Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elgin IL cop assaults amusement park workers

Lance Adams, age 50, an Elgin IL police officer allegedly went to Michigan to spread some of the Illinois joy around.   According to a TribLocal report:

Adams and his nephew were at the Michigan’s Adventure amusement park near Muskegon Saturday when staff suspected he had been drinking and would not allow him on the rides, according to Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler.
Employees allege Adams and his nephew choked one of them and punched another, Roesler said.
 If that weren't enough, Adams is assigned to "Restricted Duty" meaning he's still working and getting paid his alleged $82,000 salary!   If you're in line with the Per Capita GDP you earn roughly 1/3 of what that brute with a badge gets paid... how does that make you feel?

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