Friday, July 30, 2010

Illinois State Police Ruining a record number of lives

Read this news that Illinois DUI arrests are on a record pace this year.  My favorite quote is from Capt. Jeffrey Patterson who has never stopped for 2 seconds to think about why these people are driving after having some drinks, he just dishes out the $10,000 tickets, and said:
“I don’t get it,” Patterson said. “There are ads about the penalties of drunk driving on the TV, on the radio, in newspapers, on billboards, they’re all over.”
Yet, he said, people continue to drive drunk. “I guess they think they’re not going to get caught,” Patterson said.

He doesn't get it?   It's really simple... in Illinois, people are miserable because they have few freedoms, and pay too much in property taxes, and drinking makes them feel good.   Our property taxes pay for everything except a decent public transportation system... buses, and trains run from the suburbs, into the cities, but it's near impossible to get from one suburb to another one that's only 12 miles away, without taking a 6 hour train ride into a city, and back out.  

Patterson, citizens know they might get caught, they refuse to live their lives under your boot of fear and intimidation... if you think controlling people's relaxation time is bad... you should try to come for our guns and see what happens.

As I showed before using the Illinois state police's own propaganda videos, the purpose of DUI stops in this state is not to keep other drivers safe.   You might say heavy fines, and life ruining criminal charges are appropriate for people irresponsibly using the roadway, and potentially endangering other drivers.   My response to that:  Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper for the ISP to have a preemptive phone service that potential drivers could call and state they're intoxicated and have limited options to get home, can they sleep it off in the local PD?   The answer is, yes, it would be cheap, and very likely effective... but it wouldn't make the police any money, and wouldn't accomplish their ultimate goal, of ruining the lives of every citizen in this state. They WILL find you!

This video claims in America one person is killed by a drunk driver every 32 minutes, but in Illinois, one person is arrested for drunk driving every 10 minutes!?   What am I missing when the Math doesn't add up this much?   50,000 people per year, at an average cost of $10,000 per person... that makes DUIs a $500 BILLION a year economy for lawyers, judges and cops.   DUI enforcement should be about protecting people, not ruining people.

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