Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Roving electroshock squads

A new lawsuit filed in Lake County IL alleges that Mundelein, IL police used uneccessary force on a random breathalyzer stop this January at 2:30am:

Steven Kotlinski says he was sitting compliantly during a traffic stop early on New Year's Day when two Mundelein police officers pulled him from the car and shocked him five times with their Tasers.
Kotlinski, 54, said the officers inflicted "intense, paralyzing pain," and his lawyer filed a federal lawsuit against the police Tuesday, claiming they used excessive force without provocation. (Watch police video HERE.)

In order to protect themselves, the officers obviously had to arrest Steven Kotlinski for Battery, and Resisting Arrest, pretty much whatever they could make up on the scene.   Watch the video on the link and decide if you think Steven had a chance to "batter" an officer while being forcibly thrown face down in the snow and tased 5 times.    Also ask yourself if being paralyzed from taser pain constitutes resisting arrest.   Was he slightly belligerent?   Yes, a bit... is belligerence a crime?   If it were, every officer in that video would be guilty as well as the people being pulled over.

Jean, his wife failed the Field Sobriety Test, and the police were going to haul her downtown, leaving a car with 4 drunk people to attempt to get home.   We all know the Field Sobriety Test is designed so that a high percentage of people will fail it.

after tests proved Jean Kotlinski had a blood alcohol level of 0.00 percent, she was not charged, the suit alleges.
Then they gave her a "warning" for a city sticker violation... these truly are kind overlords.  

After Assaulting and Battering a man with a pain inducing electrical device, the police officers remember this uttered from the pained and beaten Steven Kotlinski's mouth:

An officer testified in court that Kotlinski pelted police with obscenities after the Tasering and said, according to court records, "'I hope I die. That way my wife and kids will become rich.'"

Remember, they were pulled over on a suspected drunk driving incident, and the driver had NOT had anything to drink.   This means the signs they use to point out drunk drivers are incorrect, and the methods they use in the field deal with testing drunk drivers are inaccurate.   The police action is literally a war on the citizens for exercising their right to peaceably assemble, and is thus defined as Treason.   We will not be free until the power is restored to the citizens.  

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