Monday, December 13, 2010

Tax Foundation: good site!

Ever wonder how your county compares to the others in terms of property taxes?   The Website you are looking for is: and there are many useful reports, and downloadable documents for you to use.   So when planning my move to Minnesota, I used this website to see what kind of improvement I could expect.   I first did real math on my house to find my home was taxed at 3.10% of its value, and my property taxes are 9.4% of my income.   The Tax foundation averaged out America, and found on average property taxes are 1.04% of the home value, and 3.0% of people's income.   What could possibly justify 300% over the national average?   NOTHING!   This county ranks 24th out of all the counties in America for taxes against house value, and 16th for property tax average.  The only 2 states consistently higher... are New York, and New Jersey.  The new county I am moving to ranks over 700th in the nations property taxes. 

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