Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pirate Praxis: NightVision

It has been discussed, that Pirates of the olde time used an eyepatch... but not to conceal a ghastly injury, it's so they could see in the dark without waiting for their eye to adjust.    This could be useful when going from a well torchlit deck, to a dark ship underbelly.   Or when invading a fort after illuminating a map to verify you are onto the treasure.   This night vision in the modern day can be bought at almost every drug store for less than $2.00 USD.    Try it yourself!  Or watch the Mythbusters try it for you!  In the modern application, this can give you an advantage over intruders, allowing you to keep a well lit house, and upon the first sign of intruders, cut the power, move your eyepatch, and dispatch the ruffian. Or if you are attacked by professional thugs, moving the eyepatch over to your other eye will preserve some vision in the event of a flashbang, or similar attempt at blinding you with light, allowing you to more accurately respond to the threat appropriately.

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