial slurs at him, and ordered the dog to bite him while cuffed.    Now the city has settled the lawsuit that resulted from this incident for $21K

Not surprising the city spokesman "Stands by their police department and their actions." Which actually sounds more racist to me... 

After being handcuffed without incident, one of four white officers ordered his police dog to bite Odom, who is black, the lawsuit states. Odom suffered "humiliation and bleeding" as a result of the dog's bite to his thigh, which left his shorts and underwear tattered, according to the suit.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Illinois Tax hike

David Codrea beat me to the punch, check out his story and links.

Drunkening up that snow plow

Just in from Racine, WI:

RACINE - A Racine police investigator has been cited on suspicion of drunken driving following a crash late last month that put him in the hospital.
Donald Nuttall Jr., 36, was given a citation for operating while intoxicated by the State Patrol, which handled the Dec. 30 crash in the 13000 block of Braun Road.

 Where was his specialized training when he was drunk smashing into that plow?

Why this blog exists.

2 years ago I was riding as a passenger in a car.   Another car kept driving erratically in front of us.  They would speed up to the normal speed limit, then slow down, when car behind them didn't adjust their speed in time, they would then slam on their brakes to the point of locking them up, then they'd speed up, and get more aggressive at getting the car behind them closer.   The driver of the car I was in fell for this twice, then kept a LARGE distance between us and them.   We get to the next stop sign, and the driver of the other car decides he hasn't messed with us enough yet, so they park there, and remain parked there.   Traffic builds behind us over the next 2 minutes.  The driver and I have a quick discussion about whether we could pass them or not, my theory is that they were a road obstruction at this point in time, and able to be legally circumvented.    As we pulled out to go around them, they squealed their tires to keep even with us attempting to run us into other cars.   For the next 5 minutes the car kept creeping to our rear right quarter panel then cutting over to try to hit us, the driver skillfully avoided them each time.   I called 911 dispatch at this time, and informed them there was a madman on the road that has already tried to run us off the road 3 times.   They told us the other driver already called them, and that we should meet officers at a gas station down the road.    So we informed them we would comply if they told the other car to back away, the other car did and we went to the gas station.   The Police arrived and began asking us what happened, we told the story to the best of our ability. 

The other driver, Jeffrey Woodruff Sr. and passenger Jeffrey Woodruff Jr. did a better job of making us sound like evil-doers, claiming that I, the passenger, threw everything from "small items" to entire "bottles" at their car hitting it several times miraculously not only leaving no evidence of this at the intersection, but leaving no damage to their 12 year old car either!  The Deputy Fred Mason then placed me under arrest for "disorderly conduct" even though I felt this was not a constitutionally sound arrest and that I had the duty to resist, I also knew I was in Illinois, and the constitution doesn't matter, so I should comply with anything the officer wanted.   I equate this action of the officer as breaking an Illinois law, "aggravated kidnapping" because he felt it okay to take me somewhere where the phones didn't even work, I couldn't tell anyone where I was at for 10 hours. 

Officer Swanson of the Lake County Sheriff's department, also works in the Metropolitan Enforcement Group, a drug and gun grabbing arm of the Lake county Sheriff's wanted to search the car because he saw the driver's work belt for her security job.   She worked unarmed security at the time, and there was a belt in the car.   He threatened to break the window if she didn't let him in her car, and she caved in.  After he was in, he felt that it was okay to manufacture drug evidence against the driver somehow so they could arrest her too.  This is a man who has access to all types of drugs, so I find it fishy when he plants something so small on someone in a nice neat little case, 0.6 grams of alleged  Marijuana, opens it up, and I remember the contents of the "case" one metal looking pipe, and the only marijuana he claimed was there was in that pipe.  So now we're both being hauled in, the car is being towed, and the people who were driving in recklessness... they got to sit there, and laugh about it.  The car gets searched and they find my Springfield M1a, Disassembled in a case in the back seat, under it was the driver's Taurus 24/7 9mm, unloaded, also in a case.   She was on her way to a range with knowledgeable experts at it who could troubleshoot why she couldn't disassemble it, the slide was stuck.  They took the M1a which was brand new and never fired, and the Taurus, except now they charged the driver with 2 counts of "Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon" because of the planted Marijuana.  The driver was from Wisconsin, so the 2nd count of "Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon" was for not having a FOID card.   So she has 2 counts of a Class 3 felony, the same as beating someone in the face with a crowbar, then skull fucking them when they were unconscious on the ground, except this girl, she had done nothing to anyone!  She never touched, or motioned towards a firearm at all, and she's charged with USING it in a FELONIOUS way.

After the police reports are written, the amount of seized narcotics related items increases from just the pouch, suddenly glass pipes get added in triplicate to the report, so they push for additional drug paraphenalia charges.   The girl was a former Army MP, honerably discharged.   I bailed her out of the Lake County Cesspool the next day.   She is still emotionally damaged from her experience at a place worse than hell to this day.   They stick you in open walled cages, with a toilet in the very center, it is a dehumanizing place where you are stripped, hosed off, cavity searched (raped) while the officers joke about it.  I got my rifle back, but it had been fired several times... that's right, they even raped my rifle.

So we spend the next 2 and half years paying for court case after court case.   My Misdemeanor Disorderly conduct charge is dismissed because the 2 Woodruff Asshats who filed the charges refused to come to court and account for their dramatically different lies they separately wrote.   So now I am free and clear, but the driver was still in a world of trouble.   Over the next year we spend over $30,000 on court costs, the driver is no longer a citizen, unable to purchase any firearms, or pass a background check to get a new job, as her security job was lost... being indicted for a felony and all.  

When all is said and done, our lawyer makes a plea deal, 2 felonies, down to a misdemeanor.   It was accepted, and she owed $996 in fees and fines, 2 years of supervision, and 150 hours of community service.   Meanwhile her house goes into foreclosure because she has been unable to get a job based on her background check results.   When you are accused of a crime, your life ceases to work for you.   I'd like you also to compare her sentence of 2 years supervision, and 150 hours of community service for essentially transporting a gun improperly... to Chicago Detective John Killackey's sentence for refusing to pay a cabbie for a fare, then pulling his gun on that cabbie when drunk... he got 60 hours of community service, and 18 months probation, plus he got his gun back, and kept his job.    The driver of the car I was in never got her Taurus PT111 millenium pro 9mm pistol back, the state siezed it for "destruction or police purposes".   I'd still like to know where that gun went... I imagine it found its way to an inner city child for a few hundred dollars that some officer probably refers to as a "bonus". 

So at this time, my credit card is overwhelming, I paid for everything, I had 3 jobs and wasn't getting anywhere.   So I stopped paying my mortgage, and now my house is in foreclosure, but I found a place to live in Minnesota, and I intend to stay here as long as possible.   We are free and clear now, and living outside of that unequitable craphole of impossible to follow gun laws... the next chapter is beginning, thanks for reading.