Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vegans: the most extreme hate group?

I was lucky enough work in a place where vegans roam free, literally hundreds of them a week.  Some even set up little booths handing out literature explaining the horrific condition that our bacon lives in before it becomes bacon.   I decided that instead of what I did last time, which was ask about their programs while eating hot dogs... that this time I would do something more productive.   I put together a quick 2 question survey for this week and asked 100 people who associated themselves as "vegan" these two questions:

"Is it wrong to eat an animal for food?"  Yes, no, maybe

"Is it morally right to kill a human that wants to eat an animal?"  Yes, no, Maybe

Here are the results:

These kinds of results are disturbing to me.  This is a group that at least in my local demographic mostly female aged 18-24 feels it is morally right to kill people in defense of the food that person is going to eat.   It's wrong on so many levels.   Each admitted they would never kill a person themselves, they just support the "culling of the human herd".

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