Monday, December 20, 2010

Mount Prospect tries to ban Assault bow and arrow

You heard it right folks, Mount Prospect is trying to ban bows and arrows!  While this proposal would effectively ban traditional bows alike there is particular focus on the deadly "assault bow and arrow", or compound bow:

Village code currently does not prohibit the use of compound bows on private property, unless the arrow is propelled onto or across public property. Nor does the section of the village code prohibiting the discharge of firearms and air guns address compound bows or other dangerous weapons.
The proposed change would amend the ordinance to ban the use of “dangerous weapons,” including crossbows, and restrict their possession in the village.

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The Deadly "Assault Bow and Arrow" as illustrated by John Rambo.
The part that kills me, is the "restrict their possession" portion.   I just want to point this out to any of my readers: They won't stop at taking your guns, they won't stop at the bows, they won't stop at the knives... they simply won't stop disarming you until you are limbless, defenseless wardens of the state.

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