Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I had the opportunity to watch a TV interview with a historical anthropologist to find out what the pilgrims really ate on Thanksgiving.   It turns out the original Thanksgiving feast was primarily venison. Most Europeans at that time still thought potatoes were poisonous, and so there were no potatoes at the first Thanksgiving.   There was no corn on the cob either, the native Americans had a substance closer to feed corn that was cooked into a slurry with other vegetables to soften them up, often known as traditional succotash.   There was no Celery either!   Turkey at the first thanksgiving was not the main course, it was a side, with swan, goose, lobsters, cod, bass, eels, pumpkins, purslane, gooseberries and chestnuts.   Peas would have normally been available, however there was a bad harvest that year.   There was no sugar, so cranberry sauce was not on the menu either, even though cranberries were available.   Butter and Flour ran out quickly in that time, so there was also no pie.  

So this year for thanksgiving I am thankful for the ancient discovery that potatoes are NOT poisonous.   I am also thankful for the abundance of food in America which means we have enough butter and flour for pie!   In 1621 the pilgrims had to hunt, catch, farm or forage anything they wanted to eat, then spend a lot of prep time, today we have such luxuries as a store that will sell you a cooked turkey which I am thankful for!   If I went to the right store, I could even buy venison for a more authentic meal, without throwing out anything I like.   I have great friends, and my girlfriend has a great family that treats me as their own, and we're moving to Minnesota in a month to escape being a slave in Illinois... it is a good year, and I have many thanks.   Thanks to you, my readers as well for making me feel not so alone.

Happy thanksgiving!

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