Monday, October 11, 2010

The War on Drugs makes new Victims

If only building contractors could be this unprofessional.   Can you imagine the embarrassment of getting a written document stating he had a job to, which is build a new house, and he flubbed up your paperwork, and built it in the wrong place, then absolved himself from all legal damages?  No one would be angry about that, right?

Yeah, a lot of people would be angry, so why do we let Police forces get away with it?   Cook county police raided the wrong house on a tip from an "informant" that got them a warrant.   They caused thousands of dollars of damage to en elderly couple's house, found no drugs, and then read the warrant, oops, had the wrong house!

His mother, he said, called him after the raid at the request of the supervising sergeant on the scene. When he got there, he said he was told the officers had raided the wrong home.
"When I arrived the officer explained they had misinformation, but said his job was over, and he was leaving. They left a copy of the warrant, but he absolved himself of any responsibility for the raid or the damage," Andrew Jakymec said.
He estimated the damage to broken doors, locks and windows at up to $3,000.
 It was my understanding that the 5th amendment required that these people be indicted of a crime, BEFORE the police should be allowed to KNOCK on doors (not kick them in) and confiscate items, AND even if the item is illegal, the seizure must be compensated.

It is still my take that the Police run, legislatively backed War on Drugs is Treason by it's definition in Article 3:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them
 I don't do drugs, I simply hate seeing people's lives ruined by a system that bets against human nature, then blames the drugs for ruining their lives, but absolves the courts who take all that person's money, and then some extra that they don't have, and gives them a criminal record that prevents them from landing most jobs... yes, the drugs walked up and stole those people's money, and filed the paperwork necessary to convict him...   Our courts did all that, the drugs were just an excuse to get that person there.

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