Monday, November 26, 2012

Their minds really just don't work right

I like to see what the opinions on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are like, so I "liked" the page on facebook.   I engaged in polite but dissenting discussion, so they banned me from writing comments on their page.   Silence any dissent, this is a very American idea is it not?   I'm going to use this space to document, and respond to some of their idiocy.  

From Quincy, Massachusetts:
Judy Coleman My part of the country is not as dangerous as the parts that allow concealed weapons.... maybe there is a correlation.
Judy Coleman never checked her facts.   If she had, she'd realize that her beloved state of Massachusetts has a violent crime rate of 428.4 per every 100,000 people via 2011 Uniform Crime Reports.    Illinois, another strict gun control state has a violent crime rate of 429.3 per every 100,000 people via 2011 Uniform Crime reports.   So let's compare this to my state, that allows a general permit to carry, meaning you can open carry, or conceal carry at your discretion:  Minnesota is HALF of the other two states, at 221.2 per 100,000 people via 2011 Uniform Crime Reports.   Montana is similar, as a state with strong gun rights, has a violent crime rate of 267 per 100,000 people.  New Hampshire, the state north of Massachusetts has strong gun rights, and similar demographics... their violent crime rate is  188 per 100,000!  These statistics seem to prove exactly the opposite of what Judy Coleman, the ignorant anti-gunner stated.   But she probably never thought to research her statements, who would do that?

Here's a trifecta from my opinion of a bully, and a repressionist:

  • Sue Miller Put all of these people into one state and take away anything like cell phone's and computers..ect. If they want to live in the past...2 hours ago · 3Sue Miller Let them all just shoot it out!!2 hours ago · 1Sue Miller Some people don't now too much about gun's if they think a hand gun would have stopped the shooter at the Aurora theater ...

This person believes that owning a gun, means that you want to live in the past, and in order to own a gun, you must give up modern conveniences.   My readership should be more intelligent than this.   Guns are a modern tool, and this person needs to learn to live with them, and respect freedom and liberty.    She also believes falsely that gun owners would shoot each other if all armed in the same room... I suppose that explains all the gun range massacres, right?  Oh yeah!  Those don't happen!   I guess the only explanation is that she doesn't have the appropriate capacity to think for herself or draw conclusions based in reality, and she is obviously a person who doesn't "know" too much about guns, as she also failed to realistically rationalize the outcome in Aurora Colorado had there been armed patrons in the theater.

This is just a venting post, been quiet lately, and because the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is anti-liberty, they have no problems preventing intelligent debate on their page, thus proving they don't believe in the ideals of this nation, and they are really out to change it in a very damaging way.