Thursday, July 15, 2010

Illinois State Police shrug at 1 mile over myth

ISP State Trooper Michael Link shrugs at the thought of where people got the idea that the ISP would be issuing tickets from photo enforced construction zones for only 1 mile over the limit.   The already low 55mph speed limit in Illinois is reduced to 45mph on highways because of the danger to workers.   The fine also increases from the standard $125, to $375.   Just so Michael Link knows, the "myth" came from an Illinois Department of Transportation press release back in March of 2005.

The press release has been removed from the DOT webpage (presumably because it makes them look bad), and is only available from web archives.

Troopers assigned to work zone details will take a zero tolerance approach when issuing citations to speed limit violators. The message is clear -- Slow down; we're serious about workzone safety."

There ya go Michael Link, this is where the "Myth" came from, an unprofessional, IDOT press release. Zero tolerance to almost everyone in the world means, 1 mile over the limit, because a limit is defined as a maximum.  That's not really important anymore, as Michael Link attempts to soothe and calm the people with this statement:

There is, in fact, a specific number of miles over the posted construction-zone speed limit that will trigger a ticket, but "I can assure you it's not just 1 mile over the speed limit," says Trooper Michael Link

Keep in mind that the Illinois State Police are still enforcing construction zone limits, when there are no workers that will be in those construction zones.

Work has ground to a halt on most Lake County road projects as a major construction strike entered its second week.

The fact that Michael Link admits to currently enforcing construction zone fines is an admission of corruption within the department as a whole, and a conspiracy of corruption with the State.

I know the state of Illinois displays corruption at a level far beyond this... but they ADMITTED to this one, so they are attempting to extort money from the people, and they are blatant about it.


  1. True story you know what the speed is and he said dont go over it. He did admit to it, yes, but...wheres the corruption? Youre overthinking it. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance to warnings. if the trooper wants, hell let you go 75 (im sure bosses wouldnt be too happy about that though) but if he pulls you over....youre getting a ticket. you dont need to speed in a construction zone anyway

  2. I think you missed the point entirely... the corruption is that the ISP removed that specific press release from their website, and were enforcing double fines while there were no workers in the zones, which is against the intention AND spirit of the work zone speed laws. Zero tolerance for speeding means one MPH over, it has nothing to do with warnings. Zero tolerance policies are designed so simplistic imbeciles don't have to think. People will get hooked, and have to pay the victimless crime tax, even though due to 5mph increments on speedometers that level of 1mph accuracy is not available to most drivers, and can only come at the taxpayer's expense with fancy radar guns given to roving repressionists in their fancy tax funded cruisers. Anyway, defending the fascists I can tell you are probably cops, no citizen that's not mentally deficient would defend the roving taxation force.