Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cops will get your pot, or they'll break your face!

Give us a'your pot, or we'll break'a you face!

These apparently were the choices for Bamako Walton of Roodhouse IL.  It's hard to imagine that a little bit of a naturally growing plant could be the source of the type of beating this man went through.   What kind of out of control thugs would subject a man to such brutality, over a little bit of a plant?    

I recently sat in on an Illinois Drug and Alcohol Assessment consoling session, and I was astounded to find that these people were outright lying to the people in treatment.   These consoling sessions are court assigned, and they're letting people get lied to.  I'll have a special report on that later.   I have severe Asthma, and can't smoke much of anything, particularly pot, it has no use to me, however, I would defend to the death the fact that people have the right to smoke, drink, imbibe whatever they wish... SO LONG AS: they don't infringe upon anyone's rights while doing so or under the influence of.

That to me is what America was supposed to be... comment if you agree or disagree.

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  1. police are supposed to wait for courts to decide whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty before punishment is meted out. There is nothing in our laws that gives the police more authority to punish people pre-trial than the Klan did.
    Arrest, restrain, detain, yes. Punish? NO!
    When the police fail to observe that rule that people must be tried before the are punished, then police make themselves look like Klansmen with blue uniforms on.
    Many in the public feel that if you can’t control your anger you have no right to claim your job is to serve and protect! There is a word for the type of government where we go out and solve crimes by commiting more crimes, anarchy! Police have mase, tazers, and man power, revenge alone is what drove them to hit him so hard they broke bones in his face NOT being resisted