Monday, July 19, 2010

How Illinois creates, and funds businesses that peddle bullshit.

No Matter what your opinion on Anger Management Courses is currently, there are a few facts that remain irrefutable.  

  • There's no Federal Standard or Guides for Anger Management Certifications
  • There's no evidence that Anger Management courses work at all.
  • People are being forced to go to these courses.

The problem with no federal standards or guides is simply that if it can't be defined, what are these people doing?  Modern Anger Management certification holder Leonard Ingram would have you believe that some point 30 years ago psychotherapy stopped working, he said this on an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit that aired in 2007, he'd also have you spend over $150 in books on his website.   This implies that psychotherapy used to work, and now it doesn't?  The reality is that judges are throwing Anger Management, and drug and Alcohol assessments out to everyone who is convicted of just about anything through our court system.  This means the court system is forcing people to pay their own hard earned money on classes to manage their anger.   That concept makes me very Angry!  Most of these people were non-violent, victimless offenders who really just got caught violating one of Illinois' thousands of trap laws that are there for law enforcement to make money, or they are victims of the "war on drugs" which criminalizes the possession of any drug that a doctor doesn't commonly prescribe.  Anger is not always bad, you need to get angry before you will become motivated enough to commit to changing something.  

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