Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Look out for latest Illinois sin tax

The Illinois General Assembly is hard at work protecting the interests of the Chicago Political machine.   This time, they wish to create a new grant fund called the High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund.  The proposal is HB5167 and it was proposed by Democrat Kelly Cassidy, and Democrat Kimberly du Buclet.    Is taxing a right ethical?   Can I tax a church extra for being allowed to practice religion?   Can I tax Kimberly du Buclet extra for having perjurous opinions?  I am not a republican, I am not a democrat, I'm just some hick what lives in the woods with too many guns... but what I see here is a dirty scheme for democrats to levy a tax that will mostly only affect republicans, third party and non-partisan people.   This kind of politically targeted taxation is wrong.   So how come the people of Illinois aren't trying to charge Kelly Cassidy and Kimberly du Buclet with perjury, a violation of their oath, as well as several violations of the state, and federal constitutions?   Show your lawmakers there are consequences for being evil... otherwise they will simply continue to be evil.

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