Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Illinois manages to turn every person into a criminal

Just in:
"There's lots of people who believe if they buy something online they have no tax obligation, and that's not true," said Mike Klemens, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Revenue. "If you buy something online and the retailer does not collect Illinois tax, then your obligation is to self-report that tax and pay it over to the Department of Revenue."
Looks like Illinois is going to turn internet shoppers into "tax evaders".   While that article paints a non-ominous light on the subject, the term "amnesty" implies after said "amnesty" ends, there will be war.    This will likely be a doorbuster program brought to you by your overbearing Regular State Militiamen.  

Anyone else think now looks like a good time to abandon the state?

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  1. I never paid attention to politics much until the past couple of years. Lived in Illinois my entire life, cannot wait to find a new home elsewhere.