Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Racist brochures used for training

North Chicago police are under scrutiny for allegedly using racist brochures in their Citizen Police Academy.   The Sun Times reports that:

On one page, comedian Dave Chappelle appears as Tyrone Biggums, the stumbling junkie with crack residue around his mouth.
On other pages of an official North Chicago police handout, a smiling African American man is handcuffed in an orange prison jumpsuit and another is portrayed as bug-eyed and slack-jawed in a mugshot. The handout — given to participants of the new North Chicago Citizen Police Academy last week — was intended to illustrate trial procedures. It had a much different effect.

Federal Court denies Illinois concealed carry ban... again

Illinois has been fighting to keep this from happening.   In December a Federal court gave Illinois lawmakers 180 days to make legal the concealed carry of handguns.   Illinois of course is fighting this tooth and nail.   The results however did not go in their favor:

A federal court on Friday delivered a major victory to gun rights supporters, denying a petition to rehear a December ruling that declared an Illinois law prohibiting people from carrying concealed handguns in public unconstitutional.
Illinois should get used to this kind of disappointment... it suits them.

Gun Bans off the table in Minnesota

According to a report in the Minnesota Star Tribune, there will be no so-called assault rifle bans, or magazine restrictions in Minnesota this year.

"The assault weapons ban and high-capacity magazine ban proposals are highly divisive,” said Latz, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Legions of concerned gun owners turned out for three days of hearings on gun issues last week, and Latz said such bans also do not have strong support from law enforcement.