Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Ladder Death Policy Center

Dear esteemed representative:

Please support my new ladder death policy center.  

As you may know, ladder falls are 2nd only to automobile accidents in American deaths, so as a responsible, proactive citizen I implore you to pass legislation that will ensure the safety of Americans.   Ladders are also used to assist criminals to gain entry into homes that have otherwise good security.   Ladders are responsible for more than 50,000 deaths per year so why aren't we controlling ladder usage?   What I will suggest is legislation that has been very successful with curbing gun violence.

Here is a list of a few common sense strategies that will help to ensure public safety:

We at the Ladder Death Policy Center suggest the outright banning of ladders due to their dangerous nature.   Only police and firefighters should be allowed to use a ladder.   While the police have no duty to protect you, and even less of a duty to serve you, if you want to get on your roof, we suggest laws that will require citizens to call the police in order to furnish them with a supervised ladder as time permits.  Anyone carrying a ladder outside these rules is obviously a criminal, and should be guilty of a felony.

A LOID; also known as a Ladder Owner's ID card.   This is the next best thing to a ban is to ID all the Ladder owners.  Under this law, people who wish to own a ladder would have to submit a form to the state police in order to purchase a ladder.   The police would conduct a background check to make sure there are no mental or physical ailments that would endanger the user from using the ladder.
A ladder permit:  If an outright ban or LOID is not possible, we feel  potential users of a ladder should have to go to their sheriff's office, and obtain a ladder purchase permit.   This will allow the sheriff to do a background check on the individual looking for mental or physical issues that would interfere with proper ladder usage.

Ladder transportation:  Our recommendation is that ladder owners must take a class, and get a OCL, or Open Carry Ladder permit, before being allowed to freely transport their ladder in the open, visible to children.  

Tough Love:   Having a ladder lying around inappropriately is a danger to children.   It should be a felony to transport a ladder if it's not locked in a case.   Stores should sell ladder locks with all ladders making sure children will not accidentally open ladders which would surely lead to more child deaths.

Negligent storage:  If a criminal breaks into someone's garage or home and steals a ladder which was not in a safe, and that later ends up at a crime scene, the person the ladder was stolen from should be guilty of negligent use of a ladder and charged with a criminal offense.

Ladder Locks:  Hardware stores must sell Ladder locks with every ladder, designed to keep them in the closed, or 'safe' position. 

Ladder Registration; If no other compromise can be made, the only way to know a ladder might be used, is to know where it is.

Any Ladders found at the scene of any crime will become property of the police, subject to destruction, or used for police purposes.  

These are the recommendations of the Ladder Death Policy Center, thank you for caring about this important issue, leave all your liberties at the door.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

worth checking out!

Sabaton's older stuff, worth the bandwidth!  Oddly applicable to today in some ways:

"There is no enemy, There is no victory,
Only boys who lost their lives, in the sand"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minnesota has stupid Laws too

Straight from the Minnesota statutes, recently used against a woman who entered the post office wearing a gas mask.


A person whose identity is concealed by the person in a public place by means of a robe, mask, or other disguise, unless based on religious beliefs, or incidental to amusement, entertainment, protection from weather, or medical treatment, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

I'd like you to examine the photo here, and tell me which laws you think these police officers were violating during the RNC in 2008 in the state of Minnesota, and don't confine yourself just to the concealing identity law...  apparently there were hundreds of police officers all in the same dress, as well as national guardsmen.   When the law is applied inequitably to a ruling class, the result is called tyranny. 

Elgin IL cop assaults amusement park workers

Lance Adams, age 50, an Elgin IL police officer allegedly went to Michigan to spread some of the Illinois joy around.   According to a TribLocal report:

Adams and his nephew were at the Michigan’s Adventure amusement park near Muskegon Saturday when staff suspected he had been drinking and would not allow him on the rides, according to Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler.
Employees allege Adams and his nephew choked one of them and punched another, Roesler said.
 If that weren't enough, Adams is assigned to "Restricted Duty" meaning he's still working and getting paid his alleged $82,000 salary!   If you're in line with the Per Capita GDP you earn roughly 1/3 of what that brute with a badge gets paid... how does that make you feel?