Saturday, October 30, 2010

the NRA called... and lied to me.

The NRA is looking to raise its numbers of members.   They called me, then played a message for me from Wayne LaPierre where he claimed the NRA has done more to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens of the United States than any other organization.    As you may recall, it wasn't the NRA that successfully battled the Heller case, or McDonald case to the SCOTUS, it was the Second Amendment Foundation.   The only legislation I saw bragged about was the NRA pushing for expanded carry for off-duty and retired cops.   The police are the teeth of any unconstitutional law, and to expand their ability to carry while keeping the normal citizen unarmed (at least in Illinois) is reprehensible.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

16 year Police veteran can't keep hands to himself

That pretty much sums it up.  

Donnie Lewis, 57, was charged with one count of aggravated battery in a public way and aggravated battery to a private security officer, both considered felonies.

The security guard was on duty, and pulled a gun after being battered.   Fortunately the gods of cook county deemed that she did so in self defense, and she will not be charged.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

California Men with no backbone

Christopher T. Fox from San Jose California gave up on himself during Mayor Daley's slight of hand witch-hunt of the year, and I can't say I blame him.   Daley was caught back in May of this year offering to show a reporter how effective his gun ban has been by placing an M1 garand up the inquisitive reporter's butt, Daley also offered to pull the trigger.  I am unsure how Daley thought this was a good way to prove how effective his handgun ban has been.  Daley's quote was priceless:

"If I put this [rifle] up your butt, you'll find out how effective it is. Let me put a round up your, you know."

This man left voice messages for Daley, asking how he'd like it if someone did it that to him and then the LOOOONG arm of our criminal injustice system begins.   Daley claims this man threatened to shoot a public official with a firearm... Fox gets arrested in California, and shipped off to Chicago where he sits in jail for 6 months before giving up on himself, and pleading guilty, because that's the only way he's getting out of jail.  This system intimidates you, makes you feel like you're never getting out, then forces people into a plea bargain.   The news did so little as the tiniest blurb on the bargain.  Here's the entire article:

A California man charged with threatening Mayor Daley has pleaded guilty.

Christopher Fox was accused of leaving Daley a threatening voice mail back in May.
He pleaded guilty to threatening a public official and has been sentenced to 18 months probation along with jail time already served.

As opposed to the May coverage where Mr. Fox was pointing out the hypocrisy:

"So, Daley apologized, and he is off the hook, but I am still in jail," said Fox, this past Friday. "I have no bus tickets, no plane ticket; I wasn't planning on going anywhere. I'm not a threat."
My main point here, is the notion of being innocent until proven guilty is completely gone.   This man sat in a jail 2000 miles from home the entire time he was supposed to be presumed innocent.  He pled guilty, probably not because he actually threatened the mayor, the voicemails have not been released on that nor will they ever be released or more people will see the errors of the system, but because pleading guilty would allow him to go home.  

Our legal system works for corporations, government officials, and police.   To the average citizen, it is broken, because in a capitalist, regular militia (police) controlled world, the courts are supposed to protect the citizen... and they don't.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fear, intimidation, abuse

7 Police officers are on "Desk Duty" after allegedly responding to someone who wasn't on their team who allegedly had a gun but didn't, then proceeded to beat that person in the street for making them come out there without a golden felony charge to give him.    Chicago Cops: Read this next part carefully, this is what the people you "protect" think about you!

Several people who say they witnessed the incident said they're too afraid to talk about it publicly over fear of police retaliation.  That's one of the main reasons, according to Weis, that the officers will remain on administrative duty until after the investigation is complete.

Chicago Officer faces perjury charges on false DUIs

This seems like good news, however this officer already faced charges for his false DUIs and somehow, magically the 5th amendment that no longer protects you or me, now protected this officer.   The only citizens of the United States in northern Illinois, are police officers.   

The case stems from a 2005 arrest Haleas performed while two prosecutors were riding along with him. He allegedly failed to administer a field sobriety test to the suspect, but the prosecutors later noted that he wrote reports reflecting that he had performed the test. Following an internal investigation, the police department suspended Haleas for one day in July 2007 and in April 2008 he was indicted on the criminal charges.
In August 2009, Circuit Judge James Obbish dismissed the indictment after finding that the state's use of the internal police statement violated Haleas' Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and tainted the rest of the case against him.

Drunk Chicago cop mysteriously shoots another one

Shrouded in "mystery" two Chicago police officers get in an argument out at the bars, one gets shot in the head.   A lawsuit is now filed. 

The men left the bars and went to Kelly’s home, where the off-duty officer’s service weapon discharged while he was intoxicated, according to the suit.
The suit does not specify how the gun discharged, but does claim Kelly engaged in an unjustified argument and fight with LaPorta. It does not indicate when the argument and fight happened in relation to the gun discharging.

