Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini NRA Rant

Why do I have no confidence in the NRA?  Because grossly unconstitutional gun laws in Illinois, California, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  These laws have been around for 20+ years in some cases.  The gun control act of 1968 is grossly unconstitutional and that has been around for 42 years!  The teeth of any unconstitutional law are the police who are instructed to enforce them.   The NRA this year pushed for the passing of the "Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act".  What this does is further separate the protection rights for anyone in law enforcement.   We already know LEOs are the ONLY citizens of America that the constitution actually works for.   So now it has been expanded to protect retire LEOs, and off duty idiots that shoot themselves in the leg at Best Buy.   My point is, I don't see the NRA pushing towards passing any type of "Citizens Safety Act" or even an improvement thereof.  According to Nevada, the police have a license to kill and cover-up, and according to New Jersey the police can carry weapons, but if yours are locked up, unloaded, and in a bag in your trunk it'll cost you Seven years of your life because you needed to ask the ONLY citizens for permission to have handguns that you purchased while living in another state.

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