Friday, July 30, 2010

Illinois State Police Ruining a record number of lives

Read this news that Illinois DUI arrests are on a record pace this year.  My favorite quote is from Capt. Jeffrey Patterson who has never stopped for 2 seconds to think about why these people are driving after having some drinks, he just dishes out the $10,000 tickets, and said:
“I don’t get it,” Patterson said. “There are ads about the penalties of drunk driving on the TV, on the radio, in newspapers, on billboards, they’re all over.”
Yet, he said, people continue to drive drunk. “I guess they think they’re not going to get caught,” Patterson said.

He doesn't get it?   It's really simple... in Illinois, people are miserable because they have few freedoms, and pay too much in property taxes, and drinking makes them feel good.   Our property taxes pay for everything except a decent public transportation system... buses, and trains run from the suburbs, into the cities, but it's near impossible to get from one suburb to another one that's only 12 miles away, without taking a 6 hour train ride into a city, and back out.  

Patterson, citizens know they might get caught, they refuse to live their lives under your boot of fear and intimidation... if you think controlling people's relaxation time is bad... you should try to come for our guns and see what happens.

As I showed before using the Illinois state police's own propaganda videos, the purpose of DUI stops in this state is not to keep other drivers safe.   You might say heavy fines, and life ruining criminal charges are appropriate for people irresponsibly using the roadway, and potentially endangering other drivers.   My response to that:  Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper for the ISP to have a preemptive phone service that potential drivers could call and state they're intoxicated and have limited options to get home, can they sleep it off in the local PD?   The answer is, yes, it would be cheap, and very likely effective... but it wouldn't make the police any money, and wouldn't accomplish their ultimate goal, of ruining the lives of every citizen in this state. They WILL find you!

This video claims in America one person is killed by a drunk driver every 32 minutes, but in Illinois, one person is arrested for drunk driving every 10 minutes!?   What am I missing when the Math doesn't add up this much?   50,000 people per year, at an average cost of $10,000 per person... that makes DUIs a $500 BILLION a year economy for lawyers, judges and cops.   DUI enforcement should be about protecting people, not ruining people.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Illinois Roadblocks Federally funded!?

I stumbled upon this nugget today that stated a recent "Roadside Safety Inspection" was funded by a federal grant.

Roadside Safety Checks are funded through a grant from the United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The grant is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Traffic Safety.

Apparently Illinois is using Federal dollars to violate your 4th amendment rights, I would suggest using your pens to fight the "soft war" directed at the US DoT, and NHTSA to tell them you don't approve of them funding 4th Amendment violating roadblocks. 

U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590

NHTSA Headquarters
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
West Building
Washington, DC 20590

No FOID in IL? 1 year minimum sentence of prison.

Illinois passed HB5832 last week as I mentioned in a previous article.   Some people may be wondering, what's wrong with a FOID (Firearm Owner ID)?  

Well, the 2nd amendment is a constitutional right, and one could easily view the requirement of a card in order to buy, own and transport a firearm in this state to be equivalent to equal infringements of another amendment.   Where the 2nd amendment states the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, the 1st states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

So essentially the same thing, to make a law prohibiting the free exercise of religion would be unconstitutional... but what if any state passed a law requiring all Muslims to register with the state police for an MRID or Muslim Religion ID prior to practicing that religion?  After 9/11 we can certainly see how dangerous that religion could be, and the state police would certainly only be working in the best interests of Muslims anywhere to require that every 10 years Muslims pay $10 to keep practicing in their respective states.    How about a CRID (Christian Religion ID)?  Or an NRID (No religion ID) requiring a license to not practice religion... did you praise the lord today son?  If you didn't, it's a 1 year minimum sentence since you don't have your card!

See, everyone should see how ridiculous these cards are at this point in time, and be extraordinarily angry at the FOID card.   Sadly a lot of people are afraid of guns, and will continue to push for gun control... but a lot of people are afraid of Muslims, Atheists, Christians, and Jewish people too.... so let's keep our heads on straight... cards for rights is NOT good... protest the FOID!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quinn signs more completely useless legislation

The people of this state must realize that they're paying people like Governor Quinn to inappropriately punish them...  given the lack of public outcry, I would have to say that this is not the case.   The People of Illinois must wish to be enslaved further.   On July 19th, Quinn signed into law updates to the already unconstitutional "Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon" law which makes jail time MANDATORY for first time offenders.   So what does this mean?

