Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thanks to all their training...

Is law enforcement a necessity? That depends where you live. The purpose of law enforcement is to make you free. You can leave your land without the fear of a break-in, because police are out there watching.  Walk to the store feeling safe, because police are keeping dangerous people off the street. They don't do that... unless you consider pot-heads dangerous people.

Thanks to all their training, people like Deputy David Bowers, Lonnie Lawler, and their boss have given us horrors like this:

Bowers allegedly pushed one boy toward his bed and repeatedly shocked him with a stun gun. Bowers then held down a second boy, stunned him several times and threatened to sodomize him, ultimately causing the child to soil himself, the lawsuit claimed.

A third child complied with the deputies' demands that he sit on a couch, but Lawler handcuffed him before Bowers zapped him repeatedly, the lawsuit said.

The fourth child, a girl, pleaded with the deputies to stop but Lawler handcuffed her. Bowers lifted her off the ground, pressed her against a wall and choked her, the lawsuit alleged.

"Do you want to live or die (expletive)?" the lawsuit claimed Bowers asked the girl before she was thrown into a closet, vomiting.

The saddest thing about this incident are these two things:

No criminal charges were ever filed.


Bowers and fellow deputy Lonnie Lawler still work for the department

Remember what I said about normal citizens not being as good as them? Think about it real long, and real hard when you imagine what one of them would have done to you if they caught you in the act of doing this. Then think long and hard about what a judge and jury would do to you after that... if you were still alive. What would the chances that you'd EVER be able to go to work again?

When police come to your house in Illinois, you have to revere them, or cower in fear of their swift smiting.. If there were a REAL castle doctrine in Illinois, we would legitimately lose hundreds of cops overnight... beginning to question why there's not one?

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