Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini NRA Rant

Why do I have no confidence in the NRA?  Because grossly unconstitutional gun laws in Illinois, California, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  These laws have been around for 20+ years in some cases.  The gun control act of 1968 is grossly unconstitutional and that has been around for 42 years!  The teeth of any unconstitutional law are the police who are instructed to enforce them.   The NRA this year pushed for the passing of the "Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act".  What this does is further separate the protection rights for anyone in law enforcement.   We already know LEOs are the ONLY citizens of America that the constitution actually works for.   So now it has been expanded to protect retire LEOs, and off duty idiots that shoot themselves in the leg at Best Buy.   My point is, I don't see the NRA pushing towards passing any type of "Citizens Safety Act" or even an improvement thereof.  According to Nevada, the police have a license to kill and cover-up, and according to New Jersey the police can carry weapons, but if yours are locked up, unloaded, and in a bag in your trunk it'll cost you Seven years of your life because you needed to ask the ONLY citizens for permission to have handguns that you purchased while living in another state.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Police State Death Squads

It doesn't really matter where oppression happens, when it is this wrong there are some things that need to be said.

According to an article from the spokesman:

“You don’t have the right of self-defense under that case even if the police officer is completely illegal and using way excessive force,” (John) Strait said.

It is the opinion of me, and many other people, that this is what is fundamentally wrong with the system.   You can't defend against aggressors based solely on their job title.   This creates a different class of citizens, truly, it creates the Police and other LEOs as the only citizens, leaving citizens members of some sub-human race who are unallowed to think or act for themselves for if an order from a true citizen is barked at them, they must comply.

“Even if you are unlawfully being arrested, you don’t have the right to use force against a cop,”
 Ironically, during the days of the founding fathers, if you were being unlawfully arrested you not only had the right to resist, you had the duty to resist.  

I think it's time we brought everything back to the place where all men and women in this country are equals.

Friday, November 26, 2010

In some type of SICK twist

Apparently there are now at least 2 young girls that seem a little distraught they didn't get sexually molested at the airport this weekend according to TSA blog.  

I would highly recommend the parents of these children get them to a psychotherapist who specializes in sex addictions.  I'd also recommend if these kids ever do go through the backscatter imaging machine that you bring up child pornography charges against the TSA.  

...BUT since you let your kids hold up this sign and get a picture taken for the TSA blog, I assume you're either working with the TSA, or you're just complete idiots.

Moving to MN Data Analysis

To make your own freedom rankings based on what's important to you, go to http://freedom.robocourt.com/ and adjust the sliders to what's important to you to find out where you might live comfortably.   Here's the display of mine:
Showing some basic math, we will find that Minnesota, while right in the middle of the pack, is showing numbers approximately only 14% from the leading state of Alaska, while it's showing an unprecedented 1,200% better than Illinois.   Notice this chart states Illinois is the worst place for me to be.   Anything -0.100 or lower I would assume to be a state I should not move to.   There are some things that just aren't important to me, which I left at 0 rating.   Whether there are or aren't campaign finance regulations?  That doesn't concern me.   What percentage of the population is prosecuted for victimless crimes is EXTREMELY important to me.   Gun control laws, those are important to me, less is better.   How the state spends its money?  If that were important to me, I would run for state representative.   Gay marriage?  While I think it's wrong to discriminate a legal binding in that way, it really doesn't affect me at all, so I have a 0 weight on that subsection of marriage laws. 

In short, I am expecting a double improvement here, I am moving from arguable the worst place in Illinois to live, to one of the best places in Minnesota, and this chart leads me to believe I will have at least a 1,200% improvement in my experience, which will make me extraordinarily happy.   If any readers are near MN, let me know, I plan to set up a pretty nice shooting range on the new property.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I had the opportunity to watch a TV interview with a historical anthropologist to find out what the pilgrims really ate on Thanksgiving.   It turns out the original Thanksgiving feast was primarily venison. Most Europeans at that time still thought potatoes were poisonous, and so there were no potatoes at the first Thanksgiving.   There was no corn on the cob either, the native Americans had a substance closer to feed corn that was cooked into a slurry with other vegetables to soften them up, often known as traditional succotash.   There was no Celery either!   Turkey at the first thanksgiving was not the main course, it was a side, with swan, goose, lobsters, cod, bass, eels, pumpkins, purslane, gooseberries and chestnuts.   Peas would have normally been available, however there was a bad harvest that year.   There was no sugar, so cranberry sauce was not on the menu either, even though cranberries were available.   Butter and Flour ran out quickly in that time, so there was also no pie.  

So this year for thanksgiving I am thankful for the ancient discovery that potatoes are NOT poisonous.   I am also thankful for the abundance of food in America which means we have enough butter and flour for pie!   In 1621 the pilgrims had to hunt, catch, farm or forage anything they wanted to eat, then spend a lot of prep time, today we have such luxuries as a store that will sell you a cooked turkey which I am thankful for!   If I went to the right store, I could even buy venison for a more authentic meal, without throwing out anything I like.   I have great friends, and my girlfriend has a great family that treats me as their own, and we're moving to Minnesota in a month to escape being a slave in Illinois... it is a good year, and I have many thanks.   Thanks to you, my readers as well for making me feel not so alone.

Happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More proof, cops are better than you

This comes first hand everyone.   I threw a going away party on October 30th at my house for me leaving this shit-hole known as Illinois.   Everyone invited to my house who parked on the street received a ticket for breaking a village ordinance that prevented parking on the street after 2am.   I certainly wasn't going to let friends hit the road drunk, so there wasn't really any other options.   A police officer, badge 453, by the name of Houghton or something similar wrote 6 tickets to my friends for violation of that ordinance.   He wrote a ticket to my friend Chris as well, claiming he was blocking the sidewalk, which he wasn't.   Chris testified in court today that he was not on the sidewalk.  Because cops are better than citizens, the testimony of Chris carried less weight than the officer's, and Chris was found guilty.   The judge found out the court costs for a $25 parking ticket were $89, and waived them.  

After the court was over, I asked the officer if he could please not enter my property again unless invited.   He told me,
"You can't do that"
I replied with, "I am the property owner, I certainly can."

He ran right back in the courthouse to tell on me... or something.   I'm sure I'll be "watched" for my remaining month of living in Hellinois.