Sunday, December 5, 2010

A TV series you should know

If you have never seen it, watch Jericho.   The complete Series is available on DVD for under $30 online, and it is well worth the watch!  

My as non-spoiler summary as I can get:

A terrible terrorist attack involving nuclear weapons strikes America.   The fictional town of Jericho Kansas witnesses the blasts in the distance, and must slowly get through terrible challenges ahead of them.   The series finale wraps things up, but sets the stage for yet another series or movie.    The entire series was so well done, that I was surprised it was on TV with Tripe like "so you think you can dance" filling up some top ratings spots.   Every freedom loving, government fearing individual should really take a look at this one.


  1. Aw yeah. BTW Dark Horse is printing a comicbook adaptation for Season Three.

  2. Check this out too! lots of industry whispering about it: