Monday, April 9, 2012

Can't keep bad Cops down.

Lake County Illinois, the county just to the north of Cook County has been the center of numerous travesties of justice.   One of the most recent is what the Chicago Tribune reported:  Lou Tessmann, and Jeffrey Pavletic have been teaching taxpayer  funded courses to certify other officers, even though both have been accused of improper interrogation techniques.   As you may or may not recall, Pavletic worked at the Lake County state's attorney's office and was in charge of the Jerry Hobbs case, in which an innocent man spent 5 years in jail awaiting trial for the murder of his daughter that he didn't commit.   The case was so messed up, that one of the County Prosecutors was selected to take the fall in order to keep Michael Waller in the clear.

Waller on the other hand is too busy announcing that police officers broke no laws when beating someone to death, and will not prosecute them.   Of course not, the Police are an integral part of Waller's income.  Of course the good news is that Waller is retiring, so it's up to the remaining citizens of Lake County to elect a good and righteous State's Attorney...   I suggest electing someone who wants to fix the problems in Lake County's Law Enforcement and Judicial system, but the candidates look like a bunch of status quo types to me.

Stay safe out there!