Monday, December 13, 2010

People are frustrated

Apparently in Chicago, there is a good chance that if you call the police, they won't come at all.  So in order to get a response, some citizens.  This report shows:

More than 1,200 times last year, residents of the South Chicago and Gresham police districts called 911, and there was no car available to respond.
So a Chicago man thought really long, and really hard using his high quality Chicago schooling then deducted it was a good idea to get police to get the police to respond to a situation in his neighborhood by telling the 911 dispatcher there was an officer down there.   Well of course they responded to that!  Now that man will have to buy a lawyer for the appropriate misdemeanor of "making a false report" and also for the bullshit catch-all of "Disorderly Conduct" but this seems to be treating the symptom with a financial attack.  The illness is frustration.   People are frustrated that when they call for help, no one comes.  The Tribune Staff writer never mentioned how trivial the caller's call was... however, the sun times did, it was because his dog, kept barking at the sewer.  These are the types of people that want police protection.

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