Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get that 11 month old's motherfucking hands up!

Police in Chicago took it upon themselves to expand the zone of a raid to include the apartment of an innocent family.   They busted in, and screamed at everyone to get their hands up.   One Officer was very vexed that an 11 month old wasn't putting his hands up where he "could see them", even when he was angrily pointing his gun, so he shouted fierce expletives like "MotherFucker" at the 11 month old, which given the age of the child leads me to believe the Chicago Police don't even know the meanings of their own derogatory vernacular.   After terrorizing the couple, and 6 children, the Police informed the couple the next day when they went to complain that the correct time to file a complaint was that same night, even though they requested a supervisor that same night, whom never showed up.     Also, the Police killed their dog.    Interesting read though.

     "Defendant Officers John Doe 1-8 burst through the door to the first floor apartment dressed in army fatigues and pointing guns at Charlene and the children. The officers yelled at Charlene and the children to 'Get on the ground!' The officers referred to Charlene and the children as 'm---f---ers' numerous times.     "Afraid of the guns being pointed at them, Children #1, 2, 4, and 5 ran to a back bedroom in fear of the officers. In response to the defendants' order to 'Get on the ground!,' Charlene got down on the floor. A defendant Officer told Charlene to 'Put the baby down' so Charlene set Child #3 down beside her. The officers yelled at Charlene to get Child #3's hands where they could see them.     "After attempting to show the officers that the eleven-month-old's hands were empty, Charlene asked the officers 'What is this about?' To which they replied 'Shut the f--- up.'"     Samuel Holly says he asked the police what they were doing, and called the 111th Street police station asking for a "white shirt" to come explain the situation, but no supervisor ever came to the house.

The Chicago Police are definitely being severely affected by that budget problem they complained so much about.   So much that they admitted they would not be responding to 911 calls... but the budget is apparently good enough for them to mount EXPENSIVE raids on innocent families with expensive gear, and guns.   If I could give the people of Chicago any advice it would be this:   Buy lots of big scary semi-automatic rifles, and stop paying your property taxes, the Police aren't coming to help you, so if they show up at all it's to arrest or extort money from you.   If you don't pay your property taxes, the Police will not get paid, and in short time won't have the resources to show up at your house to tell your 11 month old to get his "motherfucking" hands up, or kill your dog.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chicago Police shoot store Owner 11 times

I can't write this story any better, so here's a lot of shameless quoting:

"CHICAGO (CN) - Chicago police shot a store owner 11 times after armed gunmen robbed him, then handcuffed him to his hospital bed and harassed him to cover up their "gross misconduct," the businessman claims in court.     Bassil Abdelal sued Chicago and two Officer Does in Federal Court, for excessive force, false imprisonment, assault and battery, wanton conduct, conspiracy, civil rights violations and negligence.     "The City of Chicago followed its 'code of silence' to protect and cover up the gross misconduct of Officer Doe 1 and Officer Doe 2 who fired eleven bullets into plaintiff, who was unarmed, did not aim any gun at the police, did not fire at the police, and posed no threat to the police," Abdelal says in the complaint.     Abdelal owns B&B Beauty Supply, on the West Side of Chicago."