Saturday, April 30, 2011

keep corruption in Oak Brook officials say

Many people around the world have been following the Drew Peterson story.   This is a former cop who has been accused of killing his wife Stacy Peterson.   She reportedly told her pastor, Rev. Neil Schori, that Drew had killed his previous wife and made it look like an accident, and was now in fear of her own life.   Shortly after that, she disappeared.

What does this have to do with Oak Brook Illinois?   Stephen Peterson, Drew's son, works for the Oak Brook Police department who's officials have just decided to fire their police chief, Thomas Sheahan.   All previous news reports state that Thomas Sheahan was attempting to clean out the corruption in the Oak Brook Police department.    In December of 2010, Sheahan requested to fire Stephen Peterson for:

his “consistent disregard” for departmental rules and for obstructing the state police investigation into his father’s missing wife by not disclosing the three guns and $236,800 his father gave him a day after she vanished.

Those sound like pretty valid points to want to get rid of an officer for being an alleged accessory to one or more MURDERS, and allegedly withholding evidence about said MURDER(S).

In light of this, the police unions swooped in to make sure we all knew where the blue line was drawn.   Now it has been released that the Village of Oak Brook wants to keep its alleged accessories to MURDER on the force, and they fired Thomas Sheahan.

Sheahan has been embattled since February, when the police union announced a vote of no confidence in his leadership.

The Fraternal Order of Police, which represents Oak Brook police officers, says the department suffers from a "glaring morale problem" because of Sheahan's "arbitrary and selective" discipline.
Once again, it has been proven that even if a police Chief wants to do the right thing, often they are just as helpless as you or I against the insurmountable force that police officers themselves can inflict, both politically, and physically.  

The rules are different for Police officers, and since they do not have to follow the same rules that you or I have to, it makes them poster children for tyranny.   If I were allegedly an accessory to murder, the police would have me locked up with multiple charges drawn up having me await trial.   I would lose my job, and be unable to get a job after being arraigned on felony charges.  I would be not allowed to buy a gun, and most CCW permits don't allow you to carry if you are under a felony investigation.   Law Enforcers don't have to follow state laws, they are bound only by an unpublished "department policy" that you will never get to see.  

The scariest thing about dealing with police is that at any time any one of them for whatever reason they invent, can make you pay the ultimate price, and they will never be held accountable for your murder.  

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  1. Nowadays, it's like the ratio of honest officials and corrupt officials is 40 - 60. The lowest is for the honest officials. With that being said, poverty and unemployment is inevitable.