Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pirate Praxis: NightVision

It has been discussed, that Pirates of the olde time used an eyepatch... but not to conceal a ghastly injury, it's so they could see in the dark without waiting for their eye to adjust.    This could be useful when going from a well torchlit deck, to a dark ship underbelly.   Or when invading a fort after illuminating a map to verify you are onto the treasure.   This night vision in the modern day can be bought at almost every drug store for less than $2.00 USD.    Try it yourself!  Or watch the Mythbusters try it for you!  In the modern application, this can give you an advantage over intruders, allowing you to keep a well lit house, and upon the first sign of intruders, cut the power, move your eyepatch, and dispatch the ruffian. Or if you are attacked by professional thugs, moving the eyepatch over to your other eye will preserve some vision in the event of a flashbang, or similar attempt at blinding you with light, allowing you to more accurately respond to the threat appropriately.

keep corruption in Oak Brook officials say

Many people around the world have been following the Drew Peterson story.   This is a former cop who has been accused of killing his wife Stacy Peterson.   She reportedly told her pastor, Rev. Neil Schori, that Drew had killed his previous wife and made it look like an accident, and was now in fear of her own life.   Shortly after that, she disappeared.

What does this have to do with Oak Brook Illinois?   Stephen Peterson, Drew's son, works for the Oak Brook Police department who's officials have just decided to fire their police chief, Thomas Sheahan.   All previous news reports state that Thomas Sheahan was attempting to clean out the corruption in the Oak Brook Police department.    In December of 2010, Sheahan requested to fire Stephen Peterson for:

his “consistent disregard” for departmental rules and for obstructing the state police investigation into his father’s missing wife by not disclosing the three guns and $236,800 his father gave him a day after she vanished.

Those sound like pretty valid points to want to get rid of an officer for being an alleged accessory to one or more MURDERS, and allegedly withholding evidence about said MURDER(S).

In light of this, the police unions swooped in to make sure we all knew where the blue line was drawn.   Now it has been released that the Village of Oak Brook wants to keep its alleged accessories to MURDER on the force, and they fired Thomas Sheahan.

Sheahan has been embattled since February, when the police union announced a vote of no confidence in his leadership.

The Fraternal Order of Police, which represents Oak Brook police officers, says the department suffers from a "glaring morale problem" because of Sheahan's "arbitrary and selective" discipline.
Once again, it has been proven that even if a police Chief wants to do the right thing, often they are just as helpless as you or I against the insurmountable force that police officers themselves can inflict, both politically, and physically.  

The rules are different for Police officers, and since they do not have to follow the same rules that you or I have to, it makes them poster children for tyranny.   If I were allegedly an accessory to murder, the police would have me locked up with multiple charges drawn up having me await trial.   I would lose my job, and be unable to get a job after being arraigned on felony charges.  I would be not allowed to buy a gun, and most CCW permits don't allow you to carry if you are under a felony investigation.   Law Enforcers don't have to follow state laws, they are bound only by an unpublished "department policy" that you will never get to see.  

The scariest thing about dealing with police is that at any time any one of them for whatever reason they invent, can make you pay the ultimate price, and they will never be held accountable for your murder.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Their training

I have watched the TV series "Top Shot" for quite some time now, I felt I needed to comment on something that happened back in Episode 3.    Jermaine, a homeland security agent  and tactical pistol trainer with 20+ years of training went against an annoying cocky little Asian named Jay, a golf instructor who just picked up target pistol shooting a year ago.  

The elimination challenge was to shoot through a door that opens and closes, then hit plates of only a certain color.   Hitting a plate that was the wrong color had a penalty, no penalty for complete misses.  Tie breaker was the win going to the shooter who hit the fewest friendly plates.  The weapon, a Glock 17. 

When Jay shot, he looked unprofessional holding the gun, but he hit only the right color plates, and didn't hit any of the "innocent bystander" plates.  Jay hit 6 plates, and 0 bystander plates.

Jermaine looked like a complete professional, but was apparently choking under the pressure.   Fired very slow, very focused shots, and ended up hitting one of the bystander plates.   Jermaine hit 7 plates, and 1 bystander.

This means they tied, and the tie breaker rule was to go to the player who broke the least friendly plates.  

