Thursday, December 9, 2010

Police steals the money, City keeps it

In a bizarre case, an Aurora Illinois police officer confiscated a "sack of cash" containing $190,000 during a traffic stop that didn't even result in a citation.   Aurora refuses to give the money back.  

"Their lawyers basically said the city was going to file for forfeiture," Kinnally said. "The judge asked on what basis. The lawyer said, 'We don't know,' and the judge said: 'This is America. Give it back.'"

The judge ordered the city to return the $190,040, along with a month's interest and costs. But Kinnally said that when he brought the order to Aurora, the city refused to turn over the cash, saying it planned to appeal the judge's order.

So, the police officer seized the money, and Aurora refuses to give it back even after a court order.  

In Illinois, your money is property of the collective, and no due process can get it back for you, because our cities are in charge of their own enforcement agencies, so who's going to MAKE Aurora city give that cash back?  That's right... no one.

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