Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tortured Father sues Lake County Police

There are many people in the world that believe the police are out to protect you, and solve crimes.   The truth is, they are part of a large machine designed to generate money through convictions.   Take the case of Jerry Hobbs.   He was arrested in 2005 when he called the police because he had found his 9 year old daughter and her friend murdered near his house in Zion.  The police focused on Mr. Hobbs as their sole suspect, then according to the lawsuit:

"he was physically and psychologically tortured into confessing to a killing he didn't commit. ... Officers punched Hobbs and pushed him to the ground in the hours leading up to his confession"
 We're talking about a man who had very recently found out his daughter was dead.   He was emotionally destroyed, and the Lake County Sheriff's department took full advantage of Hobb's grief.    My personal run-ins with the Lake County Sheriff's police have left me feeling they are abusive of their power to a high degree.   The system in Lake County is fundamentally broken, it can't be fixed, it must be uprooted and replaced.   I am moving to escape this kind of horrible dead end, but eventually if people wish to be free they will have to make a stand against the judges, prosecutors and police of Lake County Illinois, and I can guarantee it will not be pretty.   Hobbs has this to say about the Lake County system:

"I'm upset with the way the system runs in Lake County"

Shortly after they had this dangerous Hobbs character behind bars at the Lake County Jail, possibly one of the most inhumane places for anyone to be imprisoned, some DNA evidence returned that matched someone else, not Jerry Hobbs:

prosecutors knew about the DNA evidence as early as 2006

Because the prosecutor in Lake County is Michael Waller, the plans to continue the trial were set in stone, I imagine he would have found a way to disallow DNA evidence for use by the defense.

Critics say Michael Waller and his staff have ignored or played down genetic material when it points away from suspects in their cross hairs

Now Jerry Hobbs is released, and living in Texas.   His lawsuit is reported to be for "A lot of money"

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