Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Parallels of Dogs and Guns in Illinois.

A woman from Elgin who's dogs ran to greet the Mayor Ed Schock's dog was shocked to find out that her dogs are deemed dangerous and illegal.  She was fined $2,200 for the crime of owning 2 pit bulls in Elgin, a clean, nice city where only dogs that aren't dangerous, like German Shepherds are welcome.  This was after an incident where the Mayor and his German Shepherd recieved no damage from 2 Pit Bulls that ran at him in a neighborhood.   He claimed he was so terrified of the curious dogs that he mustered all his cowardice, and kicked one square in the jaw, where it stopped being curious and whimpered.   The other dog, wagging and jumping was fended off with the end of a leash.   These dangerous hounds were then corralled by the owner who was upset this man kicked her dog in the face.   The man, who was the mayor and obviously better than her, ran an administrative meeting and concluded her "dangerous" dogs violated Elgin statutes, and she was fined $2200.

Check out these parallels for the dog owner to what gun owners face: Lugo, the owner of the pit bulls is also required to, in addition to the fine, obtain $100,000 in liability insurance, register her dogs at city hall, muzzle them when they are outside and have both dogs microchipped.

Keep in mind, Lugo's dogs did not hurt either the mayor, nor his dog, one of Lugo's "dangerous" Pit Bulls was kicked, the other was whipped by a man who's obviously no threat to any person or animal, the cowardly Mayor Ed Schock.  I might be biased because the only Pit Bulls I know of are sweet, well adjusted, kinda doofey dogs that can't even kill crickets, so read that sally-pants Ed Schock's testimony yourself, and see if you can sort it out.

Schock testified that he was walking his dog at about 9:15 p.m. when two dogs bounded off a porch along Plum Street.
Schock said he and his German Shepherd, Rako, retreated behind a tree along the city-owned parkway and he felt they were both threatened and in imminent danger.
"They were coming full speed. One of them came to a screeching halt because I kicked it right under the chin. The other I hit with a leash," he said.
Schock said a man corralled the dogs and brought them inside the home and Lugo "proceeded to berate me and curse me for kicking her dog."

 I think Ed Schock should be in the courts for Misdemeanor Criminal Damage to Property for kicking the dog... but that's just me apparently.   If the dogs had bitten, or hurt him, then I would be saying something else, but I've had too much experience to tolerate panicky human reactions to these companion creatures.  

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