Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Land is NOT your land

Buying property in any suburb of Illinois is very much like temporarily leasing it. There's a huge set of rules that must be followed, plus you pay a HUGE amount in "rent" in the form of Property Taxes (My rent is $600 a month for $180K worth of property). When it comes to technologies that can better not just the community, but the entire world, I would like to say that I'm shocked by this, but I'm not. Gurnee IL is starting it's first Public Hearings to attempt to determine how to "regulate" wind power. Remember, in the days of the founding fathers, if a town stated they wished to "regulate" wind power, it would mean that they wanted to insure there was enough of it, or in other words, to keep it regular. Today this means the village of Gurnee wants to grant you permission to set up wind power as long as you pay them enough money (for the permit), and jump through whatever hoops the village wants you to jump through. Remember when your land was considered YOURS, and if you wanted to put a wind turbine up, provided it didn't pose a risk to nearby structures, you were free to do so?  Yeah... I don't either.

Wind Energy Systems include, but may not be limited to, Small Wind Energy Turbines which include Building Mounted Turbines and Tower Mounted (free-standing) Turbines. The potential regulations do not currently allow Large Wind Energy Turbines (Utility scale) on any lots in the Village of Gurnee.

I have long thought of setting up a wind turbine, my approach was to build it, set it up, and when the village harassed me about code, create a media firestorm making them look like idiots.  Although, this might be some interesting insight into why we as a people aren't advancing in technology. Everything from free power, to clothing is regulated in the form of some type of tax, or process that impedes.   This is the first town to announce a public hearing about the subject, so I can only assume people have started popping them up, and the village wants their cut of these people's money.

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