These are the people protecting you

50 year old Lake County Sheriff Deputy Leroy Pugesek was arrested after throwing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.   Sheriff Mark Curran ordered an Internal Investigation, which means he's seeking the minimize the damage to his department.
Quote of the year on this one:
"I fear for my safety because he is a Lake County deputy, [carries] a gun, and feels he is superior when he is in his uniform," the girlfriend wrote. "I am afraid he will retaliate against me for seeking help to keep him from doing this to someone else." 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Looks like there was a problem, police accused officer Brian Dorian of multi-state murder, only to find out their tactic of arresting the first guy in rural Indiana who matched the description of driving a "light colored truck" while having a gun didn't pay off so well.   The accused officer provided proof that he was online during the time of the first shooting, and several store receipts for the rest of the day.  So he was let out of jail after 4 days because the evidence didn't match, which is good, innocent men shouldn't be in jail, however if the system worked, you would be arrested after there was evidence, not a lot of connected circumstances.  

What happens to folks who aren't police officers?    Read and weep.  That's right, they kept this man in jail for 5 years because the DNA they found on his daughter and her friend didn't have a match, and it wasn't him.   They pushed a distraught father and weened what the neanderthals at the Lake County Sheriff's department in Illinois deemed as a confession.   They caught the real attacker, only after he had committed other attacks.  So the difference in how evidence works for or against you in Illinois based on whether you're an officer or not is staggering.  

Another difference, is when you die, there will be a tiny newspaper bit in the obituaries.   When one of our modern Centurions dies... they get a full page write-up, just for being meticulous.   The differences between the police ruling class and the citizens grows larger everyday.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The War on Drugs makes new Victims

If only building contractors could be this unprofessional.   Can you imagine the embarrassment of getting a written document stating he had a job to, which is build a new house, and he flubbed up your paperwork, and built it in the wrong place, then absolved himself from all legal damages?  No one would be angry about that, right?

Yeah, a lot of people would be angry, so why do we let Police forces get away with it?   Cook county police raided the wrong house on a tip from an "informant" that got them a warrant.   They caused thousands of dollars of damage to en elderly couple's house, found no drugs, and then read the warrant, oops, had the wrong house!

His mother, he said, called him after the raid at the request of the supervising sergeant on the scene. When he got there, he said he was told the officers had raided the wrong home.
"When I arrived the officer explained they had misinformation, but said his job was over, and he was leaving. They left a copy of the warrant, but he absolved himself of any responsibility for the raid or the damage," Andrew Jakymec said.
He estimated the damage to broken doors, locks and windows at up to $3,000.
 It was my understanding that the 5th amendment required that these people be indicted of a crime, BEFORE the police should be allowed to KNOCK on doors (not kick them in) and confiscate items, AND even if the item is illegal, the seizure must be compensated.

It is still my take that the Police run, legislatively backed War on Drugs is Treason by it's definition in Article 3:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them
 I don't do drugs, I simply hate seeing people's lives ruined by a system that bets against human nature, then blames the drugs for ruining their lives, but absolves the courts who take all that person's money, and then some extra that they don't have, and gives them a criminal record that prevents them from landing most jobs... yes, the drugs walked up and stole those people's money, and filed the paperwork necessary to convict him...   Our courts did all that, the drugs were just an excuse to get that person there.

Still only want the police to be armed?

That title is targeted to the gun-control crowd, who adamantly repeat that they fear for their safety as long as I don't fear for mine.   They still want armed protection, personal armed guards at their beck and call that are backed by a labyrinth of procedure, and liability blocking.    The latest is that one of these personal protectors took it upon himself to make a few people easier to protect... by killing them.

"The shootings started Tuesday morning when a gunman walked into a burned-out home being rehabbed near rural Beecher and opened fire, killing worker Rolando Alonso, 45, and seriously wounding Josh Garza, 19. A 19-year-old co-worker escaped into a cornfield and called 911, police said.

About 40 minutes later, Keith Dahl, 64, was checking the bean fields on his property near Lowell, Ind., when he spotted a pickup truck approaching on the dirt road from the opposite direction, said his brother Robert Dahl. The two pickups stopped alongside each other, and the other man asked Keith Dahl about the possibility of storing honeybees on his property, then wrote down a name and phone number on a slip of paper, Robert Dahl said.

As Keith Dahl went to put the note in his center console, the man opened fire. Dahl played dead while the man wrestled Dahl's wallet away, taking about $60, and then shot him again, Robert Dahl said.

"Keith said he was holding his breath and not trying to breathe," said Robert Dahl. As blood poured from his wounds, Dahl drove to the nearest paved road and called 911."

Read all about it here:,0,1174670.story

Friday, October 8, 2010

Got Racism? certainly does!

Mike over at SipseyStreetIrregulars posted an interesting article where forum posters were bashing groups such as the Oathkeepers, and Three percenters.   I'd like to share with you some of the comments of these highly intelligent internet users.

