Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cook county really does deck the halls

Cook County IL, lovingly referred to as "crook county" by many of its inhabitants is the subject of another random battery by a police officer.  

 Joseph Ranzino, 49, of northwest suburban Marengo, allegedly walked up to a 43-year-old woman sitting on a barstool and “decked her,” police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez said.

We've seen before that Cook County LEs are not afraid at all to beat on women.  After the trial, Anthony Abbate was found guilty, and was sentenced to supervision with no jail time.  However a few months after the trial Anthony Abbate was eventually fired, then begged for his old job back, without ever saying he was sorry to his victim.

Right now, criminal charges have been filed against officer Ranzino, which means he keeps his job, but is assigned to "administrative duty".  

I've worked in a large public institution for a very long time, and this is what kills me, if I "decked" someone in the hallway, I would most likely be fired immediately... whatever action decided, unpaid suspension pending trial etc...  I would not still be getting paid.   Why do police officers in this area that do violent things to people, act completely irresponsibly, still get the support of their co-workers... and more disturbingly, still get paid!?  Normally they get off their trial with a slap on the wrist if anything.

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