Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Warning: The ATF keeps those records

Here's proof that the ATF keeps your name, and address on file after you purchase a firearm, exactly the way we were told would be illegal for them to do:

(Officer) Meloni said detectives worked with the United States Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to trace the ownership back to Smith. Meloni would not provide an address for Smith but said he is a resident of Timber Trail.

The poor guy dropped his gun in Illinois... he's royally screwed.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mount Prospect tries to ban Assault bow and arrow

You heard it right folks, Mount Prospect is trying to ban bows and arrows!  While this proposal would effectively ban traditional bows alike there is particular focus on the deadly "assault bow and arrow", or compound bow:

Village code currently does not prohibit the use of compound bows on private property, unless the arrow is propelled onto or across public property. Nor does the section of the village code prohibiting the discharge of firearms and air guns address compound bows or other dangerous weapons.
The proposed change would amend the ordinance to ban the use of “dangerous weapons,” including crossbows, and restrict their possession in the village.

Read more: http://dailyherald.com/article/20101216/news/712179890/#ixzz18gBqmoN4

The Deadly "Assault Bow and Arrow" as illustrated by John Rambo.
The part that kills me, is the "restrict their possession" portion.   I just want to point this out to any of my readers: They won't stop at taking your guns, they won't stop at the bows, they won't stop at the knives... they simply won't stop disarming you until you are limbless, defenseless wardens of the state.

Red Light Cameras are about revenue

Red light cameras:  Here in Illinois we were told they were about our safety.  Now it appears from a number of news sources that red light cameras are not about safety.  In July, Schaumburg was considering getting rid of its red light camera becacuse:

"The result is very few crashes at any of our major intersections have been the result of traffic signal violations,"

 Schaumburg got rid of their one red light camera shortly after that article, however Algonquin IL, the city police publish on their website:

Algonquin began red light camera enforcement program in October 2008. The program is seen by Village officials as an important step to improve the safety and flow of local traffic.

Which is a different story than Schaumburg who claimed there is no safety advantage, however the primary worth of continuing the red light program was based on revenue.

Village Manager William Ganek said the $30,000 in lost revenue is manageable -- and well worth continuing the program.  

Elk Grove Village seems to have good Public Relations about the cameras though, they publish some impressive numbers about safety, not about revenue:

In Elk Grove Village, officials say the cameras have worked so well that they will deactivate them at Devon Avenue and Busse Road to see if they have changed driving habits. Recorded red-light violations in the village dropped to 9,500 for the first half of 2010, compared with 13,500 for the same period last year. Crashes at the monitored intersections are also down significantly -- nearly 70 percent at one intersection, Mayor Craig Johnson said.

While Libertyville, IL is concerned mainly with revenue, and what they're allowed to ticket for:

In Libertyville, net revenues from photo-enforced red-light violations were projected at $462,000 this fiscal year , but after six months only $32,000 had been taken in. Police say there are two principal reasons for the decline: More drivers are obeying the traffic signals, and the village does not issue tickets for right turns on red.
 A statewide attempt to ban the cameras came from my own Dan Dufffy in the form of SB2466 which would have effectively made the cameras illegal for use by modifying the vehicle code.

Check out this website for information about how your state handles Traffic Cameras:   Personal Side Note - Minnesota doesn't use them!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vegans: the most extreme hate group?

I was lucky enough work in a place where vegans roam free, literally hundreds of them a week.  Some even set up little booths handing out literature explaining the horrific condition that our bacon lives in before it becomes bacon.   I decided that instead of what I did last time, which was ask about their programs while eating hot dogs... that this time I would do something more productive.   I put together a quick 2 question survey for this week and asked 100 people who associated themselves as "vegan" these two questions:

"Is it wrong to eat an animal for food?"  Yes, no, maybe

"Is it morally right to kill a human that wants to eat an animal?"  Yes, no, Maybe

Here are the results:

These kinds of results are disturbing to me.  This is a group that at least in my local demographic mostly female aged 18-24 feels it is morally right to kill people in defense of the food that person is going to eat.   It's wrong on so many levels.   Each admitted they would never kill a person themselves, they just support the "culling of the human herd".

Friday, December 17, 2010

Give an inch, they'll take a million dollars.

Illinois State police have issued over 7,800 tickets so far this year due to the restrictions placed on mobile phone usage.    at an average of $87 a ticket, that is fast approaching almost a million dollars.   So far, there is no evidence of any long term studies on roadway safety as a result of this enforcement, so just like everything else they do, it's not about your safety, it's about your money.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Politician's son, no indictment

Illinois is the land of attempting to convict someone, regardless of the severety of the alleged crime.   This is why I'm almost surprised there was no indictment for the Will County Board Chairman's son in allegations of battery. 

"I'm very upset about it," said Eric Lauer of Mokena, whose son allegedly was sliced and stabbed by Matthew Moustis, the son of Will County Board Chairman Jim Moustis.
The incident happened July 15 in Frankfort Square in the south suburbs during a dispute over a girl. The Will County States Attorney's office charged Moustis with aggravated battery.

Well, maybe if you did your civic duty, you could be treated with special immunities as well... which is entirely against the concepts of liberty!   It's not what you know... it's who you know... or who you're related to...  ready to take action yet peasants?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warsaw Uprising

What does it take to be free?  Sometimes you have to fight insurmountable odds, against an enemy that is too powerful to defeat.   A European metal band made a great video about the Warsaw uprising of 1944, I encourage everyone to watch it!   The band is called Sabaton, and they herald many of Poland's fights, even the ones they lost.   Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Illinois manages to turn every person into a criminal

Just in:
"There's lots of people who believe if they buy something online they have no tax obligation, and that's not true," said Mike Klemens, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Revenue. "If you buy something online and the retailer does not collect Illinois tax, then your obligation is to self-report that tax and pay it over to the Department of Revenue."
Looks like Illinois is going to turn internet shoppers into "tax evaders".   While that article paints a non-ominous light on the subject, the term "amnesty" implies after said "amnesty" ends, there will be war.    This will likely be a doorbuster program brought to you by your overbearing Regular State Militiamen.  

Anyone else think now looks like a good time to abandon the state?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tax Foundation: good site!

Ever wonder how your county compares to the others in terms of property taxes?   The Website you are looking for is: www.taxfoundation.org and there are many useful reports, and downloadable documents for you to use.   So when planning my move to Minnesota, I used this website to see what kind of improvement I could expect.   I first did real math on my house to find my home was taxed at 3.10% of its value, and my property taxes are 9.4% of my income.   The Tax foundation averaged out America, and found on average property taxes are 1.04% of the home value, and 3.0% of people's income.   What could possibly justify 300% over the national average?   NOTHING!   This county ranks 24th out of all the counties in America for taxes against house value, and 16th for property tax average.  The only 2 states consistently higher... are New York, and New Jersey.  The new county I am moving to ranks over 700th in the nations property taxes. 

People are frustrated

Apparently in Chicago, there is a good chance that if you call the police, they won't come at all.  So in order to get a response, some citizens.  This report shows:

More than 1,200 times last year, residents of the South Chicago and Gresham police districts called 911, and there was no car available to respond.
So a Chicago man thought really long, and really hard using his high quality Chicago schooling then deducted it was a good idea to get police to get the police to respond to a situation in his neighborhood by telling the 911 dispatcher there was an officer down there.   Well of course they responded to that!  Now that man will have to buy a lawyer for the appropriate misdemeanor of "making a false report" and also for the bullshit catch-all of "Disorderly Conduct" but this seems to be treating the symptom with a financial attack.  The illness is frustration.   People are frustrated that when they call for help, no one comes.  The Tribune Staff writer never mentioned how trivial the caller's call was... however, the sun times did, it was because his dog, kept barking at the sewer.  These are the types of people that want police protection.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ex Cop pleads guilty

The Northwest Herald reports: Brian Quilici, 38, a former police officer in the McHenry county community of Richmond, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of attempted official misconduct and attempted assault Friday in relation to a February 2005 beating of a handcuffed man outside a Fox Lake bar. An earlier felony conviction had been overturned by the appellate court.

How does one get a misdemeanor for "attempted" assault?   Sounds like someone just got off on that unwritten reduced accountability rule for police.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Corrupt cop testifies to save his butt

Corruption happens when you have absolute power.   Jams Formato of Berwyn, IL must know that more than anyone now.  

James Formato said he joined the Berwyn Police Department in 1994 because it was a good job and he wanted to help people in his hometown. But not even a decade later, he was up to no good at all.
Testifying for the prosecution in the racketeering trial of alleged mob boss Michael "The Large Guy" Sarno, the 43-year old Formato said he frequently worked a bizarre double-shift as a cop and criminal from 2002 to 2004.