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that a first offense of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon committed with a firearm by a person 18 years of age or older where both: (1) the firearm possessed was uncased, loaded and immediately accessible at the time of the offense; and (2) the person possessing the firearm has not been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner's Identification Card is a Class 4 felony, for which the person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than one year and not more than 3 years.

I interpret this piece of legislation to mean, if an out of stater comes through Illinois, or a citizen who refuses to allow their 2nd amendment rights to be infringed with the unconstitutional FOID card gets caught in the act of bearing arms, even if they hurt, or threatened absolutely no one, they go to jail automatically for 1 to 3 years.    This is part of Illinois' biggest issue, in this state they prosecute Victimless, damage-less, non-violent crimes.   If nobody's rights were infringed, and there was no damage, and no threat.... where's the crime?   I would suggest the citizens of Illinois explain this to their lawmakers in very short, easy to understand words.   If you're a good person, then you don't want to see citizens prosecuted for non-crimes.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

How Illinois creates, and funds businesses that peddle bullshit.

No Matter what your opinion on Anger Management Courses is currently, there are a few facts that remain irrefutable.  

  • There's no Federal Standard or Guides for Anger Management Certifications
  • There's no evidence that Anger Management courses work at all.
  • People are being forced to go to these courses.

The problem with no federal standards or guides is simply that if it can't be defined, what are these people doing?  Modern Anger Management certification holder Leonard Ingram would have you believe that some point 30 years ago psychotherapy stopped working, he said this on an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit that aired in 2007, he'd also have you spend over $150 in books on his website.   This implies that psychotherapy used to work, and now it doesn't?  The reality is that judges are throwing Anger Management, and drug and Alcohol assessments out to everyone who is convicted of just about anything through our court system.  This means the court system is forcing people to pay their own hard earned money on classes to manage their anger.   That concept makes me very Angry!  Most of these people were non-violent, victimless offenders who really just got caught violating one of Illinois' thousands of trap laws that are there for law enforcement to make money, or they are victims of the "war on drugs" which criminalizes the possession of any drug that a doctor doesn't commonly prescribe.  Anger is not always bad, you need to get angry before you will become motivated enough to commit to changing something.  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Illinois State Police shrug at 1 mile over myth

ISP State Trooper Michael Link shrugs at the thought of where people got the idea that the ISP would be issuing tickets from photo enforced construction zones for only 1 mile over the limit.   The already low 55mph speed limit in Illinois is reduced to 45mph on highways because of the danger to workers.   The fine also increases from the standard $125, to $375.   Just so Michael Link knows, the "myth" came from an Illinois Department of Transportation press release back in March of 2005.

The press release has been removed from the DOT webpage (presumably because it makes them look bad), and is only available from web archives.

Troopers assigned to work zone details will take a zero tolerance approach when issuing citations to speed limit violators. The message is clear -- Slow down; we're serious about workzone safety."

There ya go Michael Link, this is where the "Myth" came from, an unprofessional, IDOT press release. Zero tolerance to almost everyone in the world means, 1 mile over the limit, because a limit is defined as a maximum.  That's not really important anymore, as Michael Link attempts to soothe and calm the people with this statement:

There is, in fact, a specific number of miles over the posted construction-zone speed limit that will trigger a ticket, but "I can assure you it's not just 1 mile over the speed limit," says Trooper Michael Link

Keep in mind that the Illinois State Police are still enforcing construction zone limits, when there are no workers that will be in those construction zones.

Work has ground to a halt on most Lake County road projects as a major construction strike entered its second week.

The fact that Michael Link admits to currently enforcing construction zone fines is an admission of corruption within the department as a whole, and a conspiracy of corruption with the State.

