Friday, July 9, 2010

Preparing for the most dangerous kind of peaceful protest: Empty Holster

I have been preparing for a few weeks now, building up the nerve to start my own empty holster protest.  What scares me the most is how trigger happy the police have gotten.  They seem to not realize that they're pointing deadly weapons at living breathing human beings anymore, and would plug me full of lead if they felt the tiniest feeling of fear.  I have chosen a particular holster, one that latches closed, so they won't be able to tell if it's empty until they open it, which at its core would be an illegal search, except for the laws in this state restricting the ability to bear arms in almost every capacity.   Inside the holster they will find this note:
I have begun to wonder a lot about the "Oath of Office" in this state.   Do the people taking it understand it, or do they think of it as ceremonial nonsense.   My example is the police department of Morton Grove, IL.   This city had a handgun ban in 1981, I can only assume it's been overturned by the Supreme Court decision, but this is posted on the Morton Grove Website:

To fulfill our mission, uphold our Oath of Office pledge, and safeguard our obligation to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, we, the members of the Morton Grove Police Department, are committed to:
  • Protecting constitutional rights;
  • Providing the safest possible environment for the citizens of Morton Grove;
  • Promoting mutual trust with all citizens;
  • Remaining sensitive to the human condition;
  • Accepting responsibility and being accountable for our conduct and performance;
  • Providing the best available training to our officers;
  • Cultivating respect and support for all members in a quality work environment;
  • Maintaining honesty, integrity and ethical behavior on and off duty. 

Does a city with a handgun ban sound like it's interested in protecting constitutional rights?

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