"The oath keepers are crazy! The military oath of enlistment is to Obama" -Che Guevera (communist)
Look at this peach:
"You're not 1770' revolutionary's preventing "socialism", you're racist terrorists subverting democracy! The 2nd Amendment states that you have the right to bear arms in a WELL REGULATED MILITIA. Do you hill billys know what WELL REGULATED means?? """"WELL REGULATED""" These cracker militias have deluded themselves into thinking they're fighting tyranny, when in fact they represent it.

Soon you white boys will know all about being " WELL REGULATED " after the mid terms." - Red Blade (Chicago)

This one was bound to show up... the pseudo intellectual:

"It is amazing how gun right freaks misread the 2nd Amendment, yes it states no infringement on the right to bear arms. The part before that is what they ignore, a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of the state. " - Rainbowbobby

I must say that if anyone "misread" the Second Amendment, it's this guy.   To READ the 2nd amendment you had to understand that in revolutionary times any armed group of men was a militia, if it was a professional army, it was called a regular militia.   Americans just freed themselves in a war with a tyrannical regular militia, so knowing the dangers that regular militias pose to freedom, the right of the PEOPLE in contrast with MILITIA, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This guy is also funny in that scary completely judgmental, misinformed activist sort of way:
"It's not about hate, it's about freedom and justice for the Black Man." -Hotep
Scariest one of them all right here:

"Understand this white man, the socialist transformation of society is at hand and there is nothing you or any other whitey can do about it. It is you and your kind that are the haters, the destroyers. You are the real enemy and its you and your kind that must be destroyed." -Elmuertomonkey
Does everybody see now more clearly that socialism isn't about fixing society?  It's about controlling you and the eradication of all dissenting opinions!

Anyone else smell a civil war cooking after reading these?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Green Police!

Many people watched this AUDI ad and missed the creepy message it sends:

The message it sends, is that the green movement is about control through police action.  I like re-using things as much as the next person, metals are quite invaluably reused, but recycling paper?   I had a long discussion with an environmentalist a few weeks back, and I found it frustrating that when I referred to trees as renewable resources, she disagreed with me!   I told her for certain, if you cut one down, plant a new one, and in 25 years, you get a new full sized tree!

What's worse, is this green police rhetoric seems to be coming to life, this article from Cleveland demonstrates how RFID chips, coupled with RFID readers and scales in garbage and recycling trucks can help the city send you a $100 fine for not recycling enough.   The good news, there's a book called "Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius" and will teach you how to make an EMP device capable of disabling those pesky RFID chips.

Here's a quote:

Trash carts containing more than 10 percent recyclable material could lead to a $100 fine, according to Waste Collection Commissioner Ronnie Owens. Recyclables include glass, metal cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard.
My recommendation is for enough outraged community members to pull in an outside trash collection company, and pay them instead. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

GRE David Codrea gives comment on NRA grades and endorsements

Check out David Codrea's Examiner article about the NRA grades and Endorsements.

David Writes:
Regardless, if the rating system is to make any sense at all, a candidate with an "A" should get an endorsement if their rival's grade is inferior.

David does great work covering many events, so check out his Examiner page often!

Explain your actions!

Today I am taking a look at Illinois law "Temporary questioning without arrest" and what's wrong with it.   First we will look at the law itself:

(725 ILCS 5/107‑14)(from Ch. 38, par. 107‑14)
Sec. 107‑14. Temporary questioning without arrest. 
A peace officer, after having identified himself as a peace officer, may stop any person in a public place for a reasonable period of time when the officer reasonably infers from the circumstances that the person is committing, is about to commit or has committed an offense as defined in Section 102‑‑15 of this Code, and may demand the name and address of the person and an explanation of his actions. Such detention and temporary questioning will be conducted in the vicinity of where the person was stopped.
(Source: Laws 1968, p. 218.)

The first major problem I have with this is the lack of any definition to the word "reasonable".  What exactly is a "reasonable period of time"?  The second time "reasonable" shows it's unreasonable head is when an officer "reasonably infers" that someone is about to commit an offense.   This law assumes clairvoyant abilities on normal law enforcement officials.  

My BIG complaint with this law is a requirement to identify yourself, and EXPLAIN YOUR ACTIONS.   If you took this law literally it only reads that men have to explain their actions, as women could be interpreted as exempt from a law that requires an "explanation of his actions".  Isn't it unconstitutional to be put into a position of potential self-incrimination?  

How come no one's fixed this law?  It's obviously a problem, but why has it been around for more than 35 years without contest?  The sheer amount of time this has been on the books shows that Illinois lacks a system of checks and balances, that our cops, lawmakers, judges, and LAWYERS have all betrayed the people of Illinois which makes 3 out of 4 of those groups guilty of perjury, and they should be sentenced accordingly