The scariest thing about this entire ordeal is:

In 2002, Formato was a candidate for the department's officer of the year award

Even the seemingly good cops in Illinois, can be so bad:

Houses that Formato visited on police calls during the day, he would burglarize by night. After morning roll call, he would sometimes be sent to the scenes of crimes the gang had pulled off. The home of one drug dealer was such a lucrative target that the crew robbed it repeatedly, once while posing as police officers. They nicknamed their victim "the ATM.

Sickens me... deeply.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Identity theives source

In possibly one of the worst suburbs in the history of mankind, Round Lake, Illinois, Charles DiPrima, an executive at the Illinois Secretary of State, driver's license division was charged with allegations that he sold identity information for gift certificates and event tickets

An executive of the Illinois Secretary of State's driver's license division surrendered to authorities Wednesdayafter allegations he gave information to identity thieves in exchange for gift cards and sports tickets.
Charles DiPrima, of Round Lake, was charged at the Lake County courthouse in Waukegan with three counts of conspiracy to commit identity theft, and he could face up to three years in prison if convicted, according to David Druker, spokesman for Secretary of State Jesse White's office.

The people you pay to be responsible with your information, are not only irresponsible, they are actively criminal.   

Officer Kevorkian?

Oak Lawn IL police responded last night to a call about a suicidal man... by shooting him.

He attempted to stab the officers when one of them tried to Taser him, police said. The second officer fired his weapon in defense, police said, striking the man who then fell to the floor.  
The police should only be used to file reports, attempting to use them as psychiatrists will almost always end up with the person you're trying to save getting injured.

Police steals the money, City keeps it

In a bizarre case, an Aurora Illinois police officer confiscated a "sack of cash" containing $190,000 during a traffic stop that didn't even result in a citation.   Aurora refuses to give the money back.  

"Their lawyers basically said the city was going to file for forfeiture," Kinnally said. "The judge asked on what basis. The lawyer said, 'We don't know,' and the judge said: 'This is America. Give it back.'"

The judge ordered the city to return the $190,040, along with a month's interest and costs. But Kinnally said that when he brought the order to Aurora, the city refused to turn over the cash, saying it planned to appeal the judge's order.

So, the police officer seized the money, and Aurora refuses to give it back even after a court order.  

In Illinois, your money is property of the collective, and no due process can get it back for you, because our cities are in charge of their own enforcement agencies, so who's going to MAKE Aurora city give that cash back?  That's right... no one.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Roving Electroshock DEATH squads

I just posted an article today about roving electroshock squads, and now I come across another lawsuit case, being filed for wrongful death, based on a Waukegan, Lake County IL roving Electroshock DEATH squad.

Police used a Taser to subdue Jose Martinez, 53, of the 800 block of Grand Avenue in Waukegan, while responding to a disturbance at Dave's Liquors, 2300 Grand Ave., at around 8 p.m. on May 29, police said.

Martinez went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the Vista Medical Center East in Waukegan, where he was pronounced dead at about 1:20 a.m. May 30, Lake County Coroner Richard Keller said.

"They tried resuscitating and they were unsuccessful," Keller said on Friday. He also said an autopsy showed that Martinez died of "existing heart disease" and that the Tasering is listed as a "contributing cause" in the death.
 Welcome to the new world where police can painfully shock you to death, are almost always held unaccountable, and you are forbidden by law to fight back.   Just set your rights down on the doorstep when you come in.

clearing up the "confusing" 2nd Amendment

Today after seeing a link on David Codrea's "War on Guns" I decided to respond to a clearly anti-gun person's article.   I believe it's important to respond politely and with respect, so I latched on to the cause of the person's confusion, their inability to decipher the 2nd Amendment.   Here's what I wrote:

"Hi Emily,
I was hoping to be able to clear up the writing on the 2nd Amendment, so you can understand it most clearly.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State..."

When the 2nd amendment was written, America had just won a war against a tyrannical state militia.   While the crafters of the constitution knew state militias were necessary, they also knew they were dangerous to liberty and freedom, so the word "people" stands in contrast with the word "militia". 

"...the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Had the crafters intended only state militia to have arms, they would have specified militia instead of people.   But becase this amendment was intended to prevent being controlled by tyrannical state militia, the people must preserve the ability to fight any organized, or regular militia that oversteps its bounds, making it a fundamental right for defending freedom and liberty.

The language used was an older, efficient and elegant form of english, not commonly used today, and requires considerable time to understand because we're not used to it.   Each amendment, was short, as opposed to our 2000 page laws of today.   I hope this helps you understand the language, and I also hope you give it a chance and open your mind to many possibilities of the implications of that clarification."