I know the state of Illinois displays corruption at a level far beyond this... but they ADMITTED to this one, so they are attempting to extort money from the people, and they are blatant about it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One bad Lake County deputy caught, the rest of them to go.

Before assuming that I am rabidly anti law enforcement, allow me to clarify my position. I love law enforcement, because it makes me, and everyone more free. I can leave my home without worrying about protecting my property, because law enforcement is out on patrol. I can live in comfort knowing help and assistance is a phone call away. What I get worked up over, is the different class of people my specific area has made out of law enforcement. They are no longer people, but rulers, allowed to kidnap, disarm, steal, wiretap, brandish, and of course disobey any traffic law ever written.  I no longer am comforted by their presence in my area, I am fearful of them, and the brute force they use to get almost anything they want.

Now, I don't mean any offense if you're one of the 3 deputies on the Lake County Sheriff's department that aren't doing something illegal, but chances are pretty damn close to 100% that every single one of them has broken Illinois State, and federal laws while "doing their job" and for that they get no leeway from me, look to our court system for that leeway.  Remember, if they've ever arrested anyone for UUW, or AUUW they have committed perjury by my interpretation.   We are living in a state where the Rule of Law only applies to citizens, lovingly referred to as "worms" by many in positions of perceived power. Unless, you're dumb enough to do something so blatant, in public, and in another state, it's nearly impossible to get the crime answered for.

Jack Johnson, a three-year deputy with the Lake County Sheriff's Office, has been charged with one count of false imprisonment while armed and one count of attempted second degree sexual assault while armed by the Kenosha County state's attorney's office, said Sgt. Christopher Thompson of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

He was charged in Wisconsin, not Illinois with these crimes. Hey dumbass, keep it on this side of the border and you'd have the full protection of Lake County's wonderful Internal Affairs department.

Historical meaning of the word "regulate"

Time to look at a little etymology, which is the study of the history of words. Today we will look at the words "regulate", "regulated", and "regulations" in order to get a good sense of the modern perversions on the American people.

When you think of a modern regulation, you think of something that is like a restriction, or set of restrictions. This is how it is being used in the modern sense everywhere. Cigarette regulations are taxes, and limitations on transit and sale.

What if I told you that up until the mid 1800s the word regulate meant "to keep regular"? Colonists didn't conceive of it to tax or not tax goods across a state line, they wanted to make sure no states were able to set up trade blockades.

how about "regulated" as we see in the 2nd Amendment, A well regulated Militia. That simply means a properly operating Militia, or one that is kept regular. Since every able person makes up the Militia, this is why the right to bear arms is delegated to "the people", it's so they can keep the Militia regular, or operating.

Sadly the Militia movement today is tainted with news stories of dangerous lunatics and fringers who interestingly enough... haven't hurt anyone yet?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Deconstructing the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights

The word "Sovereignty" shows up in the Illinois seal, and in many other state governments.   While I see how important Sovereignty is for some states that like to protect their people from the onslaught of government restrictions, and regulations.  Most people in those states have never considered what it's like from the other side.   What happens when your state is out to get you, and the federal rules actually seem quite nice?  Efficient language confuses people.   All that work finding subjects and predicates, makes people bored, and open to interpreting things in a manner that is inappropriate.  That's where we can dissect the 10th amendment's precise meaning, and understand exactly what that means.   Here is the 10th amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This terminology was so confusing to many future representatives, that they authored the 14th amendment that stated almost the same thing, but wordier and full of post civil war angst against rebellion.   So let's take some words and identify subjects:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I have highlighted the subjects in Yellow to make things easier, there is a compound predicate, which make the sentence a little more difficult to understand because of the use of negating words like "not", and "nor".  But it is clear the subject would be the states.

Now let's rearrange the sentence in several ways so it still has the same meanings, but may be clearer.

The powers the Constitution did not delegate or prohibit to the States, are reserved for the States, or the people.

