Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zion IL man sues over standard Illinois police operating procedures

A Zion man was walking by a fight that was near his residence when he felt a strong shock to his body.   The police tasered him, then arresting him to later be acquitted of all charges.   He has apparently been arrested over 10 times, but never convicted of a single crime:

Wells has been charged with several criminal misdemeanor charges, including assault, property damage, obstruction of justice and resisting a police officer since 1992. He was not convicted of any of those charges.

While I believe the lawsuit is valid, and the police are probably singling this man out, there are parts that I don't agree with.   The man claims to suffer from panic attacks, bi-polar disorder, ADD, and is using those "special needs" to raise the amount of cash owed to him.  My experience with panic attacks from people is that they are extremely narcissistic, and freak out when they can't control everything around them.   This claim leads me to cut the police only a little bit of slack, because after seeing several panic attacks in my day, they are drama filled raving lunatic sessions!

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  1. I am Dale Wells, the one whom you are speaking of. I still live in Zion IL, and am still continuing to be harassed by ZION POLICE DEPT. I have been falsely arrested again, on March 14, 2014. I was on my property and I heard police sirens, my caretaker pulled in my yard and 7 officers followed her in . They violently attacked her, and was telling me to get my pit bull, I gave a command and waved my arm, the officer that she sued previously, jumped off of her and got in my face, as I turned a round to get my dog back , he tried to place handcuffs on my arms, I jerked away, and I told him to keep his hands off of me, he violated my rights, and then he and another officer grabbed me. and then tried to ram my head into my van. I asked him, why am I being arrested? he pulled out his tazer and pointed it towards my face and my chest, and told me if I say anything else, he was going to shoot me. Then I was dragged to the end of my driveway by the superior officer, he was black too, and he grabbed my neck and moved the other officers out of the way, I asked him why was I being arrested,, and he punched me in the stomach, while my mother, her husband, and neighbors watched. I am currently being targeted by these criminal cops, who has now targeted by vehicles to put false parking tickets on one, and tell me that I can have NO hearing to prove my innocence, I am getting tickets for dogs that are not even mine, to the tune of over $7000 worth, and the list goes on and on... I am tired of the police harassment. I am pleading to the public, stand up for your rights, help me in my fight