Let me know if you think I responded inaccurately, or rudely.

Roving electroshock squads

A new lawsuit filed in Lake County IL alleges that Mundelein, IL police used uneccessary force on a random breathalyzer stop this January at 2:30am:

Steven Kotlinski says he was sitting compliantly during a traffic stop early on New Year's Day when two Mundelein police officers pulled him from the car and shocked him five times with their Tasers.
Kotlinski, 54, said the officers inflicted "intense, paralyzing pain," and his lawyer filed a federal lawsuit against the police Tuesday, claiming they used excessive force without provocation. (Watch police video HERE.)

In order to protect themselves, the officers obviously had to arrest Steven Kotlinski for Battery, and Resisting Arrest, pretty much whatever they could make up on the scene.   Watch the video on the link and decide if you think Steven had a chance to "batter" an officer while being forcibly thrown face down in the snow and tased 5 times.    Also ask yourself if being paralyzed from taser pain constitutes resisting arrest.   Was he slightly belligerent?   Yes, a bit... is belligerence a crime?   If it were, every officer in that video would be guilty as well as the people being pulled over.

Jean, his wife failed the Field Sobriety Test, and the police were going to haul her downtown, leaving a car with 4 drunk people to attempt to get home.   We all know the Field Sobriety Test is designed so that a high percentage of people will fail it.

after tests proved Jean Kotlinski had a blood alcohol level of 0.00 percent, she was not charged, the suit alleges.
Then they gave her a "warning" for a city sticker violation... these truly are kind overlords.  

After Assaulting and Battering a man with a pain inducing electrical device, the police officers remember this uttered from the pained and beaten Steven Kotlinski's mouth:

An officer testified in court that Kotlinski pelted police with obscenities after the Tasering and said, according to court records, "'I hope I die. That way my wife and kids will become rich.'"

Remember, they were pulled over on a suspected drunk driving incident, and the driver had NOT had anything to drink.   This means the signs they use to point out drunk drivers are incorrect, and the methods they use in the field deal with testing drunk drivers are inaccurate.   The police action is literally a war on the citizens for exercising their right to peaceably assemble, and is thus defined as Treason.   We will not be free until the power is restored to the citizens.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cook county really does deck the halls

Cook County IL, lovingly referred to as "crook county" by many of its inhabitants is the subject of another random battery by a police officer.  

 Joseph Ranzino, 49, of northwest suburban Marengo, allegedly walked up to a 43-year-old woman sitting on a barstool and “decked her,” police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez said.

We've seen before that Cook County LEs are not afraid at all to beat on women.  After the trial, Anthony Abbate was found guilty, and was sentenced to supervision with no jail time.  However a few months after the trial Anthony Abbate was eventually fired, then begged for his old job back, without ever saying he was sorry to his victim.

Right now, criminal charges have been filed against officer Ranzino, which means he keeps his job, but is assigned to "administrative duty".  

I've worked in a large public institution for a very long time, and this is what kills me, if I "decked" someone in the hallway, I would most likely be fired immediately... whatever action decided, unpaid suspension pending trial etc...  I would not still be getting paid.   Why do police officers in this area that do violent things to people, act completely irresponsibly, still get the support of their co-workers... and more disturbingly, still get paid!?  Normally they get off their trial with a slap on the wrist if anything.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The solution to immigration

People are pretty uptight about "illegal immigration" these days, and I agree with them, there's a lot to be mad about. However, there is nothing to be mad at the immigrants for. These are people, human beings who just want a better life. The real issues we are facing as a country is that we've gotten so used to not paying for things ourselves, that now we depend on a large, inefficient, expensive systems to accomplish our basic tasks, and this is not caused by the immigrants.

• Education. Based on estimates of the illegal immigrant population in Illinois and documented costs of K-12 schooling, Illinoisans spend more than $3.1 billion annually on education for the children of illegal immigrants. This estimate does not include programs for limited English students, remedial educational programs or breakfast and lunch programs available to students from low-income families. An estimated 10 percent of the K-12 public school students in Illinois are children of illegal aliens.

My property taxes are $5,700 per year. $4,600 goes to our public schools. If every neighborhood decided paying a teacher $40,000 a year was acceptable, and loaned out space for 10 students in a house, the cost to each family with a student would be only $4,000. This is a $600 savings, which will even out after books are purchased for the year, and the best part is that people without kids, aren't paying for schools!  The result of education entitlement, is that everyone is monetarily oppressed, for their entire lives so long as they own property.