Do you see now how the incorporation clause of the 14th amendment was unneeded, as the 10th amendment already stated the bill of rights applies to the States.   It also stated anything the Constitution did not cover, was up to the States to decide.   Sovereignty was not the power designated to the States, but the ability to make rules about anything that wasn't in the Bill of Rights.   This is why gun control is so puzzling to me.   The right to "Keep" meaning to own in your home, and "Bear" meaning to have on you wherever you are...  Shall not be infringed...  which means exactly what it means... don't mess with it.   I also don't understand how law enforcement can continually violate the 4th amendment without any type of repercussions.

Just remember, when you're supporting the 10th amendment, you are NOT supporting state Sovereignty, but you ARE supporting the ability for the state to make decisions that do not affect your basic rights as outlined in the federal constitution.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Preparing for the most dangerous kind of peaceful protest: Empty Holster

I have been preparing for a few weeks now, building up the nerve to start my own empty holster protest.  What scares me the most is how trigger happy the police have gotten.  They seem to not realize that they're pointing deadly weapons at living breathing human beings anymore, and would plug me full of lead if they felt the tiniest feeling of fear.  I have chosen a particular holster, one that latches closed, so they won't be able to tell if it's empty until they open it, which at its core would be an illegal search, except for the laws in this state restricting the ability to bear arms in almost every capacity.   Inside the holster they will find this note:
I have begun to wonder a lot about the "Oath of Office" in this state.   Do the people taking it understand it, or do they think of it as ceremonial nonsense.   My example is the police department of Morton Grove, IL.   This city had a handgun ban in 1981, I can only assume it's been overturned by the Supreme Court decision, but this is posted on the Morton Grove Website:

To fulfill our mission, uphold our Oath of Office pledge, and safeguard our obligation to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, we, the members of the Morton Grove Police Department, are committed to:
  • Protecting constitutional rights;
  • Providing the safest possible environment for the citizens of Morton Grove;
  • Promoting mutual trust with all citizens;
  • Remaining sensitive to the human condition;
  • Accepting responsibility and being accountable for our conduct and performance;
  • Providing the best available training to our officers;
  • Cultivating respect and support for all members in a quality work environment;
  • Maintaining honesty, integrity and ethical behavior on and off duty. 

Does a city with a handgun ban sound like it's interested in protecting constitutional rights?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chicago's "Reasonable" New Ordinances

There's already been a lawsuit filed against Chicago's "reasonable" new gun laws.   I say "reasonable" in quotes because they are not reasonable at all, some guy who hates guns just keeps referring to the laws like that.   That would be Mayor Daley, who fell off the reasonable tree, and broke every branch on the way down and couldn't up it again to save his life.

"We believe that Chicago's ordinance is a reasonable attempt to balance the right of individuals to possess handguns in the home for self-defense with the substantial risks to public safety that are associated with the proliferation of firearms,"

The Ordinance itself must have read the last 2 major gun related Supreme Court decisions that states the Second Amendment is an INDIVIDUAL right, and it APPLIES TO EVERYONE.   So you can see how it's reasonable to make a law that mandates, only ONE individual in every household may have a functioning firearm at any time.   Wait... so if an Armed Criminal breaks into your house... is the homeowner, or criminal violating the ordinance... oooh, it's Chicago, so it's both of them, I get it!   Hey Chicagoans, this is your chance, don't re-elect ANY of the officials that voted for this piece of crap ordinance, that's 46 people you need to replace with people who don't suffer from whatever learning disability these 46 people have that makes it so they can't figure out that banning guns doesn't work.  

I Would Feel Better if the Pledge of Allegiance Was Reversed

While school children all over America practice the political indoctrination of the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, I can't help but wonder, what is the point of the citizens displaying open subservience to a symbol?  Sure, it stands for liberty and freedom, but what good is worshiping this symbol doing to get the liberty and freedom everyone is losing back?  Well, I have a new pledge of Allegiance that I want every elected official, and government paid employee (including police officers) to have to recite every day, it goes like this:

I pledge allegiance to the citizens of the United States of America,
and to the republic in which they live.
One nation, of equals
with Liberty, and Justice for all.

How many of you would feel better with the pledge going this way?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Roadblock results.

