Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chicago's "Reasonable" New Ordinances

There's already been a lawsuit filed against Chicago's "reasonable" new gun laws.   I say "reasonable" in quotes because they are not reasonable at all, some guy who hates guns just keeps referring to the laws like that.   That would be Mayor Daley, who fell off the reasonable tree, and broke every branch on the way down and couldn't up it again to save his life.

"We believe that Chicago's ordinance is a reasonable attempt to balance the right of individuals to possess handguns in the home for self-defense with the substantial risks to public safety that are associated with the proliferation of firearms,"

The Ordinance itself must have read the last 2 major gun related Supreme Court decisions that states the Second Amendment is an INDIVIDUAL right, and it APPLIES TO EVERYONE.   So you can see how it's reasonable to make a law that mandates, only ONE individual in every household may have a functioning firearm at any time.   Wait... so if an Armed Criminal breaks into your house... is the homeowner, or criminal violating the ordinance... oooh, it's Chicago, so it's both of them, I get it!   Hey Chicagoans, this is your chance, don't re-elect ANY of the officials that voted for this piece of crap ordinance, that's 46 people you need to replace with people who don't suffer from whatever learning disability these 46 people have that makes it so they can't figure out that banning guns doesn't work.  

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