Friday, April 1, 2011

FOID in Illinois is persecution

Public lists that are so fondly held to the high standards as being reserved to criminals so terrible that they would rape children have now found themselves at the feet of the Illinois gun owner.   The hoops a resident of Illinois has to jump through in order to buy a gun are insane.   First, you have to apply for a ridiculous card that says you're not a felon, or a looney.   Then you pay $5, and wait 36 days on average to receive a card that certifies you as criminally and mentally capable of handling a firearm or ammunition in a gun shop.    The FOID card is not used anywhere else except when in a gun shop, rifle range, or when being accosted by local police while transporting or handling firearms.   Now it appears Lisa Madigan, daughter of suspected crime syndicate head honcho Michael Madigan, wishes to have the names and addresses of all FOID owners, to be public record!  

This kind of infringement serves only to endanger Illinois gun owners by giving criminals a database of houses to scope out for firearms.   A safe is easily cracked, and if someone knows exactly where to look for the loot they wish to acquire, they need only wait.  

Your typical Illinois complete fucking idiot Chris Theobald says:

I don't think that that's going to cause anybody a problem at all. I think that it's just a right, and if it is a right, it shouldn't be a big deal if it's public knowledge

 Chris Theobald, I hope you're first on the list when some thugs organize and come for the gun you want to purchase for "sporting purposes".   Think really hard about this... I believe it is your purpose in life, only to serve as a warning for others.

For those non-idiots in Illinois, start filing those lawsuits now, there are lawyers on every corner in that state for a reason, use them to do something right for a change.

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