Over at the Gurnee, IL village hall, they boast about their righteousness in these roadblocks.  The oppressors always think they're on the side of good, for example the Nazis filmed everything they could because they thought they were doing the right thing.   Amazing how evil the right thing is sometimes, isn't it?  So let's look at these results from my view, which is someone who knows what the coded IL laws mean:

from June 1, 2010
530 total cars through the "checkpoint" (sounds like a racing game right?  Roadblock sounds too harsh)

1 arrest for driving under the influence.  So out of all 530 cars stopped, only 1 arrest for what these guys were looking for.   In case you were unsure, Illinois is an Implied Consent state.   This means that because you are driving on Illinois Roadways you by default have given police the ability to breath, pee, or blood test you at any time for any substance... I bet you didn't read that at the DMV!

11 Arrests for no license, ironically, these people weren't stopped for violating the rules of the road, but simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8 Arrests for suspended or revoked licenses.   This sounds noble, but often in Illinois, your license will get suspended for something like, not paying a parking ticket, or missing a Toll, or your IPass Malfunctions.   They never send you notification that you are suspended, so the driver actually has no idea their license is suspended until their cuffed and put in a squad car.

11 citations for no seat belt, these things come in at roughly $100 per ticket, so the revenue here is $1100, as for the safety aspect, they're feel-good tickets for the cops, even though you should have the right to endanger yourself as much or as little as you wish.

6 failure to secure a child under the age of 6, they're protecting the children right?  Or are they generating more revenue?

39 no insurance citations.  This doesn't mean they have no insurance, it means they didn't have the card, these are very steep fines intended to make someone wish they had insurance if they really don't have it.

9 IL vehicle code violations:  there was a $3 light out somewhere, and the cops raised another Grand of cash from an unsuspecting person.

7 equipment violations:  Underglow lights, tinted windows, covered tail-lights etc... it costs money to look good on the road, and the police raise almost another Grand of loot for it.

3 registration offenses:  That $99 a year sticker on the back said something before 06 / 10, and now it costs you $199 to renew.

1 unlawful possession of a controlled substance - could be anything except meth, and cannabis, those are separate charges.  So, for example it could have been vicodin with no prescription label... or cocaine, either way it only got found because the police searched.

1 unlawful possession of cannabis - someone had weed, and now they're going to pay over $2500 for it because people who know better than you said it was wrong to have that, and the safeguard against idiots like that, the 4th amendment, doesn't exist at roadblocks for the most part.

and of course, the dreaded:

1 unlawful use of a weapon - the horror!   UUW in IL means they had a bludgeon of some type, baseball bat, brass knuckles etc... or they had an illegal blade, like a throwing star, or switchblade, hell, even a firecracker would have counted as a "grenade"... regardless that's an easy $1500 for the cops right there.

So all in all, 99 out of 530 were cited or arrested.... do you like those odds?  That's an 18% chance of extra fees or fines just for using transportation.   I've estimated by the time this is over, the Gurnee police would have extorted just over $15,000 from only 99 people, just by stopping 530 cars in a roadblock.   Just wait until the press release about the 4th of July weekend!   Do you want your 4th amendment back yet?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peggy West: A model Midwesterner

I took a quick walk shortly to the north to find that elected officials there not only don't read things before they act on them, but they're also idiots and when they open their mouth. Highland Park High school's basketball team, in IL boycotted Arizona, their economy was obviously devastated. Stupid ultra lefts think that Arizona's law is terrible, but none of them have even read the law they're so against! This ignorance showed when Peggy West said this when contemplating a Milwuakee boycott of Arizona:

If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding their borders, I would have to look twice at this

Peggy was regretful that her idiocy caused her so much grief and offered this equally ill thought out response to her ill thought out statement:

What I intended to say was other states like Texas have many more highly populated cities along their borders. The large population centers of Arizona are much further from the border. It's clear that I made a mistake last Thursday

