Monday, December 6, 2010

The solution to immigration

People are pretty uptight about "illegal immigration" these days, and I agree with them, there's a lot to be mad about. However, there is nothing to be mad at the immigrants for. These are people, human beings who just want a better life. The real issues we are facing as a country is that we've gotten so used to not paying for things ourselves, that now we depend on a large, inefficient, expensive systems to accomplish our basic tasks, and this is not caused by the immigrants.

• Education. Based on estimates of the illegal immigrant population in Illinois and documented costs of K-12 schooling, Illinoisans spend more than $3.1 billion annually on education for the children of illegal immigrants. This estimate does not include programs for limited English students, remedial educational programs or breakfast and lunch programs available to students from low-income families. An estimated 10 percent of the K-12 public school students in Illinois are children of illegal aliens.

My property taxes are $5,700 per year. $4,600 goes to our public schools. If every neighborhood decided paying a teacher $40,000 a year was acceptable, and loaned out space for 10 students in a house, the cost to each family with a student would be only $4,000. This is a $600 savings, which will even out after books are purchased for the year, and the best part is that people without kids, aren't paying for schools!  The result of education entitlement, is that everyone is monetarily oppressed, for their entire lives so long as they own property.

The second part, is medical.   According to the same Illinois Cost Study referred to previously:

• Health care. Taxpayer-funded, unreimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal alien population amount to an estimated $340 million a year.

Once again, that $340 million number is a byproduct of a large, inefficient entitlement program set up by our state.   Most of these people just need to see a doctor for minor issues.   Bills that should be between $30-$50 dollars for a 30 minute chat with a doctor that the patient should easily be able to pay, now get billed upward of $400 per visit and require state assistance, or these people will never see the doctor.

This is the one that really angers me, because people tend to blame "illegal immigrants" for lots of crime, when it's really the state that perpetuates the cycle.   The state accomplishes this two-fold.   First, the state makes it a crime for anyone except a police officer to shoot thieves.  Second, they restrict the right to carry so that only criminals and police are carrying weapons, which leaves the citizen defenseless.  If a criminal thinks you can effectively fight back, they will leave you alone.    Thirdly, the state of Illinois prosecutes 450% more "victimless" crimes than does the nation on average.   Illinois prosecutes almost double the closest statistical neighbor.  Which brings me to the third point on the illinois Cost Study:

• Incarceration. The uncompensated cost of incarcerating deportable illegal aliens in Illinois state and local prisons amounts to about $55 million a year. This estimate includes only prison costs and not short-term or other detention costs, related law enforcement and judicial expenditures, or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to incarceration.
 The solution to that problem is easy, stop enforcing crimes with no victims!   That means Illinois needs to reduce the police force, and stop conducting "Roadside Safety Checkpoints" and make victimless crimes unenforcable.   Only then will I tolerate complaining about the $55 million a year it costs to deport, and detain immigrants.  

It is not their fault, we live in a time of unsustainable systems, and we need to take them down, one by one, and replace them with efficient, affordable grassroots initiatives.  Businesses should be allowed to not hire a person who does not speak English.   If we fixed the systems, and reduced regulations, America would still be appealing to many immigrants, and they would still come here, but there would be no handouts.   I believe it's the handouts that make people angry, not the humans who will one day blend into our society. 


  1. Your points are true, but peripheral. We in the West have spent generations brainwashing ourselves to forget the most basic truths of blood and soil.

    They are not of our blood, they have no roots in the soil of this land, therefore they are not our people and we owe them nothing.

    They have a land of their own--granted, they have made of it a Third World cesspit by their behavior, but that is hardly our fault--and if they so dislike the manner in which they are treated when they invade ours, perhaps they should go back to it.

    Such ideas are condemned as "racist," and perhaps they are, but they have the advantage of being the objective truth. I would rather be right than politically correct, and if this makes me "racist" I no longer shy from the label. Veritas magnus est et prevalebit.

  2. Anonymous poster: I agree with many things you have stated. I do disagree on a few points, and will point out both.

    I agree that we owe them nothing, but not because they have have no roots in the soil, and are not our people... but because to be truly free you give things (money, items) by choice, not force. Thus the idea that you owe anyone anything, roots or not, is not congruent with the ideal of liberty.

    They have a land of their own, but like us, their government has systematically disarmed the citizens, leaving only their police, military, and criminals armed, and it has cost them many lives. This is congruent with the path America is taking with citizen disarmament.

    While I believe you have valid points about the immigrant problem, I feel they are attacking the obvious symptom but not the problem causing it, as you said, my points are peripheral, they are like that for a reason. Fix what's being exploited, and there will no longer be handouts for anyone, and free choice will return to the nation. That is really what liberty is all about.