Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Except for Law Enforcement, Illinois is employ at will

Oak Brook police and fire commission voted 3-0 to dismiss Stephen Peterson, son of notorious Drew Peterson for obstructing an investigation and taking possession of 3 weapons from his father who was restricted from possessing them, and not telling the State Police about the $200,000+ transferred to him, or the weapons.  

What I find most noteworthy, is that when a police officer loses his job, for whatever reason, they can sue, or appeal these decisions.   This is a tactic that is not available to anyone else in Illinois, which is an at will employment state.   It means you can be terminated for any, or no reason at any time, except apparently law enforcement:

Peterson had no comment, but attorney Tamara Cummings said she would appeal the decision to the DuPage County Circuit Court.

They have more job protection than even unionized workers.   Solely based on their job title.   Do you still think if you're not an LEO that you are truly a citizen? 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

compelling evidence of 1st class citizens

Just released, compelling evidence that police are indeed 1st class citizens held to lower standards than the likes of Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton for their crimes.    

Case and point:  A Milwuakee police officer sped after his girlfriend  in a jealous rage while drunk, and pulled a gun on the occupants.

Madrigal pointed his gun at the people inside the Explorer and said: "Open the door or I'll kill you. Open the door or I'll shoot you in the head," according to the complaint. Madrigal and the other passenger from the Charger stood on the Explorer's running boards and shouted at the people inside the vehicle while Madrigal pointed his gun at them, the complaint said.

 The conviction for this crime?  4 Misdemeanors

A jury convicted Jorge L. Madrigal, 25, of four misdemeanors: disorderly conduct, operating a firearm while intoxicated and two counts of intentionally pointing a gun at a person, online court records state.
Now this, also from Wisconsin:

A Wyocena man faces time in prison on charges that he threatened two people with a loaded gun while intoxicated.
Michael M. Dawson, 52, of Wyocena, was ordered held on $2,500 cash bail at an initial hearing Thursday in Columbia County Circuit Court.

This is what Michael Dawson was charged with:

Dawson is charged with two felony counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety with use of a dangerous weapon as domestic abuse, and with misdemeanor domestic disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor bail jumping.

When you punish one group of people more harshly than another, it is an infringement on the basic concept of liberty and equality.   These police officers who are apparently 1st class citizens normally get off with reduced sentences when they commit crimes, and it's just not right.   It has been said that Law Enforcement officials are held to a "higher standard" than the rest of us.   It couldn't have been put better than Injustice Everywhere's David when he wrote:

“Held to a higher standard”… in our vernacular, this term is generally understood to describe how some people are kept to stricter adherence to rules and who face greater penalties than others if that strict adherence somehow falters.
However these police are being evidenced of being held to lower standards.   In fact, most of the cases I research, the police officers keep their jobs!   Or successfully sue to get their job back.   Citizens on the other hand, miss a day of work from being arrested, and lose their jobs for good, with no way of suing to get said job back.  This inequality must stop or the results will be ever increasing tensions between citizens and 1st class citizens, which I fear will ultimately bring about more violence to members of both parties.   The solution is simple, equality now, and save the future...  If it's a Felony in your state to open carry, then police in that state should NOT open carry.   If threatening someone while drunk is a felony, it should STAY a felony regardless of your job title.   Seems pretty simple, right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mayor Daley tries last ditch gun control

It has been reported today that Mayor Daley is attempting last ditch efforts to back more gun control:

The four newly proposed measures would automatically transfer to adult court cases of 15- to 17-year olds arrested with a gun; require at least five years behind bars for felons caught with weapons; require 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police and firefighters responding to emergencies; and make it a felony to commit a crime with a child in tow if that child is injured by gunfire.

Daley made the announcement before dozens aldermen, state legislators, gun-control advocates and family members who have lost loved ones to gun violence. He urged firefighter and police unions to back reasonable gun control measures, and said one day the tide would turn in favor of the kind of efforts he has championed for decades.

Notice, he is not at all interested in protecting any citizens' rights.   He wants 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police, regardless of how many police officers he has that kick down doors without cause, and give no warning.   There is no mention of holding police officers that pull guns on citizens who have done nothing wrong to this same standard, otherwise quite a few officers would be in prison for 10 years.

Why does Daley put cops on a pedestal, and leave the voters stepped on in the mud, and still get votes?   The only logical answers would be either that voting is rigged in Chicago, or that the people of Chicago are slightly retarded... your choice.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Look what happens you try to enforce equality

In Baltimore, the nefarious red light cameras are catching police officers too, but unlike many other cities, if the officer can't prove he or she was on their way to a call, the ticket sticks!   So what did the police do when they found they were being issued citations for breaking the laws they enforce?

Four Montgomery County police officers sued their department over speeding tickets and lost before the state's highest court, in a decision issued late last month.

So because these law abiding law enforcers want to stay on the good side of the law, they start obeying traffic signals right?

Some officers appear to have come up with creative ways to stay red-light-camera-shy. Last year, city police accused two officers of putting stolen license plates on their unmarked cars.

Oh... I guess not.  This kind of equal treatment needs to seep into Illinois a bit... here's hoping!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perjurous Officer keeps pension

I don't really know what to say about this, except, the people of Illinois are paying for it in more ways than one!

"A former Chicago police official convicted of lying about the torture of suspects gets to keep his $3,000-a-month pension.
The police pension board said Thursday that the motion to end benefits for 63-year-old Jon Burge failed by a 4-4 vote. It required five votes to pass."

The problem here is that we don't punish these people nearly enough.   He was convicted of lying in a civil trial about witnessing and participating in the torture of suspects, he faces 4.5 years in prison.  Have no illusions, as a former LEO he's still better than the rest of you.  If it was you, you'd be in prison right now:

"Burge is set to report to prison March 16."

Chicago runs on corruption, here's proof

Remember Chris Drew?  60 year old artist who faces up to 15 years in prison for recording a police officer in Chicago?  There's more, a new one, Tiawanda Moore, who had a legitimate reason to suspect a crime was being commited against her so she wanted to tape record it, and now she too faces 15 years in prison.  The law, is the Illinois eavesdropping law.  It's another way to put citizens in prison for holding public officials accountable for their negative actions with video or audio proof.   The problem with this law, is that it treats citizens as second class citizens, holding them to a felony level offense for doing their civic duties or preventing corruption, while exempting city officials, and law enforcement from prosecution against them for doing the same thing.   It should be obvious that this law doesn't cover the elite ruling class of city officials and law enforcement, not after hearing Chicago is the most watched city in the United States, right?   Well, listen to what Mark Donahue, president of the fraternal order of police has to say about that:

Mark Donahue said his organization “absolutely supports” the eavesdropping act as is and was relieved that the challenge had failed. Mr. Donahue added that allowing the audio recording of police officers while performing their duty “can affect how an officer does his job on the street.”
Excuse me, Mark... can I ask your Anti-Liberty extremist organization a quick question?   How exactly can making a video of actions being taken by LEO's possibly negatively affect his or her execution of their job?  Don't bother answering, I have the answer:  It will show all the laws they break while "doing their duty", and make it harder for your represented law enforcers to keep their jobs as public outcry increases amid irrefutable proof.   Sound about right?

Mark knows the truth, the police in Chicago are thugs, and busting them would be easy, so they have to intimidate regular citizens into being afraid to do anything at all, even if it's as natural as video or tape record something to protect yourself.   Let me know how that works out, I hear fascism usually ends poorly.