So what this means that Jay, who doesn't take instruction well, taught himself how to shoot quantitatively "better" than a 20+ year trained government employee.  

Our government puts a lot of stock in this "training" and there are very few chances to compare them.   This is the only recorded example I found where you get this pure of an example of training being not as good as a newbie that just likes to plink.

That episode of top shot was Season 2, Episode 3 on the history channel... there's no online vids available that I could find.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To protect and steal from

Ex Chicago cop admitted to participating in robberies:

Keith Herrera, 33, admitted taking part in three robberies in which he and other officers with the elite Special Operations Section stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from suspected drug dealers and other citizens after making illegal traffic stops or searches of their homes.

The Media is REAL quick to call these traffic stops and searches "illegal" after the cops are caught...  but they never seem to report it before they get caught.    I think both the cops, and the media failed on this one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

People are dying without the ability to protect themselves.

Illinesians, I am trying to help you by calling awareness to your police state... but as I am finding life so much better in Minnesota, I am having a more difficult time understanding why you're all not ranting at every town hall meeting about the Fascist disarmament you have been suffering through.   Just look at these stories just from this weekend:

Driver shot multiple times on Eisenhower
A motorist was shot and wounded multiple times on the Eisenhower Expressway early this morning, state police said.
Around midnight, Illinois State Police-District Chicago officers responded to a motorist shot on I-290 at South Central Avenue, according to Trooper Mark Hall.

 Man Shot in Chest on West Side

A man was shot on the street and seriously wounded in the Austin neighborhood this morning, police said.
1 killed, 3 wounded in separate city shootings

One man was killed and three others injured in separate shootings in Chicago this morning, authorities said.
In the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the West Side, a 41-year-old man died after being shot in the head a little before 11 a.m. in the 3400 block of West Augusta Boulevard, officials said. He has not been identified, pending notification of next of kin.

These are all from the last 13 hours.   While most police chiefs and Sheriffs support concealed carry, I can guarantee that if you are caught by one of their drone workers conceal  or open carrying, you'll be in court under felony charges.   You have put all your trust into protectors, who are now your harassers, writing parking tickets, and petty victimless violations, costing you Illinesians Millions of dollars a year, just so they can justify their salaries.   From those articles, it's obvious that they can't protect you from violence.   They can only call an ambulance for you after you're dead.    Why do your "protectors" who can't be there to protect you, force you to be unarmed?   The obvious answer is because they are not there to protect, they are there to enforce a rule of law that is unjust, and they're the only ones allowed to protect themselves.   Push for equality, stop letting police be better than you.   Tell your lawmakers you won't put up with their arrogance of perceived authority, because they're not representing you anymore... they're controlling you.

Or do what I did, and leave.   The choice is yours.

Friday, April 1, 2011

FOID in Illinois is persecution

Public lists that are so fondly held to the high standards as being reserved to criminals so terrible that they would rape children have now found themselves at the feet of the Illinois gun owner.   The hoops a resident of Illinois has to jump through in order to buy a gun are insane.   First, you have to apply for a ridiculous card that says you're not a felon, or a looney.   Then you pay $5, and wait 36 days on average to receive a card that certifies you as criminally and mentally capable of handling a firearm or ammunition in a gun shop.    The FOID card is not used anywhere else except when in a gun shop, rifle range, or when being accosted by local police while transporting or handling firearms.   Now it appears Lisa Madigan, daughter of suspected crime syndicate head honcho Michael Madigan, wishes to have the names and addresses of all FOID owners, to be public record!  

This kind of infringement serves only to endanger Illinois gun owners by giving criminals a database of houses to scope out for firearms.   A safe is easily cracked, and if someone knows exactly where to look for the loot they wish to acquire, they need only wait.  

Your typical Illinois complete fucking idiot Chris Theobald says:

I don't think that that's going to cause anybody a problem at all. I think that it's just a right, and if it is a right, it shouldn't be a big deal if it's public knowledge

 Chris Theobald, I hope you're first on the list when some thugs organize and come for the gun you want to purchase for "sporting purposes".   Think really hard about this... I believe it is your purpose in life, only to serve as a warning for others.

For those non-idiots in Illinois, start filing those lawsuits now, there are lawyers on every corner in that state for a reason, use them to do something right for a change.