Thursday, August 5, 2010

Injustice everywhere

The website owner of Injustice everywhere has been doing the world a fantastic service by documenting hundreds of police misconduct examples every week.  Unfortunately the economy hits us all and he is not immune.   If you would like to help a guy out who's been doing a wonderful service, please hit the donate button on the top of his page.

Thanks to Injustice Everywhere I have found a new example of Illinois cops, particularly my county overstepping their authority, but I have things to add as this is very nearby, and I know more details than are given in the paper.

Antioch Police Chief James Foerster is on paid administrative leave while officials investigate accusations he tried to attack state representative candidate Scott Pollak, village officials confirmed Tuesday.

From what I understand the only allegation here is that the Chief "yelled" at Pollock.   This seems to be an example of the police getting a bad ride based on a crazy person.   Scott Pollock is slowly lowering the credibility of the citizen by playing games, and Antioch responded by taking it seriously enough to look into it.   I hope Chief Foerster is back to work soon.

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