Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Look out for latest Illinois sin tax

The Illinois General Assembly is hard at work protecting the interests of the Chicago Political machine.   This time, they wish to create a new grant fund called the High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund.  The proposal is HB5167 and it was proposed by Democrat Kelly Cassidy, and Democrat Kimberly du Buclet.    Is taxing a right ethical?   Can I tax a church extra for being allowed to practice religion?   Can I tax Kimberly du Buclet extra for having perjurous opinions?  I am not a republican, I am not a democrat, I'm just some hick what lives in the woods with too many guns... but what I see here is a dirty scheme for democrats to levy a tax that will mostly only affect republicans, third party and non-partisan people.   This kind of politically targeted taxation is wrong.   So how come the people of Illinois aren't trying to charge Kelly Cassidy and Kimberly du Buclet with perjury, a violation of their oath, as well as several violations of the state, and federal constitutions?   Show your lawmakers there are consequences for being evil... otherwise they will simply continue to be evil.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chicago cops busted by the Feds

This article came to my attention:

Two Chicago police officers were arrested on federal theft charges after they allegedly stole $5,200 from a man they believed was a drug courier but who in fact was secretly cooperating with federal authorities.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Police get their attorney fees paid

John Burge, the name should be familiar to you, since he was convicted in 2010 on 3 counts of obstructing justice, and perjury.   The only downside is that he can't be held accountable for the torture he performed on alleged criminals that were unfortunate enough to meet him.   There is a statute of limitations on torture apparently, but not on the perjury related to lying about not torturing suspects because of a recent court case.   If you're scratching your head, it is a good time to do that, because now it seems, the Fraternal Order of Police has paid all his legal fees, and are now unhappy with the amount of fees!

The FOP had agreed to pay Burge’s legal fees following his indictment for perjury and witness tampering and his conviction for lying about the torture and abuse of criminal suspects, according to the lawsuit.

That's right, if you are a cop who tortured suspects, then lied about it in court, there is a union that will pay it for you!  Next time the FOP calls you for a donation, I expect you to tell them where to shove it.  Even moreso now that the FOP are unhappy with the amount of fees they paid and have sued Burge's attorneys!   That's right, a large police union not only paid for the legal fees for a man who was guilty of terrible crimes against the citizens of Illinois, but also is fronting the money to sue his attorneys, whom they claim didn't deliver on all the services that they were billed for.   I believe it is due time to stop all outside funding for the Fraternal Order of Police, next time you get something from them in the mail to donate, write them a letter back that tells them how disappointed you are in several aspects of their performance.   Don't forget, they are the ones who believe removing Illinois' unconstitutional eavesdropping law would hinder police performance, by making them accountable to their crimes... Or as Fraternal Order of Police president Mark Donahue put it while defending its existance:

“(it) can affect how an officer does his job on the street.”

Just remember when you have an encounter with a police officer, you are inferior to them in every way,  they have unions to pay their legal bills, they rarely ever get convicted of the crimes they commit, so be careful, consider every officer to be a dangerous animal.   It still amazes me how they wonder where the us vs. them mentality comes from...  If they wonder, it's because the world has become Homo Sapiens vs Sus Scrofa.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicago settles two police related lawsuits

A lawsuit from 2003 where war protesters were arrested without warning for demonstrating without a permit was finally settled this week.   Chicago agreed to pay out a total of $6.2 million dollars which is to be divided amongst more than 700 people.   It comes out to about $8,700 per person.   Many may think that is fair, since no one was injured, but if you think about it, imprisonment is in itself an injury.

Another lawsuit, this time from 2006 was settled this week.   The family of Kenneth Elrod received $1.25 million dollars for the wrongful shooting death of their son by an off-duty police officer.   They received an additional $100,000 for the excessive force used.   Daniel Centera was also killed by the same officer that night, but the family dropped out of the lawsuit in 2008.   The police officer, Edward Yerke was driving his Hummer around Chicago, when he claimed two youths in a pickup pointed guns at him, and he fired in fear of his life.