Sunday, October 17, 2010


Looks like there was a problem, police accused officer Brian Dorian of multi-state murder, only to find out their tactic of arresting the first guy in rural Indiana who matched the description of driving a "light colored truck" while having a gun didn't pay off so well.   The accused officer provided proof that he was online during the time of the first shooting, and several store receipts for the rest of the day.  So he was let out of jail after 4 days because the evidence didn't match, which is good, innocent men shouldn't be in jail, however if the system worked, you would be arrested after there was evidence, not a lot of connected circumstances.  

What happens to folks who aren't police officers?    Read and weep.  That's right, they kept this man in jail for 5 years because the DNA they found on his daughter and her friend didn't have a match, and it wasn't him.   They pushed a distraught father and weened what the neanderthals at the Lake County Sheriff's department in Illinois deemed as a confession.   They caught the real attacker, only after he had committed other attacks.  So the difference in how evidence works for or against you in Illinois based on whether you're an officer or not is staggering.  

Another difference, is when you die, there will be a tiny newspaper bit in the obituaries.   When one of our modern Centurions dies... they get a full page write-up, just for being meticulous.   The differences between the police ruling class and the citizens grows larger everyday.

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