The second part, is medical.   According to the same Illinois Cost Study referred to previously:

• Health care. Taxpayer-funded, unreimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal alien population amount to an estimated $340 million a year.

Once again, that $340 million number is a byproduct of a large, inefficient entitlement program set up by our state.   Most of these people just need to see a doctor for minor issues.   Bills that should be between $30-$50 dollars for a 30 minute chat with a doctor that the patient should easily be able to pay, now get billed upward of $400 per visit and require state assistance, or these people will never see the doctor.

This is the one that really angers me, because people tend to blame "illegal immigrants" for lots of crime, when it's really the state that perpetuates the cycle.   The state accomplishes this two-fold.   First, the state makes it a crime for anyone except a police officer to shoot thieves.  Second, they restrict the right to carry so that only criminals and police are carrying weapons, which leaves the citizen defenseless.  If a criminal thinks you can effectively fight back, they will leave you alone.    Thirdly, the state of Illinois prosecutes 450% more "victimless" crimes than does the nation on average.   Illinois prosecutes almost double the closest statistical neighbor.  Which brings me to the third point on the illinois Cost Study:

• Incarceration. The uncompensated cost of incarcerating deportable illegal aliens in Illinois state and local prisons amounts to about $55 million a year. This estimate includes only prison costs and not short-term or other detention costs, related law enforcement and judicial expenditures, or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to incarceration.
 The solution to that problem is easy, stop enforcing crimes with no victims!   That means Illinois needs to reduce the police force, and stop conducting "Roadside Safety Checkpoints" and make victimless crimes unenforcable.   Only then will I tolerate complaining about the $55 million a year it costs to deport, and detain immigrants.  

It is not their fault, we live in a time of unsustainable systems, and we need to take them down, one by one, and replace them with efficient, affordable grassroots initiatives.  Businesses should be allowed to not hire a person who does not speak English.   If we fixed the systems, and reduced regulations, America would still be appealing to many immigrants, and they would still come here, but there would be no handouts.   I believe it's the handouts that make people angry, not the humans who will one day blend into our society. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A TV series you should know

If you have never seen it, watch Jericho.   The complete Series is available on DVD for under $30 online, and it is well worth the watch!  

My as non-spoiler summary as I can get:

A terrible terrorist attack involving nuclear weapons strikes America.   The fictional town of Jericho Kansas witnesses the blasts in the distance, and must slowly get through terrible challenges ahead of them.   The series finale wraps things up, but sets the stage for yet another series or movie.    The entire series was so well done, that I was surprised it was on TV with Tripe like "so you think you can dance" filling up some top ratings spots.   Every freedom loving, government fearing individual should really take a look at this one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tortured Father sues Lake County Police

There are many people in the world that believe the police are out to protect you, and solve crimes.   The truth is, they are part of a large machine designed to generate money through convictions.   Take the case of Jerry Hobbs.   He was arrested in 2005 when he called the police because he had found his 9 year old daughter and her friend murdered near his house in Zion.  The police focused on Mr. Hobbs as their sole suspect, then according to the lawsuit:

"he was physically and psychologically tortured into confessing to a killing he didn't commit. ... Officers punched Hobbs and pushed him to the ground in the hours leading up to his confession"
 We're talking about a man who had very recently found out his daughter was dead.   He was emotionally destroyed, and the Lake County Sheriff's department took full advantage of Hobb's grief.    My personal run-ins with the Lake County Sheriff's police have left me feeling they are abusive of their power to a high degree.   The system in Lake County is fundamentally broken, it can't be fixed, it must be uprooted and replaced.   I am moving to escape this kind of horrible dead end, but eventually if people wish to be free they will have to make a stand against the judges, prosecutors and police of Lake County Illinois, and I can guarantee it will not be pretty.   Hobbs has this to say about the Lake County system:

"I'm upset with the way the system runs in Lake County"

Shortly after they had this dangerous Hobbs character behind bars at the Lake County Jail, possibly one of the most inhumane places for anyone to be imprisoned, some DNA evidence returned that matched someone else, not Jerry Hobbs:

prosecutors knew about the DNA evidence as early as 2006

Because the prosecutor in Lake County is Michael Waller, the plans to continue the trial were set in stone, I imagine he would have found a way to disallow DNA evidence for use by the defense.

Critics say Michael Waller and his staff have ignored or played down genetic material when it points away from suspects in their cross hairs

Now Jerry Hobbs is released, and living in Texas.   His lawsuit is reported to be for "A lot of money"