Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One bad Lake County deputy caught, the rest of them to go.

Before assuming that I am rabidly anti law enforcement, allow me to clarify my position. I love law enforcement, because it makes me, and everyone more free. I can leave my home without worrying about protecting my property, because law enforcement is out on patrol. I can live in comfort knowing help and assistance is a phone call away. What I get worked up over, is the different class of people my specific area has made out of law enforcement. They are no longer people, but rulers, allowed to kidnap, disarm, steal, wiretap, brandish, and of course disobey any traffic law ever written.  I no longer am comforted by their presence in my area, I am fearful of them, and the brute force they use to get almost anything they want.

Now, I don't mean any offense if you're one of the 3 deputies on the Lake County Sheriff's department that aren't doing something illegal, but chances are pretty damn close to 100% that every single one of them has broken Illinois State, and federal laws while "doing their job" and for that they get no leeway from me, look to our court system for that leeway.  Remember, if they've ever arrested anyone for UUW, or AUUW they have committed perjury by my interpretation.   We are living in a state where the Rule of Law only applies to citizens, lovingly referred to as "worms" by many in positions of perceived power. Unless, you're dumb enough to do something so blatant, in public, and in another state, it's nearly impossible to get the crime answered for.

Jack Johnson, a three-year deputy with the Lake County Sheriff's Office, has been charged with one count of false imprisonment while armed and one count of attempted second degree sexual assault while armed by the Kenosha County state's attorney's office, said Sgt. Christopher Thompson of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

He was charged in Wisconsin, not Illinois with these crimes. Hey dumbass, keep it on this side of the border and you'd have the full protection of Lake County's wonderful Internal Affairs department.

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