Monday, August 2, 2010

Law Enforcement is STILL not entertainment

The Cop Reality show "Femme Forces" is once again making headlines for violations of citizens privacy. As you recall in June I posted on this in the entry Law Enforcement is not entertainment.

A federal judge dismissed the case with prejudice July 22, court records show, with both sides responsible for court fees and costs.

"The city is quite pleased the parties could come together in a settlement," Scarlato said, adding that city officials believe the officers acted appropriately.

The case is one of three lawsuits filed as a result of the city's participation in "Female Forces," which chronicled the day-to-day activities of female officers in Naperville's Police Department. The two others are pending and also involve plaintiffs who said they never signed releases.

Just so you understand my main point of contention, is that in Illinois, it's illegal to film anyone else without their consent, it's actually a Felony. Because this TV crew was with a bunch of Cops, who (just face it, are better than you) are immune from the felony charges that police slap on everyone else they want to. This separation and elevation of one group based on their job title is starting to cause noticable backlash in peoples' support for them. East St. Louis announced they are laying off 19 police officers, and the officers are already stating that there will be blood from it, and it'll be on the city council's hands!

"The blood is on your hands," yelled Michael Hubbard, an East St. Louis police officer.

Hubbard said he will be the lone patrolman for East St. Louis’ midnight shift when the cuts go into effect.

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