What I find great about this statement, is that she's obviously never tried to verify her shabby excuses, and is now crying about the amount of people mailing her to point out that she's a huge idiot. Well add me to that pile, I'm not mailing though, I'm blogging, and if it hurts Peggy West's feelings, all she has to do is read AND COMPREHEND the Arizona immigration law, realize that it gives law enforcement no power they don't already have, then stop pushing for ridiculous government actions of force against another state. Here's a population density map in case you don't believe me about her being an idiot... measure the distance from the border to the highly populated portions, then say it with me: "Peggy West, stop cramming cheeseburgers down your face, and start reading the stuff you believe so firmly against to call for a boycott."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Great guide on what to do at a Roadblock

Because these roadblocks are getting so common, I went to look for any online guides to deal with them. This is the best one I could find over at Road Block Registry ( They also offer a little more backing to my previous assertion that drug sniffing dogs are being used inappropriately.

Often, an involuntary search is preceded by another form of search, the once-over by the urban myth known as the infallible drug sniffing dog. Old Bowser can be relied upon to find drugs anyplace the police want to find drugs. (Yes, the dogs can detect drugs, but they can be easily manipulated or tricked into "sensing" drugs where no drugs exist, at least prior to the roadblock stop.)

Go check it out! Be safe, and play smart if you are at a roadblock!

Roadside "safety" checks

Tonight was a busy night, I rode a motorcycle 100 miles to go do some work, then 100 miles back.   It was a really nice day to ride, the sun was out in the day, the temperature was just right, and driving was uneventful.   On the way back, it was a little chilly, and I got sucked into a Roadside "safety" check in Palatine at Harper College.   Upon pulling in they asked me to get off my bike, and I complied, taking off my gloves, then helmet so I could have the dexterity to get my license from my pocket.   Handing them the license, they seemed surprised that there was a little "M" on it as they examined it for what seemed to be minutes.   They held on to it while they asked me a bunch of questions, seemingly harmless, but I know better than to assume that.  The conversation went something very similar to this:
Officer: "Where are ya' coming from tonight?"

Me: "From work, just heading home."

Officer: "Where do you work that you're driving so late?"

Me: "Sir, it's kind of late, I'd like to get home, am I free to go?"

Officer: "Not quite yet, this is a roadside safety check, we need to make sure you're wearing your seatbelt,
and you're not driving impaired."

Me: "Since it's a motorcycle and it has no seatbelt, and I am not impaired, am I free to go?"

Officer: "Why are you in such a hurry, are you hiding something?"

Me: "I would just like to get home, that's all, may I go now?"

Officer: "What's in your backpack?"

Me: "My belongings."

Officer: "What exactly is in the bag."

Me: "The exact belongings I chose to bring with me today."

Officer: "Since you're not hiding anything, you wouldn't mind if I took a look at your belongings, would you?"

Me: "I would mind very much, I do not consent to any searches."

Officer: "What are you hiding that you don't want me to look?"

Me: "I'm hiding nothing, I simply don't consent to any searches."

Officer: "Wait here, I have to get the sergeant for this."(officer leaves for 15 minutes, talks to another officer, the new officer walks over to me)

Officer 2: "I understand you're hiding something in that backpack sir!?"

Me: "I'm sorry, there seems to be a communication meltdown sir, I am hiding nothing, I simply will not consent to any searches, I apologize if this bothers you, am I free to go now?"

Officer 2: "No, you're not free to go yet!"

Me: "So I'm being detained?"

Officer 2: "No, we're just not done with the safety check."

Me: "I fail to see how anything inside my backpack could be related to my riding safety, so since I'm not being detained, am I free to go?"

Officer 2: "No, we aren't done here."

Me: "Well, I'm done here, so if I'm not being detained, we're already passed what I think is an acceptable amount of time for a Terry stop.

Officer 2: "Look, whatever you think you know, you're the reason this stop is taking longer than necessary."

Me: "Why?  What is so tantalizing about my off-limits bag of mystery?"

Officer 1: (returns with a dog) This dog is looking for drugs.

Me: "How well trained is he in sniffing out drugs?"

Officer 1: "He can sniff out even tiny amounts!"

Me: "That's really cool!  Has he found any tonight?"

Officer 1: "quite a few tonight."

Me: "Great!  So why isn't he going crazy with that scent around?"

