Monday, August 9, 2010

Traffic stop, don't worry, they'll find something else.

I don't do any drugs... except alcohol... and caffeine... and I suppose sugar can be considered a drug... But whatever your feelings on drugs, we can all agree that from a perspective of liberty it doesn't really matter.  We should be able to agree that however much you don't like something someone has or does, if they haven't taken anything from you, or damaged anything, or hurt/threatened you, that it's really none of our business.  

Lewayne Jones was pulled over this weekend in Alton, Illinois for failure to signal a turn at 1am.   At the stop, the officer did some snooping and managed to find 20 grams of cocaine.   This man is now being held on a $60,000 bond, and Lewayne Jones' life, is now officially over because in this country we've lost our way.   We have a select few who are given broad powers to stop you, and determine if you have something that stick-in-the-mud politicians feel only they are supposed to have.   Those are the thugs, the front lines on the attack against liberty.

What would Thomas Jefferson do if a man claiming to have authority over him stopped his carriage because he failed to slow at an intersection that no one was at, and while stopped this man told him that his personal stash of "sweet hemp" (known today as cannabis) was against the law, and that he was to be kidnapped, and held in a jail?   I don't know what you think... but I think it would be about to get ugly.

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