Saturday, November 27, 2010

Police State Death Squads

It doesn't really matter where oppression happens, when it is this wrong there are some things that need to be said.

According to an article from the spokesman:

“You don’t have the right of self-defense under that case even if the police officer is completely illegal and using way excessive force,” (John) Strait said.

It is the opinion of me, and many other people, that this is what is fundamentally wrong with the system.   You can't defend against aggressors based solely on their job title.   This creates a different class of citizens, truly, it creates the Police and other LEOs as the only citizens, leaving citizens members of some sub-human race who are unallowed to think or act for themselves for if an order from a true citizen is barked at them, they must comply.

“Even if you are unlawfully being arrested, you don’t have the right to use force against a cop,”
 Ironically, during the days of the founding fathers, if you were being unlawfully arrested you not only had the right to resist, you had the duty to resist.  

I think it's time we brought everything back to the place where all men and women in this country are equals.

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