Officer 1: "Umm..  he.. uhh...  knows those aren't illegal?"

Officer 2: "He's a remarkably trained dog"

Me: "Since we're obviously just going to be making stuff up all night, I'm going to head home, you guys have a good night, I hope your busts go really well."

Officer 1: "umm there is umm"

Officer 2: "We've completed the safety inspection, thank you for wearing a Helmet sir, I know it's optional, drive safe now."

Officer 1: Have a good night sir.

-------------End of Interactions---------------

What bothers me the most, is they are using something mysterious like dogs, and then lying about what the dog tells them.   Had I not called them out on their bluff, they would have told me something like: "The dog signaled, we have to search your bag."  The dog "signal" has never really been defined so that the public would know what it is, and the police use this fact to their advantage.   They also seem hell-bent on searching everything on everyone.  I saw a number of cars come in, and the police went through the whole car, the people didn't even resist a little.... but were quick to call out bullshit when they got cuffed.

You're losing your right to be secure in your own belongings Illinois... this is your warning!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Journalistic Asshole: Mark Karlin

Today I'm taking a look at the Journalists who report against liberty, and analyse their "beliefs". Mark Karlin is a Chicago area journalist who was not terribly happy with the supreme court decision that Chicago's handgun ban was unconstitutional. So let's look at his own words that fall like drool from his fingers, seething with unintelligent drivel.

It's about white males in America feeling threatened by becoming a minority and the gun is their last psychological reassurance of entitlement power against an encroaching demographic change in our democracy.

Mark Karlin thinks handgun ownership in Chicago is about white males. When I walk around Chicago, and look at the people who would benefit from protection from criminals with guns, white males doesn't seem to come to mind. I theorize that Mark Karlin is most afraid of good citizens who are black owning handguns. He portrays this fear by bashing white males, while skirting the "race" and gender issue altogether about how he feels about black males owning guns, or white females, or Hispanic females. I am entirely in support of every good citizen of this country being able to own a gun and protect themselves, and possibly others. The more good people with guns, the more the scale is shifted towards the side of good. Mark Karlin with his Yale degree, and six figure income must not understand that very much, he probably only associates with like-minded individuals with nothing intelligent to say.

After all, the City of Chicago allows citizens to own rifles, so there never was a ban on guns in Chicago; there was a ban on a certain type of gun, which didn't even exist at the time the Constitution was written.

This tender gutted sack of  slow moving white meat then attempted to claim Chicago allowed you to have rifles.   Sure they did, if you jumped through some registration permit hoops, and made sure to buy a rifle that wasn't on an expansive "assault weapons" list and you could justify for hunting purposes (hint: Illinois doesn't allow rifle hunting).  Keep in mind, the most common home defense weapon ever, the Remington 870 shotgun is on the Chicago list of assault weapons.  In fact, if you could fire a rifle without getting burned by it, you weren't allowed to own it in Chicago

"A shroud attached to the barrel, or that partially or completely encircles the barrel, allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned, but excluding a slide that encloses the barrel,"

Then of course Daley turns around and decides his armed thug squad needs some of these banned items.   Mark shows his lack of historical knowledge by making the claim that handguns did not exist at the time the constitution was written.  Really asshole?  Then what is this you tubby piece of future worm food!?
That sure looks like a concealable handgun to me, Circa 1780!?  A full eleven years before the constitution was penned!   Or how about this nice 1750 model?

Apparently a Yale education isn't worth the price, because this man has officially printed lies.  This coming from some asshole who wants his readers to go to his site to see the news through a "pro-democracy lens."   I hope Mark realizes that in a democracy, the majority could vote to take his overstated paychecks away from him just for being an asshole.  What Mark doesn't realize, probably due to his substandard, overpriced education, is that America is a Republic.  This is a nation that was supposed to exist of laws that protected people from the harsh controls of the government.... So what if that backfired, and now we have Pan-troglydyte's like Mark Karlin preaching about how great democracy is, and how we had no handguns in the late 1700's so no one could conceive of controlling them.  Congratulations Mark, you're an asshole!