Friday, October 8, 2010

Got Racism? certainly does!

Mike over at SipseyStreetIrregulars posted an interesting article where forum posters were bashing groups such as the Oathkeepers, and Three percenters.   I'd like to share with you some of the comments of these highly intelligent internet users.

"The oath keepers are crazy! The military oath of enlistment is to Obama" -Che Guevera (communist)
Look at this peach:
"You're not 1770' revolutionary's preventing "socialism", you're racist terrorists subverting democracy! The 2nd Amendment states that you have the right to bear arms in a WELL REGULATED MILITIA. Do you hill billys know what WELL REGULATED means?? """"WELL REGULATED""" These cracker militias have deluded themselves into thinking they're fighting tyranny, when in fact they represent it.

Soon you white boys will know all about being " WELL REGULATED " after the mid terms." - Red Blade (Chicago)

This one was bound to show up... the pseudo intellectual:

"It is amazing how gun right freaks misread the 2nd Amendment, yes it states no infringement on the right to bear arms. The part before that is what they ignore, a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of the state. " - Rainbowbobby

I must say that if anyone "misread" the Second Amendment, it's this guy.   To READ the 2nd amendment you had to understand that in revolutionary times any armed group of men was a militia, if it was a professional army, it was called a regular militia.   Americans just freed themselves in a war with a tyrannical regular militia, so knowing the dangers that regular militias pose to freedom, the right of the PEOPLE in contrast with MILITIA, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This guy is also funny in that scary completely judgmental, misinformed activist sort of way:
"It's not about hate, it's about freedom and justice for the Black Man." -Hotep
Scariest one of them all right here:

"Understand this white man, the socialist transformation of society is at hand and there is nothing you or any other whitey can do about it. It is you and your kind that are the haters, the destroyers. You are the real enemy and its you and your kind that must be destroyed." -Elmuertomonkey
Does everybody see now more clearly that socialism isn't about fixing society?  It's about controlling you and the eradication of all dissenting opinions!

Anyone else smell a civil war cooking after reading these?

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