Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More proof, cops are better than you

This comes first hand everyone.   I threw a going away party on October 30th at my house for me leaving this shit-hole known as Illinois.   Everyone invited to my house who parked on the street received a ticket for breaking a village ordinance that prevented parking on the street after 2am.   I certainly wasn't going to let friends hit the road drunk, so there wasn't really any other options.   A police officer, badge 453, by the name of Houghton or something similar wrote 6 tickets to my friends for violation of that ordinance.   He wrote a ticket to my friend Chris as well, claiming he was blocking the sidewalk, which he wasn't.   Chris testified in court today that he was not on the sidewalk.  Because cops are better than citizens, the testimony of Chris carried less weight than the officer's, and Chris was found guilty.   The judge found out the court costs for a $25 parking ticket were $89, and waived them.  

After the court was over, I asked the officer if he could please not enter my property again unless invited.   He told me,
"You can't do that"
I replied with, "I am the property owner, I certainly can."

He ran right back in the courthouse to tell on me... or something.   I'm sure I'll be "watched" for my remaining month of living in Hellinois.

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